A little cheesy…
Also, a little cheesy ~Robin

wedding bride title I’ll reserve my overall thoughts till my wrap-up at the end. Here is the rundown, enjoy.


  • Play by Chop Chop Play by Chop Chop(plays for show intro and closing)
  • Portuguese Love Theme by Craig Armstrong (as many have noted, from the Movie Love Actually. Play during moments from the Wedding Bride)
  • PM’s Love Theme by Craig Armstrong (again, from the Movie Love Actually. Plays when Ted goes after Royce and in the Wedding Bride Ending)

wedding bride breakdance marshall

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Loved the way the Wedding Bride Actors “slipped” in Ted’s name instead of Jed Mosley. Ok, he definitely said it that time ~Ted
  • Judy Greer (Royce) was excellent. And she was on Big Bang Theory just last week. I remember her from a short lived series called Love Monkey with Tom Cavanaugh…oh well, too bad she ended up with baggage.
  • Didn’t they use that same helping people move or robbing their apartment bit in Murtaug?
  • Major Baggage. Such a fun game.
  • Break Dancing Marshall. One of my top HIMYM moments ever… also reminded me of Seinfeld when Kramer walked down the street in the Technicolor dream coat, I digress.
  • Barney, while being absent from a good part of the episode, was seeing the Wedding Bride again.
  • the Red Boots in the Weddings Bride. GCWOK approved, plus..pulling. them. off.
  • Baggage. Did anyone catch those? Some of my favorites: Cubs Fan, Elvis is Alive, Slept With Barney, Tri-Polar, Still thinks his ska band is going to take off…I counted 3 of the Slept with Barney bags. How Funny.
  • Barney’s moments were hilarious.

    Uncle Barney didn’t say kiss…Still not saying Kiss ~Old Ted

wedding Bride Barney

Legendary Lines

Underprivileged child that Tony teaches for free: Go give love a roundhouse kick, right in the heart.

Marshall: Hey, if you know what you’re doing two minutes is all you need.

Robin: I read that Kim Jong Il said it was his second favorite movie of all time, right behind him riding a horse in slow motion through a field of turnips.

Lily: His high school mascot was a hug.

Royce: …a barber, a stripper, and a ju…leiard trained violinist walk into a bar…

Marshall: Crime Free? In 1994, the cashier from the feed store was held up at hoe point..

Marshall: Are you sure it was about you because when I saw Spaceballs for the first time I could have sworn…

wedding bride baggage

Re-Return Moment

Ted makes Royce the pancakes he promised. Then finds out about her HUGE baggage!

The Wrap-Up

First off, no way Chris Katan would be in the 5th highest grossing movie of all time.  Secondly, everyone does have baggage, whether you see it or not. True Story. And thirdly (?), let me just say that my first impression of the episode was not the same as it is now. Keep in mind though I’ve watched it 3 more times though.

I, like Robin, feel that a lot of Ted’s moments are pretty cheesy. The theater scene between Royce, Ted, Pancakes and Barney chanting something besides “Kiss Him” fell pretty cheesy. But honestly I loved moment of everything.

The Wedding bride movie was definitely done over the top. And in a good way. I loved CBS’s tweet/facebook question “What if they made a movie about your life and made you the bad guy?!”. Makes me wonder if this is all of the movie, Stella and Tony we will see or not. I mean they seemed to put a lot into it for a one off ep. And considering no mention of Don, Babies, Ted’s house or anything else that would firmly place this in a HIMYM time line, I doubt it’s more than that.

Not a lot of Barney lately but what we get from his is always gold. Marshall in my opinion really carries the show in the supporting actor range. If you haven’t noticed most of the Legendary Lines I like are or concern Marshall. I dunno why.

I love watching these characters and do think a lot of things haven’t changed since Season 1, but overall I really don’t think this is the same show. A story now seems to be told differently from then. There is just a new feel about it. Stories like the Wedding Bride seem so rushed unfortunately, whereas a S1 or S2 ep might have more of a laid back feel to it. I’m not saying this is a good or bad think, but it’s something I have noticed lately. I see a lot of fans on twitter who really don’t like the evolution of the show over time. From where I sit though, it’s not my creation… only something I get to sit and enjoy. And as long am I’m laughing I will keep doing that.

ps… I hate the phrase “No can do’sville baby doll”…it may be an iconic phrase for the Wedding Bride but I hope it doesn’t catch on.

Past that, what did everyone else think of the episode? And What did you think of the Wedding bride movie?