TheFortress _ himym

Tonight episode was chock full of laughs for me and it actually somewhat pushed the plot along?!

Robin wants Barney to sell his apartment so they can move into a new place together. We learn about additional crazy custom bells and whistles Barney added to the apartment while they try to sell it, but in the end Robin realize marriage means in sickness and in health and Barney’s apartment is part of his sickness.

Lily’s busy with new job working for the Captain and her over the top outfits, including gigantic glasses (I have the sunglass version of those, True Story). I have to say it’s refreshing to see Lily’s career take on a storyline and give her some direction.

Marshall and Ted’s addiction to watching Woodworthy Manor complete with spoilers, fancy tea pots and finger sandwiches. Ted as Emsbery complete with a British accent was lovely.

Legendary Lines

Marshall: You nailed all of Lily’s parts, it’s been 3 weeks since I have.

Ted: Barney I wouldn’t live here even if you scrubbed every inch of this place in Purell, amoxicillin and holy water.

Barney: I am way too upset to point out how many women have seen some beautiful woodwork in there.

Robin: Barney I’m getting wet.  //  Barney: And that turns it off.

Marshall: We have a child together (cue sprinklers – PERFECTION)

Robin: Turns out I accept and appreciate even the grossest, creepiest, most sociopathic parts of you.   //   Barney: Sounds like somebody just wrote her vows.


Moments of Awesomeness

Barney’s Patent Pending Inventions

  • Ho Be Gone sleep system by Stinson
  • The Room with a Screw by Stinson
  • The Escape from Bitch Mountain by Stinson
  • The Heavy set go by Stinson

Marshall’s figgy putting Woodworthy Manor game, I miss Marshell’s game

Ridiculous art descriptions by the captain.

Barney’s floating head – Superman / Wizard of Oz style

Oh snap Barney used the Ho-Be-Gone on Robin

Ted putting the moves on Marshall to get him to watch Woodworthy Manor

Ted and Marshall GCWKing it up (except they have a kid)

Mushroom cloud five

Superman references that I’m sure many of you got, but I didn’t

Re Return

Barney and Robin escape watching Woodworthy Manor and high five despite a broken wrist – that’s love

Lingering Questions

So did Barney really bang Ted’s mom?

Did you see the property of Ted Mosby on the map in Barney’s closet?

I don’t know how guys can switch gears from wanting to be in a loving committed to relationship to banging some rando.