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Doppelgangers HIMYM Awesomeness Poster

I get really excite when I actually see the Awesomeness Poster on HIMYM. Past that, I liked the Season 5 finale, more on that soon.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Barney. While has has seemed to take a backseat in recent episodes there was no shortage of humor from him tonight. Doppelganger,
  • Loved that there were no shortage of jokes at the expense of Blonde Ted… check out my favorites below. Which leads me to…
  • Blonde Ted. Love the way they played Ted into getting it done. Sure he looked ridiculous at first but like Marshall, Barney & Lily…I started to like it too. Maybe he was in fact, pulling this off.
  • Don… well, the fact that he is gone. The fact that he took the job confirmed his jerkness for me.
  • The Ted/Robin fake out… at one point you might have almost seen a nasty tweet from bawesomeinstead. I though they were going to go down that road AGAIN! I mean, come on, why keep teasing that when you’ve told us she is obviously not the mother…k I digress, because there were just having a bit of fun with us. Those crafty devils.
  • The Awesomeness Poster. Not just that, finally a view of Barney’s office this season! If you haven’t noticed I’ve got a thing for Barney’s office posters. I’ve made conformity, perfection, awesomeness, a suit-up poster… And I’ve got some more in the works. It’s an obsession I know. Sorry for the plug, it’s what pays for the site.
  • Monty and Moo-Moo’s commentary on drug use. Fun Fact…highest rated episode of Monty & Moo-Moo ever.
  • I wonder if that was Ranjit’s cab. Where is Ranjit anyhow…or Carl, or Wendy? Come on.

blondeted_HIMYM Legendary Lines

Barney: Hey, I’m planning a white wedding. Tell me Billy Idol, is it a nice day for that?

Barney: Stay out of this, Brigette Nielsen and Dolph Lundgren from Rocky IV

Marshall: Why is Ellen DeGeneres in our bedroom?

Marshall: Chicks don’t wanna bang cab drivers?
Barney: Chicks DO NOT wanna bang cab drivers!

Robin: This just in… is what Marshall Eriksen is about to say to his wife as he attempts to impregnate her.

Ted: Let’s just say there were a few senior citizens who pretended to drown on my watch…and sadly one who did.

Don: Before I met you I had given up on everything. Relationships, career…pants.

Picture 3

The Wrap-Up

So I’m not wild that Robin story line seemed familiar. Then again, maybe it’s just foreshadowing that eventually, things will change. While I’m happy to see Don go, I hated it that Robin put here self out there and committed to Don and then it just ended up biting her in the ass. And OMG, I’m so glad they didn’t take the other rode that was worn out and send us down yet another Ted & Robin road  but instead chose to screw with us. Nice.

I love Lily & Marshall. Not so wild about the possibility of a baby, but I’m sure there are some funny stories associated with that. I mean the scenes we already got were excellent.  For the record, “put a baby in my belly” seems like a horrible thing to say. Who’s with me?

While we are no closer to the mother, not even in a toying way this episode, I feel that Ted’s reminder of how everyone has changed is important.  Sure some people just want the secrets, but ask yourself this…do you really care about these characters? I do, so the season finale for me was excellent. Sure it’s not the same people as in Season 1 or 2, but everything changes and I’m sticking around to see what develops.

Don’t run off, I’ve got lots of great summer plans until we get a new episode.  So have you ever seen you doppelganger? Vote in our poll. But what I really want to know is what did YOU think of the HIMYM season 5 finale?