A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.
                                                    ~Barney Stinson

    I’m not really a monkey fan but I did like Zoo or False. It was definitely a stand alone story and from checking out the post episode reaction on twitter, I feel that there is a real split decision over good or bad. <side note..don’t forget to follow me on twitter!> I vote funny though, maybe it’s only because of the break between episodes, but whatever it was it worked…


   The burning question is simple, did Marshall get mugged by a monkey? Did he get mugged at all? Maybe he just didn’t want to pay for pizza, despite have the coupon with his cartoon image on it? Also, the Many injuries he has managed to accidentally inflict on Lily in the past was insane. I had a hard time holding it in when he punched her in the face.

    Lily’s contemplation of buying a gun was could have only added to the violence problems in their house. Though actually, I was surprised how opposed to guns Marshall was despite how much fun he had shooting in Season 2 when Robin took him. A part of me hates that Robin is seen as a gun nut, though with such a tiny chick toting what looks to be a .50 cal Desert Eagle…let’s just say it may be a greatly exaggerated situation.

   The larger question in my mind, is overlooked. Barney’s story lies and Ted’s opening and closing quotes (denoted in Legendary Lines with *), lead me to wonder if there is a hidden message here. Maybe about the mother, maybe about details… maybe nothing. But essentially, we devoted a whole episode to something that we may never know the truth about. Obviously this isn’t a first time (think Pineapple Incident for one), but should we be concerned in relation to the overall story? Ask yourself this, Is Ted just making up details or even worse an ending for his kids? I mean a revelation like that could easily play into the annoying lack of substantial mother information given by the show. I don’t think so but I think it’s worth stopping to ask.

   You will find the usual below, music, lines, moments…but, enough talk from me…what did you think?



Legendary Lines

*Old Ted: Kids you may be wondering how many of these stories I tell you are true. It’s a fair question. After all there is a fine line between a good story and a bald face lie.

*Ted: Enough with the lies, you can’t just tack on a new ending because you’re not satisfied with how a story wraps up.
Barney: Oh really? Well mark my words Mosby, someday you’ll be telling this story and you’ll see it my way.

Barney: ..Other space related double entendres

Marshall: You wanna get a gun?
Lily: Not a scary one, just a cute little pink Beretta that matches these adorable strappy sandals I just bought…by the way, our new credit card works.

Barney: Are you sure it wasn’t one monkey standing on another monkeys shoulders wearing a men’s trench coat?
Ted: It would be about the right height…


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Ted’s tribute to Sleepless in Seattle…How long have you been out here…just 10 seconds… yea, JUST the last scene.
  • Marshall’s love for pizza including the cartoon of Marshall on the Pizza company’s coupon, eating pizza in the shower, and the call back to Dual Citizenship (TANTRUM!!!)
  • Barney seriously convinced a girls he was Neil Armstrong… plus the moment when she walks up later and calls him Neil…nice ironic moment.
    Why are you calling him Neil? His name’s not Neil!

  • The monkey…however cute and annoying it maybe, had a great moment when when he had the banana on a string.
  • The 3 Way belt…tell your friends. Lily’s high five was a nice touch too.
  • True Story makes any quote more credible. (originally used on Barney’s awesomeness poster)
  • I loved the King Kong ending…and maybe I’m just getting slow but how did we not see that gag coming? The set-up was like 25 minutes long…

no re-return this week (I know, odd right? right?) but I will mention something fun. I’m always checking out twitter before new episodes to see what the buzz is and this week I ran across @TalkingTV who just happened to live tweet the whole episode. I (@bawesomeinstead) had a great time seeing what he had to say and to some extent doing the same. Next ep make sure you are following us both during ht ep for a play-by=play sort of feel. I would love to hear what you have to say as it’s happening. And don’t worry, I try really hard to follow back so I can hear your tweets too!