Near complete list of show made websites referenced in HIMYM episodes:

  • Barney’s Blog — Throughout the series, Barney makes references to his blog. The blog is written by Matt Kuhn and hosted by CBS. Older posts from 2005–2010 are available via thewaybackmachine.
  • – International Suit Up Day 2011
  • — At the end of the episode “Swarley” (s02e07), Barney tries to pretend he loves his new name to avoid being called Swarley again. Though not shown in the episode, there used to be a website called about it.
  • — In the episode “The Bracket (ref. s03e14)”, it is revealed that one of Barney’s former one-night-stands, whom he told his name was Ted Mosby in Ted Mosby: Architect (ref. s02e04), created a website denouncing him called There is also which is show inspired but not show made.
  • Marshall and Lily’s Wedding— A website with videos and pictures of Marshall and Lily’s honeymoon, never shown on the program (the honeymoon part was never shown) but available as a special feature on the Season 3 DVD.
  • —  Marshall made a website so Lily could sell her clothes to pay for a contractor to fix the floor in their new apartment (Everything Must Go, s03e19). The site was promoted at the end of the episode, as an actual online auction of memorabilia from the show. The proceeds were given to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The site was shut down after the auction was completed.
  • — Lily proposes this name for their clothing auction website, after Marshall suggested “” To their surprise, Lily’s name has already been taken.
  • Mysterious Dr X — The website of Ted’s mysterious identity when he was in college, as seen on the episode “The Possimpible“(ref. s04e14).
  • Barney’s Video Resume — In the episode “The Possimpible“(ref. s04e14), Barney reveals he has created an online video resume.
  • The Wedding Bride — In the episode “As Fast as She Can” (ref. s04e23), it is revealed that Tony wrote a screen play entitled “The Wedding Bride” that became a big hit and has an “official” website. This is the tie-in site for the movie, with a trailer featuring Chris Kattan, Malin Åkerman, and Jason Lewis, who play movie versions of Ted, Stella, and Tony, respectively, in this movie.
  • — In the episode “Old King Clancy“(ref. s04e18), Barney reveals this site as the source of his knowledge of Canadian sex acts and has it bookmarked on his laptop. Except for the Lily & Marshall interactive wedding album, this is the most extensive of all the HIMYM fake websites. Canadian actor Alan Thicke makes several cameos.
  •  — In the episode “Wait For It”(ref. s03e01) and again in “Slapsgiving”(red. s03e09)  Marshall debuts this website to torment Barney by counting down the days until he next gets slapped, the result of their Slap Bet. Visiting the website prior to the airing of Slapsgiving displayed the same countdown as featured on the show, albeit counting down until the air time of the episode; after the episode aired, the site redirected to CBS’ How I Met Your Mother YouTube channel. Currently an additional website, is counting down to a future date, estimated to be Monday May 6, 2013.
  • — In the episode “The Sexless Innkeeper” (ref. s05e04), Marshall made this website after he and Lily went on a couples date with Barney and Robin. It features a photo-montage of the evening and a music video of Marshall and Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme called “Best Night Ever”, in which Marshall describes what a great time he and Lily had with Robin and Barney. The video was a parody of Extreme’s “More Than Words” video.
  • and — Part of Barney’s scheme, ‘The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn’, to “pick up chicks”. The website gives a general profile of “Lorenzo Von Matterhorn”.
  • — In “Happily Ever After (ref. s04e06), Marshall mentions this website to Ted, who goes looking for his own evaluation on it, and is disappointed by the result.
  • – In “Not a Father’s Day” (ref. s04e07). Barney creates this website as part of a new holiday for single, childless men.
  • – In “the Stinson Missle Crisis” (ref. s07e04), Barney reveals to his friends that he pretended to be a breast reduction doctor to trick big-breasted women into meeting with him, creating this website to further the ruse.
  • – In the same episode, Barney tells his friends that he also created a website where he poses as a lawyer willing to sue the breast reduction doctor who was another of his roles.
  • – This was a website about the bar that Ted and Barney opened in Ted’s apartment.

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