Season 3 Music

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Series Theme: Hey Beautiful by the Solids The Solids - Hey Beautiful (Theme from "How I Met Your Mother") - Single - Hey Beautiful (Theme from "How I Met Your Mother")

himym_s3Season 3:

Episode 3.01: Wait For It

Episode 3.02: We’re Not From Here

Episode 3.03: Third Wheel

Episode 3.04: Little Boys

Episode 3.05: How I Met Everyone Else

Episode 3.08: Spoiler Alert

Episode 3.09: Slapsgiving

  • Still Alright by Adam Merrin of The 88 (Marshall’s toast) Adam Merrin - Have One - Still Alright
  • You Just Got Slapped by Marshall Eriksen (Marshall’s musical composition after slapping Barney)

Episode 3.11: The Platinum Rule

Episode 3.12: No Tomorrow

Episode 3.13: Ten Sessions

  • Intro Blues song is by show composer (Ted talks about meeting Stella)
  • Thirteen by Big Star (Ted & Stella’s 2 minute date)Big Star - #1 Record/Radio City - Thirteen

Episode 3.14: The Bracket

  • One Shining Moment by David Barrett (Barney’s redemption & Lily’s scrapbook) David Barrett - One Shining Moment (NCAA Basketball Anthem) - EP - One Shining Moment
  • Doogie Howser M.D. Theme Song (As Barney writes in his journal) The TV Theme Players - As Heard On TV - Doogie Howser M.D. (Theme)

Episode 3.16: Sandcastles in the Sand

  • Let’s Go to the Mall by Robin Sparkles (intro of episode) Robin Sparkles - Let's Go to the Mall (From How I Met Your Mother) - Single - Let's Go to the Mall (From How I Met Your Mother)
  • Murder Train by The Foreskins (Simon’s band, played on the News by Robin)
  • Dazzey Duks by Duice (Lily play’s her friend Michelle’s jam at the bar) Duice - Bootyz In Motion (DJ Magic Mike Presents) - Dazzey Dukes
  • Sandcastles in the Sand by Robin Sparkles (Robin takes Barney back to her place) How I Met Your Mother - How I Met Your Mother, Season 3 - Sandcastles In the Sand

Episode 3.17: The Goat

  • Sounds like Dark Island, but it’s all composed by the show guy John Swihart (Ted tells Barney he belongs in the box)

Episode 3.18: Rebound Bro

  • Love Saves the Day by Dimitri Ehrlich (plays as Ted and Stella talk) … can’t find the song for sale anywhere though =(

Episode 3.19: Everything Must Go

Episode 3.20: Miracles

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