The Lighthouse – Season 9, Episode 8

Ok I’m going to change things up today. I’m going to take all the things I tweeted tonight and arrange them by  “Recap” “Legendary Lines” ” Moments of Awesomeness” “Callback” “Re-Return” “Lingering Questions/Thoughts”

HOWEVER before I do that, can we all hold hands and squeal about how happy we are that we got to see Mother again. I kept LOOKING for her in the background of scences (no luck). As soon as Mother said the view is like going back it time I KNEW the proposal was coming. I wasn’t sure how far the writers would let us see it, but I was thrilled we got that moment, although it didn’t seen so elaborately Ted (Blue french horns, suits, driving gloves, etc – the man doesn’t take things lightly), but maybe the Mother evens him out or makes him feel like he doesn’t have to try so hard. The Otis Reddng (Ted’s favorite artist as I was reminded by @osumarko). I’d love for you all to sound off in the comments with Legendary Lines or flesh out some of your thoughts based on my tweets. I’ll be obsessively refreshing the comments section for the next 48 hours, hope to see you there!

  • Hey gang, Jenn here to take over the twitter handle (@bawesomeinstead)  once again. I’ll be live tweeting tonight’s episode #spoileralert
  • Jenn checking in…is this thing on?
  • Tonight’s episode “The Lighthouse” Josh Radnor teased that some real nice stuff happens
  • Curtis, I’ve missed you
  • Mrs Mosby and Clint!! After all this time it’s nice to see Ted’s family home
  • Ted’s totally awesome mug
  • Finally the car plays out!!!!
  • That car has been on the step for WEEKS (hours in HIMYM time)
  • Robin’s mom WOULD drive a pick up truck
  • I KNEW the scrambled egg debacle was going to lead to talking fertilizing eggs

Legendary Lines

  • Barney – Dunches (Aren’t all brunches drunches?)
  • Robin: Zed Zed Top #ohcanada
  • Ted: Coin con, nothing worse than going stag
  • Daphne: Daphne picks the music
  • Barney: Lambercuzzi #patentpending
  • Mother: “When you vomit, I vomit.” How romantic! #HIMYM

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Robin is truly SPARKLING in Loretta’s blouse
  • Love the underground bar
  • Good speech Barney, stand up to yo momma
  • Awww Loretta, when it comes down to it she really is a great mom
  • MOTHER!!!
  • Proposal!!!!!!!!
  • OMG future Ted and mother are so happy
  • Love the choice of Otis Redding in the background for that last scene



  • Clint

Lingering Questions/Thoughts 

  • Lily is looking super skinny today
  • There is no way Ted is strong enough to carry a woman up the stairs **most popular tweet of the night**
  • (Why does) Rain does make friend hugging weird
  • Bryan Cranston and Dolphin Barney #cantwait

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Something New – Season 8 Episode 24

himym- the-mother-cristin-milioti

Let’s start off by jumping past the obvious if that’s even possible. I loved Robin & Barney tonight. They were so good together though I truly believe that NPH can pull off a more maniacal laugh…I mean Dr. Horrible. come on. Seriously, they looked in marital harmony tonight and that was good after last week’s breakdown in the park. Which leads us to Ted…

I know, I know… what the hell Ted, right? First off, did finishing the house seem to come out of somewhere? I digress, but when Ted says (this may be a paraphrase), “The locket is in the pencil box. This is awesome. It’s going to blow her mind!”  I can directly see this leading to the bandage on Ted’s hand we saw in Farhampton. How will it happen? Will it have nothing to do with that? Also, will Ted go to Chicago? We already assume he doesn’t sell the house since he is tilling the story in it, but is it ever really that simple? We have to wait till next season, when we will also find out…

If Marshall will remain a judge for now or Lily will go to Rome… or both. I do like the ring of the Honorable Marshal Erikson. My gut says there will be an episode devoted to this next year and I would almost bet they find a way to do both…but HIMYM approaches some tough choices that aren’t always happy so if it’s one I would, say hello to the Honorable Marshal Erikson.

On to the event seemed to break twitter, or maybe the tweets were moving so fast that I couldn’t read them all. The actress is Cristin Milioti… we’ll be taking guess on her show name 😉 Shhort and to the point, that was such a cool moment. Shoes. Bass. Umbrella. “Ticket to Farhampton Please” and face. Great pick for the mother, I love it that she is not a name…and seems like the prefect mix of Lily & Robin. I’m saying this with only one line, many clues and several glimpses of her feet so that may be worth nothing.

My mind is still a buzz so I want to know what you think! Talk away!



  • Simple Song by The Shins amazon– lots of action at the end and seeing the Mother buying a ticket.

Legendary Lines

Barney: You’re unappetizing to look at

Ted: It was pretty manly until I mentioned Ryan Gosling in the Notebook…

Robin: Hey Lily, help me put this locket in my butt…


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Teddy West-chester is not a cool as Teddy Westside
  • Casey Wilson (Krirsten) from the recently departed “Happy Endings”
  • Love it that Robin used the way she & Ted broke up at an attack strategy.
  • Legen…married… still waiting for it.
  • Where’s the poop. Goog callback by Lily
  • Ranjit
  • the moment we see (and I quote from the credits) “The Girls with the Yellow Umbrella”… I checked it’s not a sequel to “The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo”

Lingering Questions

  • Are those boots the same shoe size as Lily?
  • Any guesses on a name for the girl with the yellow umbrella? My money is on a T name but I’ve been told there is another theory about a C name.
  • Judge Marshall or Rome bound?
  • What do you expect from next season?
  • What did you think tonight?

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Something Old – Season 8 Episode 23

somethign old himym

I haven’t gotten to watch yet but comment away! I’m anxious to watch!


  • How to Fight Loneliness by Wilco (amazon) – Ted & Robin argue about signes from the universe in the rain, closing 

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The Time Travelers – Season 8 Episode 20




  • Dance Song (Derriere?)   (Marshall and Sparkles dance off)
  • For the Longest Time by Billy Joel amazon (future and Present Ted’s sing together)
  • Piano piece when Ted imagines meeting the Mother early is Swihart. I tell you this because I know you will ask. 😉

Sorry I’ve been away friends, too much life to discuss sometimes though. Still it’s nice to sit down, grab a beer and enjoy a laugh (and a cry) with Ted and friends. Since that moment I’ve rewatched this episod twice to really get a handle on what happened. The beging is a little out there with future Ted and Barney’s and seriously, how cool would that be to have your future self for advice? By the end of the episode you find out Ted was sitting there all alone and the whole thing had happened 5 years ago… which is a little confusing too. My guess is the dance off for drink title happened five years ago and this is NOT 5 years in the future which would really be screwing with the timeline which may be important since we are 45 Ted days away. Then you have Ted having an imaginary conversation with someone he doesn’t know existed. Overall a lot of symbology and then a laugh till they gut punch you moment.

I love the fact that the writers are slowly crossing theories and loose ends of the bucket list.  I was ecstatic when the theory about Barney’s sister being the mother got debunked (ref. The Carly Theory debunk  s08e14 “Ring Up”). I also know there are those of you that might have even considered coat check girl from Season 1 since he never saw her again … but it looks like he did (5 years ago) and never followed through.  I hope they keep it up, we might even se where that pineapple came from.

Finally, I’ve seen a lot of chatter about thinking the Mother is dead in the future …especially because of Ted’s gut misty eyed 45 day speech his imagines giving to the future Mrs. Mosby at the end. Is it possible? Sure and I can read into how some might read a lot into the details. I don’t buy it though. You should also keep in mind that this is coming from someone who still is pretty fond of the Tracy Theory. Things like that seem to make sense to me…and keep in mind what the writers have done so far this season (mentioned above)… with that said, the dead mother theory still seems like a stretch at this point. I’ve been wrong before though so what are your thoughts?

Legendary Lines

Barney: It’s gonna be Legen… wait 20 years for it…
20 year later Barney: Dairy.

Ted: Do I hurl?

Ted: No one is saying you need alcohol to have an exciting and memorable night… but in this case.

Marshall: Lily, I know I have the sexual karasima of a bad boy but I don’t have the manners of one.

Future Coat Check Girl: You’ve been dating for a long time Ted…has it ever gone any other way?

Robin: I’m Sparkles bitch!

Imaginary Barney: Look around Ted, you’re all alone.

“If He Could” Ted: In exactly 45 days, I will meet you. But I’m here now, I guess because, I want this extra 45 days.. With you.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Minnesota Title Wave…by Marshall. wait I mean the Robin Scherbatsky
  • I loved 20 year from now Ted screwing with present day Ted about not being married yet.
  • coat check girl! Damn I love call backs.
  • Sparkles vs Big Fudge. And I love that Robin is finally embracing the Sparkles history.
  • 45 Days.
  • Sad ending…but seriously good stuff.



Future & Present sing “For the Longest Time” in 6 part harmony.


Lingering Questions

  • I honestly wish I had a 20 hours from now me to get advice from. You?
  • Since Carl own’s the bar wouldn’t his last name be MacLaren?
  • I know 45 days isn’t literal…but does it mean we will see some magic before the end of Season 8?
  • What did you guys think?


The Fortress Season 8 Episode 19

TheFortress _ himym

Tonight episode was chock full of laughs for me and it actually somewhat pushed the plot along?!

Robin wants Barney to sell his apartment so they can move into a new place together. We learn about additional crazy custom bells and whistles Barney added to the apartment while they try to sell it, but in the end Robin realize marriage means in sickness and in health and Barney’s apartment is part of his sickness.

Lily’s busy with new job working for the Captain and her over the top outfits, including gigantic glasses (I have the sunglass version of those, True Story). I have to say it’s refreshing to see Lily’s career take on a storyline and give her some direction.

Marshall and Ted’s addiction to watching Woodworthy Manor complete with spoilers, fancy tea pots and finger sandwiches. Ted as Emsbery complete with a British accent was lovely.

Legendary Lines

Marshall: You nailed all of Lily’s parts, it’s been 3 weeks since I have.

Ted: Barney I wouldn’t live here even if you scrubbed every inch of this place in Purell, amoxicillin and holy water.

Barney: I am way too upset to point out how many women have seen some beautiful woodwork in there.

Robin: Barney I’m getting wet.  //  Barney: And that turns it off.

Marshall: We have a child together (cue sprinklers – PERFECTION)

Robin: Turns out I accept and appreciate even the grossest, creepiest, most sociopathic parts of you.   //   Barney: Sounds like somebody just wrote her vows.


Moments of Awesomeness

Barney’s Patent Pending Inventions

  • Ho Be Gone sleep system by Stinson
  • The Room with a Screw by Stinson
  • The Escape from Bitch Mountain by Stinson
  • The Heavy set go by Stinson

Marshall’s figgy putting Woodworthy Manor game, I miss Marshell’s game

Ridiculous art descriptions by the captain.

Barney’s floating head – Superman / Wizard of Oz style

Oh snap Barney used the Ho-Be-Gone on Robin

Ted putting the moves on Marshall to get him to watch Woodworthy Manor

Ted and Marshall GCWKing it up (except they have a kid)

Mushroom cloud five

Superman references that I’m sure many of you got, but I didn’t

Re Return

Barney and Robin escape watching Woodworthy Manor and high five despite a broken wrist – that’s love

Lingering Questions

So did Barney really bang Ted’s mom?

Did you see the property of Ted Mosby on the map in Barney’s closet?

I don’t know how guys can switch gears from wanting to be in a loving committed to relationship to banging some rando.





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Weekend at Barney’s Season 8 Episode 18


  • When the Sun Goes Down by The Jetzons Amazon (opening track from episode)
  • Long As I Can See The Light  Creedence Clearwater Revival  Amazon (closing episode)

Hola everyone! I’m Will, a friend of Jenn’s. Much like Barney- I’m full of awesome. I’m guest blogging while everyone else is apparently off doing something more fun. So you’re stuck with me, this is my first time- so no making fun.

So here it is ladies and gentlemen, the foretold inglorious end of Ted’s dating life. We got to take our last peek at crazy pants Jeanette as she rampaged and defecated all over Ted’s apartment, finally convincing the ever needy Ted that it’s time to settle down. After being dumped by LT Peterson, Ted agrees to test drive a few plays from Barney’s not-so-destroyed playbook; surprisingly, Ted has difficulty winning ladies over with promises of his penis.

While coaching Ted, Robin walks in on Barney and finds the playbook. Really? I felt the setup for that argument to be a little too artificial. Why does Robin randomly show up at Ted’s house looking for Barney? If Barney told Robin where he was, why would he leave the playbook just sitting on the couch? And does everyone have a key to Ted’s apt? After more deception, I mean magic, they “make up.” I’m not sure Robin is buying Barney’s liar speech- she did mention earlier in the episode that the destruction of the playbook was a key factor in her being willing to marry Barney.

Oh, Lily and Marshall were in this episode as well- the continued focus on Lily’s career is refreshing. Marshall’s deadpan expression carried what is probably  funniest scene thus far this season- “I don’t know if you heard, but I dropped some skittles.”


Legendary Lines

Barney: “So you’re bringing a plus one?” // Robin: “If you count the voices in her head, it’s plus five!”

Jeanette: “Here’s your key back” //Ted: “I never gave you a key”// Jeanette: “And here’s your grandmother’s ring.”// Ted: “She was buried wearing this.”

Ted: “My penis! My penis! My penis!!!”

Marshall: “Just look at her so professional, she hasn’t sat on single piece of art.”


Moments of Awesomeness

Episode writer George Sloan! Shout out to all those QU alums.

What’s better than Weekend at Bernie’s? Weekend at Barney’s!

Barney’s awesome ability to unhook Robin’s bra under any circumstance.

Barneys 1 rule(s).

Silent skittles.

Lily’s nip slips (we need more of this in future episodes!)


The Re-Return

The Playbook (one last time)

Ted’s red cowboy boots(one last time)

Ted making poor relationship choices (one last time?)


Lingering Questions

Will Robin ever really trust Barney?

The “Mother” is on deck, how long till we get to meet her?

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The Ashtray Season 8 Episode 17

"The Ashtray" -- When Ted receives an unexpected call from The Captain, the gang reminisced about their last awkward encounter with him, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Feb. 18 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Neil Patrick Harris Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS © 2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ahoy, Jenn here steering this ship tonight!

This episode felt very out of sequence for me despite portions of it supposedly happening a year and a half ago. Hello where’s any mention of Jeannette?

The episode boiled down to how one evening at an Art show went. The version Ted recalls after eating a sandwich. The version Robin recall after getting drunk at a “meeting.” The version Barney recalls…oh wait. And the way the night actually went as told by Lily.

We learn that Lily served up her Aldrin Justice by stealing the Captain’s ashtray after he told her she was just an art teacher with no real taste or appreciation for art. The Captain’s comments about Lily just “just being an art teacher” sting hard and causes Lily to nearly meltdown like she did at the end of Season One when she broke off her engagement to Marshall to go to San Francisco. In the end Lily got offered a job by the Captain to be  his new art consultant. For such a long built up, I found it to be a let down.

The good news is my friend George is the lead writer of next week’s episode. He had a great episode last season, so I’m excited about next week. Too bad I’ll be in Orlando so won’ be able to watch it until I get back.

Legendary Lines

Ted: That’s weird I have a message // Marshall: That’s weird you still have an answering machine.

Barney: An Art Garfunkle gallery concert

Ted: Anyone with this kind of ashtray money, probably has an island where he hunts people, probably in the Caribbean. I bet there’s good snorkeling.

Marshall She’s Boats, Boats, Boats and he’s the Captain. That’s sweet I’m happy for those two. Ted you suck.

Robin: Nothing Happened //  Barney: Uhhhh that means hand stuff

Marshall: Just some one of them could say Iceberg straight ahead

Robin: Can you please hold a minute  // Captain: Dropping anchor

Barney: Because crazy stories are my thing. You have architecture. Marshall has the law. Lily has art. Robin has pleasing me sexually. You have a passion that drives you. Well I have a passion it’s taking life and turning it into a series of crazy stories, if you can do that me then I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Marshall: I know that we role play conjugal visits a lot, but I can’t do that for realsies.


Moments of Awesomeness

I’ve missed the Captain’s red pants

Ted’s high pitch screams upon seeing the Captain

Barney’s “Daddy’s home” entrances at the art show

Ted “snorkeling” with the ashtray

NPH’s delivery of “me neither”

Marshall and Lily’s agreement of an “Indecent Proposal” for sex with Lily

Robin’s make out into a pass out


The Re-Return

The Captain

Boats, Boats, Boats Becky



The Playbook play


The Royal Archduke of Grand Fenwick


Lingering Questions

What’s with Ted’s old technology? VCR, answering machines…yeesh.

Just seeing Zoey made me mad. Anyone else?

Did everyone notice all of Marshall and Barney’s “contraband”  in Ted’s apartment?  arcade game, popcorn machine.

Where’d I leave my Prussian military costume? I thought it was just laying around the house.

Where are your best and most exciting days? Ahead of you or behind you?

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Bad Crazy – Season 8 Episode 16


So welcome to the episode where Ted reminds his kids that he was a man whore in New Your before he met their mother… Not sure I have a lot to say here tonight. Ted starts by telling us this is the Jeanette is the last girl that he dates before their mother. So you might think this might be a pretty significant episode. In actuality, it’s really not. Overall a pretty nothing episode. Funny for sure, but nothing. Seriously, lots of good laughs, call backs and moments but  that’s about it.

There is the insinuation that Jeanette possibly blows up the apartment. So that’s fun.  Boba Fett, the boots, the Departed reference, Jeanette is wearing purple at the end… Let’s actually talk purple a second. I know a lot of you are into the color theories in HIMYM. They may or may not have credence, we know for a fact that yellow does, so why would we assume it’s the only color with significance  I’m sure someone else can fill us in more but I know that in Desperation Day that one of Robin’s co-workers says that purple is for pride and Robin & friends all wear purple to protest. I digress, though I would love to hear some other thoughts.

My final thought for the moment is where the hell was the Vicky Mendoza diagonal? Seriously the hot/crazy scale was a prime call back for this episode.



Legendary Lines

future Senator Mike Tyson (about Marvin): I could just eat you up

Barney: Why’s the Earth round? Why does the sun rise? What do I do for a living? Some things are meant to never be answered.

Barney (or Marshall… can’t recall):Wait a minute.. is she a CAAAAAWP?!

future Senator Mike Tyson (via Robin flashback): Here’s the thing about crazy. When a guy sends mixed signals to a girl, it takes a toll on her psychological well-being. You wanna know why a girl acts crazy? Look at the guy she’s dating. Then you’ll really see some crazy.

Ted: It’s those red boots, they just look sexy on everyone.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • the amazing things Barney & Marshall bought
  • the future binky confession…man, Robin & Lily really age well.
  • Love the Boba Fett costume
  • Mike freaking Tyson… loving it.
  • What does Barney do for a living? Inquiring minds will always want to know…
  • Still loved the Red Cowboy boots… Jeanette. Pulling. Them. Off. True Story.

New Jersey

  •  lack of hot/crazy mention
  • funny but going nowhere… I’m scared this is what we have to expect in the next season and a half, but anxious to be proven wrong.


The Re-Return

Robin hold Marvin till the wee hours of the morning…until a smell becomes noticeable.


Lingering Question

  •  Any significance to colors other than purple?
  • Why would you keep the Storm Trooper and get rid of the Fett suit?
  • How long will Jeanette Last?
  • What did you think?






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P.S. I Love You – Season 8 Episode 15


Jenn here tonight kids and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have had the honor of recapping and commenting on this magical episode that had SOO much awesomeness packed in. My fingers couldn’t type fast enough! Here’s the quick recap, but the quotes and moments of awesomeness speak for themselves.

So Jeanette (aka Lily’s dad’s daughter in real life) is Ted’s love interest who at first appears to be just as crazy as him. However Marshall and Lily are convinced that she is a psycho so we learn about the Dobler-Dahmer Theory. Jeanette definitely does a lot of questionable things, but so has Ted or other members of the gang over the years. In the end we learn that Lily and Marshall’s meet cute was destiny created by Lily and she was a Dobler, but we learn that Jeanette is truly a Dahmer, who has been following him for the past year and half yet Ted hooks up with her anyway.

We learn that Robin was a psycho stalker back in Canada. So Barney goes to B.C. to track down who Robin stalked. We meet a bunch of Robin’s exes and we are treated to the re-return of Simon! We learn about Robin Sparkles fall from fame and meltdown that transforms her into Robin Daggers. I totally buy the Robin we all currently know and love as Robin Daggers – it matches her personality way better!


The absolute randomness of this episode reminded me just how much I love this show. See you in the comments section, let’s chat!

Also Craig Thomas tweeted out the link  to buy P.S. I Love You


Legendary Lines

Narrator Ted: Kid’s sometimes when you’re about to give up on your love life for the seventeeth time destiny intervenes.

Ted: Wait No. Damnit. Come back. You’re pretty.

Jeanette: You had a tweed blazer and chalk all over your hands.  I figured you were a professor or a British gymnast.

Ted: It’s a meet cute. // Lily: No it’s a stalk crazy.

Barney: 50 meters, that’s like 4 years.

Ted: Could not stand the idea of not meeting me. Was it a little over the top to pull that fire alarm? Perhaps. But it charmed me. Hence Dobler.

Gordy Belloveaux: She’d let me go under parka over turtleneck – summer loving.

Turk Grimsby: Sometimes a powdered jelly can help get the old noodle going.

Simon: Didn’t you ever see Robin Sparkles Underneath the Tunes on MuchMusic?

Ted: You’re just jealous because Lily never burned anything for you.

Barney: Hang on tight it’s Robin Sparkles 4 y’all!!!

Ted: We’re all terrible people…turn it up!

Narrator of Underneath the Tunes:  They both went Maple with Mall going double Maple.

Robin: I was Robin Sparkles, but Robin Sparkles is dead. My new name is Robin Daggers.

Steven Page: It was tragic. To this day you ask any Canadian where they were when Robin Sparkles lost it, not only can they tell you what Tim Horton’s they were in, but what donut they were eating.

Dave Coulier: It wasn’t me. Stop asking jeez. CUT IT OUT. (complete with hand gestures) // Narrator Ted (Bob Saget): I always liked that joke.

Barney: I am not obsessed. All I did was break into your apartment and read your teenage journals and fly to Vancouver to interrogate your ex boyfriends and fight beloved Canadian actor Alan Thicke.

Narrator Ted: Before a man meets the woman he’ll marry he’ll make one final horrible mistake. For me that was Jeanette.


Moments of Awesomeness

Stalker Ted Alert

Dobler-Dahmer Theory

Marshall’s date song – cute and creepy versions

Robin Sparkles ‘ Gem and the Holograms hair

Barney’s Canadian word slips

A to Zed – apparently HIMYM writers read the comments on this blog because I know they got called out about that the last time

Barney and his drums

The gang screaming at the news of a Robin Sparkles 4

Great Underneath the Tunes guest cameos – some of Canadian’s finest!

Robin Sparkles Underneath the Tunes on MuchMusic

  • The Underneath the Tunes episode is on VHS (good catch Tyler)
  • P.S. I Love You music video by Robin Daggers
  • Dumb spelled dum
  • Canadian celebs reciting their Tim Horton location and donut they were eating
  • DAVE COULIER!!!!!!!! – BEST REFERENCE EVER – He is rumored to be who Alanis Morrisette’s “You ought to know” is about.

Alan Thicke is a badass

P.S. I Love You is about Paul Shaffer

Vagatarian shirt


New Jersey

Ted’s British accent

Jeanette’s overly forced crazy eyes

Not enough babe-a-licious Simon


Lingering Questions

Anyone else notice Alyson Hannigan cracking up while the gang watched the P.S. I Love You video?

Ted’s mouth looked extra lady like tonight, just me?

Who’s going to try the “Could not stand the idea of not meeting you line” this weekend?

Did anyone else notice the robot (well not THE robot, but a robot) in Marshall and Lily’s apartment? It’s near the doorway towards the bathroom.

And finally – does this mean there are no more hoochies in Ted’s life based on what Narrator Ted said. Is he done with random women?  On a related me anyone keeping count on the number of women Ted’s slept with or assumed to have slept with over the seasons?

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Ring Up–Season 8 Episode 14


ring up_how I met your mother

I’m just now getting a chance to watch so for now let’s start the discussion below and watch on twitter and facebook for the final post.

The main thing I know is that if you had any hope in the Carly Theory that is completely shattered now. First off, sorry. Secondly, I told you so. I know last week kind of killed it but not completely… in many minds there was still the chance that Carly might not to go to the wedding of her half brother who she barely knew or maybe never even met before. This episode killed it for good. Bravo.


what did you think about Ring Up?


The One Ring (to Robin): You’re not precious

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Band or DJ? – Season 8 Episode 13




What a crappy episode…literally I mean. most of the jokes were about poop or pee… The episode it’s self was good. The confetti was a nice touch as well. And for those of you still lost in the pun I started with just let your mind catch up. Better now, great…now that we are all together let’s continue.

Poor Ted. Despite hating it every time he and Robin’s relationship is brought back up (and yes, I do think they were good together but not meant to be together), poor Ted. I mean the pain montage is kind of depressing. It was missing some really painful moments though. I mean, how do you leave Stella & the wedding out of that? and the whole scene where Ted & Lily are talking is important in my mind. We really haven’t seen a lot of development from Lily this season… I mean sure she is a mom, but to be up there with Ted & admit it. Especially when you bring in the aspirations from earlier seasons it really reminds you that they are all developing even if you don’t see it on screen a lot.

Confetti… that was just a hilarious moment. Marshal, Marvin, Ted and Lily. I almost spit up my beer… luckily no beer was lost in the writing of this review.

So let’s make clear a few things we learned about the wedding tonight:

  • May 25, 2013… Official wedding date.
  • Band canceled at the last minute so Cindy and her wife(?) give Ted the referral for the old room mates band.
  • We know the wedding happens and Robin & Barney look happy after…

This leads me to ask a few questions. First off, we see Ted in the train station in Farhampton (ref. s08e01) with his hand bandaged. If all is well at the end, what happens? Is it a classic Smosby toast gone wrong? Also, I thought it was also said there that things don’t go well? Any guesses to be ventured?

If Cindy give’s Ted the mother number (to call for he band) is it conceivable that he talked to her before but never meets her till then?

May 25, 2013 is coming up pretty quick. I’m curious how we fill another season and a half without meeting the mother? On that thought, would you still love HIMYM if we meet her at the end of Season 8 and then get to see a year after up to Ted’s wedding? I’m here for the ride so either way is find with me. I’m curious what you think?


Legendary Lines

Ted: The problem is, one of us was definitely not happy.

Lily (to Ted…oddly appropriately): I’ma cut you bitch!!

Barney: Vampire in the daylight! Vampire in the daylight!

Robin’s Father (Robin): You should accept my friend request. i post a lot of great stuff.

Robin’s Father (Robin): Grown men are not blonde.

Waiter:  Would either of you like a mudslide
Barney: No thanks I just had one.

Barney: Oh no! Fluffernutter peed all over my pants!

Lily: Holy Confetti

Cindy’s wife: Ted, do you believe in destiny?
Ted: You really don’t know me.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Robin’s dad on Facebook….so close to home people
  • Poor Ted… His mom’s 5000 word review of 50 Shades of Grey… 15 of those words were ‘vulva’
  • Fluffernutter… love that rabbit and that moment. A name and a back story
  • CIA network bedtime stories
  • Confetti.. nice touch


New Jersey

  • We get the fact that Ted may never get over Robin… and every time you guys bring it back up I still curse at the TV every time.

Lingering Questions

  • Season 9 is now official, but the Wedding date is now officially set in writing on May 25, 2013…what will the rest of Season 8 & 9 look like?
  • We had neither at our wedding but I wish we had a band…. You? Band or DJ?
  • What did you think of the show tonight?

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The Final Page – season 8 Episode 11 and 12



A few initial thoughts.

  1. How I Met Your Mother should have always been a 1 hour show.
  2. I have the flu, so there will be mistakes in my review. Please take that into account before beating me over the head with them Winking smile
  3. I’m psyched to get new music tonight! And what great selections!
  4. I’ve decided to do both episode reviews together, because despite the fact that it’s billed as a hone hour episode tonight it was very clearly two different episode. However, I’m sick so I’ll be treating it as one tonight.

Let’s start with Ted. The dude is the focus of the show I get that, but this season, as we have discussed before is all about Barney and Robin. Still Ted for some reason after 8 seasons still had things to get over to improve himself. The Professor was one but the other and more important one was his implied blessing by encouraging Robin to go after Barney. I suppose it didn’t have to happen that way but after what happened between Barney and Ted last time it’s best to make it Ted idea this time. And as is said in the show, without Ted, none of this is possible. At the end of the episode you really wonder if Ted thinks he did the right thing though. And I have to beg for the love of Destiny’s Child, please do not let the be the case. On another note… looking at Robin’s comment, was the future Mrs. Ted Mosby at the party?

Lily & Marshall. Not a lot happens with them again. Sure, they have great and funny parts and we get they are still dealing with the kid thing… but is that it for them in the run of things? Will we see any other major life changes before the end or are they just here for the lolz now? I’m fine if that’s the case but it’s still a valid question. I mean what else can happen here. They are parents, have family issues, had a parent die, changed jobs, apartments (several times now)..not sure there is much else for the time being except weddings and the rest of Teddy West side’s story.

Robin. Just phenomenal tonight, even made me misty at moments. The hug she and Patrice had was almost as powerful as the proposal in emotional terms. and yes for a minute you think she might just say no to Barney but as we all know well “Barney Stinson ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS gets the yes.”

Barney. A moment of silence for our friend the Playbook. Marshall and Lily may have been through a lot and all the characters have changed however no one has developed more than our friend Barney. He knows what he wants and is willing to give up what he is and knows for it. I’d also like to take this moment congratulate those of you who said this was all an elaborate play for Robin and also quote my favorite movie “the Princess Bride” by saying “ Yes you are very smart. Shut up.”

I would really love to write more but this stupid flu thing has be in pain all over so I need to let you all fill in the blanks tonight. I’d love to know what you want to discuss and loved so sound off in the comments!

Legendary Lines

Barney (silently): I beg of you in the name of almighty Destiny’s Child!  SAY MY NAME!!!!

Everyone (to Barney): Not happening Bro

Marshall: Revenge fantasies never work out the way you want them to

Daryl: I left once, i met a girl on craigslist and flew out to Boston, she was a man, and 300 lbs, and then he robbed me. Still one of the best nights of my life, until now!

Lily: I love those huge wieners

Patrice: Robin, is this really about me?
Robin: No it’s not.

Daryl: I’m the Mark Zuckerberg of jam band concert parking lot athletics

Old Ted: There’s only one person that can save you from the pit…you

Barney: If Lily wants a big wiener in her mouth, she has my number.

Ted: I keep having this nightmare that King Kong shows up to the opening but refuses to climb my building because in his ford, it’s a little derivative.

Ted: He said something like Legendary, and challenge accepted and winked….
Marshall: That does sound like him

Lily: Hurry up or I’m going to start on number 11 by myself.
Marshall: You can do that on your own?
Lily: Pilates Bitch

Marshall: I’m still team Tedward…

Lily: I just started lactating
Marshall: Me too

Lily: That kid doesn’t mean you’re special,it means you’re horny and you’re easy, now let me smell his head

Robin: Damnit Patrice (many, many times.)

Ted: A word in defense of making an ass of yourself…it underrated

Barney: Step 6, talk to doctor about possible broken ribs.

Barney: How can I ever thank you
Patrice: Can you watch my cat next week?
Barney: No

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Flashback to the Season 3 Finale, nice…even if we didn’t’ see the jinx till now
  • Peter Gallagher as professor Vinick…I kept seeing people tweet there is Sandy Cohen and I’m thinking “Who the hell is that?”
  • Seth Green as Daryl Lecort… nice Buffy reunion time
  • telepathic conversation between Marshall & Barney
  • loving Barney’s sketch pad
  • the hug between Robin and Patrice was heartbreaking.
  • Ranjit! Seriously, who doesn’t like Marshall Manesh and he sings!
  • hidden cameras everywhere.
  • The last play you will ever run… The Robin was a great play.
  • This step of the robin was crucial: Wait and see if Ted tells her. If he does, your best bro has given you his blessing

New Jersey

  • Marshall: I’m still team Tedward… (I’m entitled to love and hate references at the same time.
  • the second hour was pretty normal and slow but the big finish made up for things

Lingering Questions

  • How will Robin feel about Patrice’s part in “the Robin”? Bridesmaid status or not?
  • Be honest here, did you know it was a play or not?
  • Set Green, Peter Gallagher and Marshall Manesh all in one night? Who has been your favorite HIMYM guest star to date?
  • Seeing this now, and I know many of you love predictions… why are Barney & Robin so overly nervous on their wedding day? What happens between now and then?
  • What did you think of tonight?

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