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Thanks for visiting the most legendary How I Met Your Mother community on the internet,  We’re really glad you came. If you are like us then you REALLY love How I Met Your Mother. It’s almost like Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, & Barney are part of your family. Here you will find a community of fans who feel the same way.

With that said, let me show you around the apartment.

  • Looking for talk about a specific episode? Check out our HIMYM episode discussions. Make sure to check out the comments, the HIMYM fans at are real sticklers for details! We don’t have everything yet but all of Season 5 & 6 is there and we are working on starting from Season 1.
  • Hear a song during an episode that you liked but can’t find the name of? The How I Met Your Music page is the most complete listing of songs from the show. True Story. It’s updated after every episode. Plus we post the songs on each individual discussion page as well.
  • Looking for that special touch for your office? Check out the discussion about the Awesomeness Poster and Barney Stinson’s Motivational Poster Collection.
  • Think you know who the mother is? Check our discussion about the mother and see how your thoughts line up!
  • Looking for more? Connect with beawesomeinstead on twitter or connect with your friends on the How I Met Your Mother site facebook page. We love to talk there with other fans, post coupons for HIMYM merchandise, and throw around our favorite quotes from How I Met Your Mother.

There is always something fun happening here at, the most legendary How I Met Your Mother fan site on the interweb. True Story.