Season 8 Starts Sept 24

Finally a Season 8 Premier date for How I Met Your Mother! tells us that first new episode of Season 8 will premiere on Monday September 24th at 8/7c.

I know it’s a long way off but it’s getting here as fast as it can…( reference intended) No official word yet on whether or not Season 8 will be the final season. I knwo that fans have varying views of whether or not the show should end. I, like many of you, am torn… while I’d love to see the mother soon, I love the show so much I hate to see it go.  As Bay’s says (interview from Alan “why is he always so lucky and awesome…seriously” Sepinwall) “We don’t ever want to keep the show on longer than it needs to,” he added, “just like we don’t want to end it before it needs to end.”

It’s also good to see Craig Thomas finale answer to TV guide:

How far into the season can you break before you absolutely need to know if it’s the last season?
This is the most obvious answer of all time, but it will be better to know earlier. [Laughs] Right now, there’s so much to pick up on the finale that we’re full for the first batch [of the season]. We’re OK for now, but the sooner we know the better because we like to plants lots of seeds and payoffs. When it’s the last season, we want to announce it from the rooftop and say, “Hey, there are 24 more episodes left. They’re awesome and you gotta watch it!” If it’s the last season, you’ll know it’s a big momentous season from the first episode. There is a definite plan of how we want to begin the last season, as kind of a “gasp!” moment within that episode. So yeah, we need to figure it out pretty soon.

I know the fans want to see the end game in many aspects, but we all love the show and the laugh, and I’m sure the show loves keeping it’s crew family together and working on a great show for as long as possible. Currently, HIMYM is only renewed through Season 8 so many are thinking this is the last, however the hold off to say for sure leads many fans (like myself) to believe we might get a Season 9.

I’m often wrong though and pretty open about that as well. 😉 What do you think or hope for?

Trilogy Time – Season 7 Episode 20

Let’s start this off simple and un-How I Met Your Mother Specific, What’s your favorite movie from the Star Wars Trilogy? It was always Empire for me but more on that and a review of Trilogy time shortly.

Trilogy Time- HIMYM- Barney


The Naked Truth–s07e02

the naked truth Victoria himym

If you watched this live then at first glance, you might not know that The Best Man and The Naked Truth were two separate episodes, well except for the HUGE cliffhanger that HIMYM throws in at the end of the Season Premiere… With that said, let’s see what else there is to like.

How I Met Your Mother Music


The Best Man Promo Photos

CBS has released some great promo photos for the How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Opener, titles “The Best Man”. If you are anything like me then you will love these and can hardly wait for September 19th!

So, what do you think of these photos? What do you think they will tell us about Season 7? Discuss!HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER


How I Met Your Mother Season 6 DVD Info

I love DVD covers. Not sure why but I love seeing what a good graphic artist puts together to brand DVDs. Not that you all care about that…but what you may care about is that How I Met Your Mother Season 6 will be officially released on DVD on September 27, 2011! That’s right just a week and a day after The Season 7 Premier (and International Talk Like a Pirate Day, for those of you that care) you can get your very own copy of Season 6 on DVD.

3 disks, but no word on special features and such yet. Still no blu-ray this year (boo!). Now, I know a lot of fan’s had a love hate relationship with 6, but it’s time to put those feelings aside and pre-order your copy from Amazon.

Here is a pretty decent sized shot of the box, if you want a better look. No big clues on there, just a yellow umbrella dot above the “i" (nice placement) and Cobie Sumlders and Alyson Hannigan looking amazing with some guys walking about Winking smile


Purple Giraffe–Season 1 Episode 2


   Well I hope you all are enjoying rewatching Season 1 of HIMYM this summer. I’ll try to keep these better paced. I’m still struggling with the new format of including video reviews, but I’ll try things out and hopefully it will come together. I usually spend some time commenting up front…just general thoughts but I feel like that part will be replaced by the video, but I’ll still be keeping Legendary Lines, HIMYM Music section, Moments of Awesomeness and Lingering questions.

   I really want to encourage you all to comment or leave video replies on the How I Met Your Mother Site Youtube Channel, which you can find at: I know I’m a big dork but I’m a fan like all of you and enjoy talking about the show, so I look forward to what you have to say.

   With that said, what did you thing of Purple Giraffe (from the first time watching even till the 87th)?


How It All Began – HIMYM Pilot – Season 1 Episode 1


Kids, I’m gonna tell you an incredible story,
the story of
how I met your mother
~Future Ted

So as many of you know, I didn’t start recapping HIMYM until Season 4 (ref. Woo Girls) and because of that I’ve always felt that is incomplete. The thing is, I like completion…so let’s start from the beginning shall we?


Challenge Accepted – Season 6 Finale

A man can do a lot of living in three hours.
So I’m out experiencing this beautiful, crazy dance called life.


How I Met Your Mother Music

If you are like me then you loved tonight’s How I Met Your Mother. And wow is there a lot to talk about…though we’ve got all the way till Season 7 to do so! Read more after you get your free gallon of soup!


Natural History – Season 6 Episode 8


What a great episode of HIMYM. Natural History had the perfect mix of what makes this show awesome. And it’s a very nice recovery from last week’s Canning Randy. And from what twitter was saying last night HIMYM fans agreed (if you haven’t then start following @bawesomeinstead now!). Btw, if you would like a more in depth recap check our @MeredithJJacobs run down of tonight.

Three main story lines, Barney & Robin’s “Do Not Touch” challenge, Marshall & Lilly’s Corporate/College argument and Ted, Zoey & the Captain in a web of lies and deciept… actually I don’t think anyone is sure what’s going on there. Some people scream Mother, I doubt she is the mom but I know Jennifer Morrison is around in at least the on  screen nemesis for a bit, I’m just trusting that HIMYM is going somewhere with it. Still the look in her eyes during the dance and her move to erase the tape after Ted showed some dignity hints at something slightly more serious.

The big revelation of the night had to be the reveal of Barney’s father. I realize that I should always use the word “potential” with How I Met Your Mother reveals, but he seems pretty certain of it in the final scene with Robin. I really do feel like we are ramping up for a more mature version of a Barney/ Robin relationship, possibly even a wedding.  Still there seems to be a lot of emotional depth to what’s been happening with Barney this season, and it’s a lot more than just Awesomeness and cool posters. (more…)

Say Cheese – Season 5 Episode 18 Discussion

It’s very late and I’m on vacation so the bulk of this will have to wait, thought I really want to know your thoughts on some things.

First off, I thought the episode was solid. Great flashbacks, worked pretty well on continuity I thought and kept me laughing all the way through. Barney’s awesomeness and inability to take a bad photo was great. Marshall’s love for games came through even at Lily’s party too and that really made me laugh. A ton of great moments and quoted but I wonder what stuck out to you.

Secondly, Did the one year from now birthday shot tell us anything? To me it says that Ted isn’t with the Mother yet…has he "met" her, possibly (or possimpibly, whatever) but since it’s just the 5 of them I would say that Ted isn’t with a "the one" girl. No Don either… and you would think that after a year it would be acceptable. He could just be out of town but I would put my money on him being gone within the year. Also, it may be a small detail but Marshall & Lily are in the same place. No baby either..I had heard once that LAME might have a baby but I hope not since it would change the show dynamic a lot! Did you see anything else? Reading other items of interest in? It’s in my nature to search for these things, but I miss a lot. What did you see?

Finally…music. I loved Marshall’s happy Birthday Lily (Lori?) song…that guy cracks me up. But the French Rap song… just awful. Well placed, but it was so bad it was comical. Btw. It’s "Briques" by Les Cautionneurs Les Cautionneurs . I can’t find the song for sale but it could be under a different name, I’ve left you the Amazon and iTunes band links above if you want to search and report back. I’m horrible at French and draw the line for listening to music at something that horrible where that combines the worst elements of rap and a language I don’t understand. Wewe? Bonjour.

I’ll do my regular roundup soon but for now, what did you think?

Of Course: Season 5 Episode 17


Let’s start with two thoughts.  I’ve never been a huge fan of guest stars…I mean they do help with ratings and they are usually very nice to look at, but few really pull of any great acting. It’s mostly about making an appearance. That being said (and please exclude Sarah Chalke, she is amazing), I felt JLo did one of the better acting jobs I have seen from a guest on How I Met Your Mother. Then again as long as it wasn’t Gigli I think we knew she had acting chops.


Hooked: Season 5 Episode 16 Discussion


This week I think I’ll try moving my thoughts to the end and starting out with lines, moments and such… spoilers follow, but if you’re here you know that… btw, I’m trying out a new blog editor tonight, be gentle. (more…)