Ok I’m going to change things up today. I’m going to take all the things I tweeted tonight and arrange them by  “Recap” “Legendary Lines” ” Moments of Awesomeness” “Callback” “Re-Return” “Lingering Questions/Thoughts”

HOWEVER before I do that, can we all hold hands and squeal about how happy we are that we got to see Mother again. I kept LOOKING for her in the background of scences (no luck). As soon as Mother said the view is like going back it time I KNEW the proposal was coming. I wasn’t sure how far the writers would let us see it, but I was thrilled we got that moment, although it didn’t seen so elaborately Ted (Blue french horns, suits, driving gloves, etc – the man doesn’t take things lightly), but maybe the Mother evens him out or makes him feel like he doesn’t have to try so hard. The Otis Reddng (Ted’s favorite artist as I was reminded by @osumarko). I’d love for you all to sound off in the comments with Legendary Lines or flesh out some of your thoughts based on my tweets. I’ll be obsessively refreshing the comments section for the next 48 hours, hope to see you there!

  • Hey gang, Jenn here to take over the twitter handle (@bawesomeinstead)  once again. I’ll be live tweeting tonight’s episode #spoileralert
  • Jenn checking in…is this thing on?
  • Tonight’s episode “The Lighthouse” Josh Radnor teased that some real nice stuff happens
  • Curtis, I’ve missed you
  • Mrs Mosby and Clint!! After all this time it’s nice to see Ted’s family home
  • Ted’s totally awesome mug
  • Finally the car plays out!!!!
  • That car has been on the step for WEEKS (hours in HIMYM time)
  • Robin’s mom WOULD drive a pick up truck
  • I KNEW the scrambled egg debacle was going to lead to talking fertilizing eggs

Legendary Lines

  • Barney – Dunches (Aren’t all brunches drunches?)
  • Robin: Zed Zed Top #ohcanada
  • Ted: Coin con, nothing worse than going stag
  • Daphne: Daphne picks the music
  • Barney: Lambercuzzi #patentpending
  • Mother: “When you vomit, I vomit.” How romantic! #HIMYM

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Robin is truly SPARKLING in Loretta’s blouse
  • Love the underground bar
  • Good speech Barney, stand up to yo momma
  • Awww Loretta, when it comes down to it she really is a great mom
  • MOTHER!!!
  • Proposal!!!!!!!!
  • OMG future Ted and mother are so happy
  • Love the choice of Otis Redding in the background for that last scene



  • Clint

Lingering Questions/Thoughts 

  • Lily is looking super skinny today
  • There is no way Ted is strong enough to carry a woman up the stairs **most popular tweet of the night**
  • (Why does) Rain does make friend hugging weird
  • Bryan Cranston and Dolphin Barney #cantwait