Season 4 Music

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Series Theme: Hey Beautiful by the Solids The Solids - Hey Beautiful (Theme from "How I Met Your Mother") - Single - Hey Beautiful (Theme from "How I Met Your Mother")

Season 4:

BluRay/DVD Menus:

Episode 4.02: Best Burger In New York

Episode 4.03: I Heart New Jersey

Episode 4.04: Intervention

Episode 4.05: Shelter Island

Episode 4.06: Happily Ever After

Episode 4.07: Not a Father’s Day

Episode 4.08: Wooo!

Episode 4.09: The Naked Man

Episode 4.10: The Fight

  • This Man He Weeps Tonight by Dave Davies After the first fight when Barney and Ted re-enter the bar and also when Ted and Doug fight.
  • Murder Train by The Foreskins, unreleased (where Marshall learned to fight.)

Episode 4.11: Little Minnesota

Episode 4.12: Benefits

Episode 4.13: Three Days of Snow

Episode 4.14: The Possimpible

Episode 4.15: The Stinsons

Episode 4.17: The Front Porch

Episode 4.18: Old King Clancy

  • instrumental song by show composer (Headquarters taskforce team “Snatch” introduction)
  • instrumental song by show composer (Latin groove plays during security footage)

Episode 4.19: Murtaugh

  • knock off of Way to Go by Mark Vieha from the Teen Wolf Soundtrack by the show composer (plays during the basketball game)

Episode 4.22: Right Place Right Time

Episode 4.23: As Fast As She Can

Episode 4.24: The Leap

  • Murder Train by the Foreskins (played and Ted and the Goat fight…it’s the go to violence song for the show now, bravo)
  • Prophets by AC Newman (closing, as they all make “the leap”) A.C. Newman - Get Guilty (Bonus Track Version) - Prophets

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