Season 1 Music

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Series Theme: Hey Beautiful by the Solids The Solids - Hey Beautiful (Theme from "How I Met Your Mother") - Single - Hey Beautiful (Theme from "How I Met Your Mother")

Season 1:

(Season 1 note, the songs from the air version and the DVD are different, I’m trying to find the original air versions, thanks for your patience)

Episode 1.01: Pilot

Episode 1.02: Purple Giraffe

  • Haven’t We Met instrumental version by Stephen Lang (Ted imagines Robin at his party) DVD replaces with John Swihart jazz piece
  • Music cue for the show by Swihart (plays during Ted’s keep playing the game scenes)
  • Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung Wang Chung - Everybody Wang Chung Tonight - Wang Chung's Greatest Hits - Everybody Have Fun Tonight (while not played Marshall references it in Legendary fashion)

Episode 1.03: Sweet Taste of Liberty

  • music all by show composer John Swihart (I have the notice here because I get the question a lot)

Episode 1.04: Return of the Shirt

Episode 1.05: Okay Awesome

  • Shine by the Lovefreekz  The Love Freekz - Shine - Shine (Radio Edit) (Marshall’s dance solo) AIR
  • Freek U by Garcon  (Ted dances with Robin’s friend..until he screams “I’m wetting my pants”)Bon Garçon - Ultra iDance 04 (Mixed by Elliott Walker) - Freek U
  • Cinders by Wild Whirled Music (David Hiker, John Costello and Jeffrey Freundlich). (Marshall’s dance solo) DVD
  • Heaven by DJ Sammy & Yanou ft. Do  The Original Hit Makers - Sing It Like an Idol: Pure Dance, Vol. 3 - Heaven (As Made Famous By DJ Sammy & Yanou Ft. Do) (last song at the club and closing)
  • other club mixes were scored by show composer.

Episode 1.06: Slutty Pumpkin

Episode 1.07: Matchmaker

Episode 1.08: The Duel

Episode 1.09: Belly Full of Turkey

Episode 1.10: The Pineapple Incident

Episode 1.11: The Limo

Episode 1.12: The Wedding

Episode 1.13: Drumroll, Please

Episode 1.15: Game Night

Episode 1.16: Cupcake

Episode 1.17: Life Among the Gorillas

Episode 1.18: Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.

Episode 1.20: Best Prom Ever

Episode 1.21: Milk

Episode: 1.22: Come On

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