HIMYM Season 5 DVD Release Date

It’s not much help during the summer break but I did notice today that Amazon and other places have added a release date of September 21, 2010 Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother on DVD. Blu-ray has no dates attached to it yet (odd right?) but I would suspect the same times.  As for cover art?

How I Met Your mother Season 5 DVD Art

Pre-order now at Amazon to get a descent price on it & as soon as the blu-ray is available for pre-order I’ll let you know. Wish I had more news but that’s all for now! You likes?

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Doppelgangers: Season 5 Finale Episode 24

Do you ever read my blog!?! It’s gotten a lot better! ~Barney

Doppelgangers HIMYM Awesomeness Poster

I get really excite when I actually see the Awesomeness Poster on HIMYM. Past that, I liked the Season 5 finale, more on that soon.


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The Wedding Bride: Season 5 Episode 23 Discussion

A little cheesy…
Also, a little cheesy ~Robin

wedding bride title I’ll reserve my overall thoughts till my wrap-up at the end. Here is the rundown, enjoy.


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Home Wreckers: Season 5 Episode 20

So Ted, When are you going to get married?
                                          ~Everyone (including fans)
…(especially fans)


As one of my friends on twitter said:

For those that hate Ted-centric eps of #HIMYM, you do realize he’s *supposed* to be the central character, right?

Because of my new job as a volunteer fear fighter, I’m switching the order this week but consider this… if anything in your life involves pancakes, a dragon and you, are you at that moment, drunk or a kid?


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Zoo or False: Season 5 Episode 19 Recap/Discussion


A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.
                                                    ~Barney Stinson

    I’m not really a monkey fan but I did like Zoo or False. It was definitely a stand alone story and from checking out the post episode reaction on twitter, I feel that there is a real split decision over good or bad. <side note..don’t forget to follow me on twitter!> I vote funny though, maybe it’s only because of the break between episodes, but whatever it was it worked…


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Say Cheese – Season 5 Episode 18 Discussion

It’s very late and I’m on vacation so the bulk of this will have to wait, thought I really want to know your thoughts on some things.

First off, I thought the episode was solid. Great flashbacks, worked pretty well on continuity I thought and kept me laughing all the way through. Barney’s awesomeness and inability to take a bad photo was great. Marshall’s love for games came through even at Lily’s party too and that really made me laugh. A ton of great moments and quoted but I wonder what stuck out to you.

Secondly, Did the one year from now birthday shot tell us anything? To me it says that Ted isn’t with the Mother yet…has he "met" her, possibly (or possimpibly, whatever) but since it’s just the 5 of them I would say that Ted isn’t with a "the one" girl. No Don either… and you would think that after a year it would be acceptable. He could just be out of town but I would put my money on him being gone within the year. Also, it may be a small detail but Marshall & Lily are in the same place. No baby either..I had heard once that LAME might have a baby but I hope not since it would change the show dynamic a lot! Did you see anything else? Reading other items of interest in? It’s in my nature to search for these things, but I miss a lot. What did you see?

Finally…music. I loved Marshall’s happy Birthday Lily (Lori?) song…that guy cracks me up. But the French Rap song… just awful. Well placed, but it was so bad it was comical. Btw. It’s "Briques" by Les Cautionneurs Les Cautionneurs . I can’t find the song for sale but it could be under a different name, I’ve left you the Amazon and iTunes band links above if you want to search and report back. I’m horrible at French and draw the line for listening to music at something that horrible where that combines the worst elements of rap and a language I don’t understand. Wewe? Bonjour.

I’ll do my regular roundup soon but for now, what did you think?

Of Course: Season 5 Episode 17


Let’s start with two thoughts.  I’ve never been a huge fan of guest stars…I mean they do help with ratings and they are usually very nice to look at, but few really pull of any great acting. It’s mostly about making an appearance. That being said (and please exclude Sarah Chalke, she is amazing), I felt JLo did one of the better acting jobs I have seen from a guest on How I Met Your Mother. Then again as long as it wasn’t Gigli I think we knew she had acting chops.


Hooked: Season 5 Episode 16 Discussion


This week I think I’ll try moving my thoughts to the end and starting out with lines, moments and such… spoilers follow, but if you’re here you know that… btw, I’m trying out a new blog editor tonight, be gentle. (more…)

Rabbit or Duck: Season 5 Episode 15


    Rabbit or Duck? So which is it? I’ll answer that as soon as my phone stops ringing… Do your ears hang low do they… Isn’t this fun?


The Perfect Week: Season 5 Episode 14

Mustach_Pete_Drexel   Despite not being a big fan of almost completely sex centric episodes, I thought The Perfect Week was quite funny. The addition of CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz as himself was genius. I even spit what I was drinking when he got up and was kicking his chair. The entire episode was drenched in tons of funny metaphors and some great call backs, including one to one of the greatest Baseball films ever, Major League. The rest of the stories intertwine quite nicely, Lily & Marshall’s (plus) shared toothbrush, Ted’s student, & Robin’s waiting on a call from someone she didn’t really like. They all play well at each other during a really bad week.

    I’ll run down my regular music moments and quotes below but I’m pretty sick so I’ll just hope the discussion gets the rest. Just don’t jinx it.

What did everyone think of the episode?



Jenkins: Season 5 Episode 13 Recap & Discussion

     My power was out last night so I’m getting a really late start on this. Sorry. Now that housekeeping is out of the way…



Episode 100: Girls Vs Suits – Season 5 Episode 12


   It nice to have some hype around an episode and the Legendary 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother definitely had a lot of hype. Girls versus…wait for it…suits was an extremely funny episode. I wasn’t one of the lucky one’s who got to watch it early and in a way it’s nice to be surprised along with everyone else. If you visit here I’m sure you know it, but don’t venture further unless you want some spoilers…