So Ted, When are you going to get married?
                                          ~Everyone (including fans)
…(especially fans)


As one of my friends on twitter said:

For those that hate Ted-centric eps of #HIMYM, you do realize he’s *supposed* to be the central character, right?

Because of my new job as a volunteer fear fighter, I’m switching the order this week but consider this… if anything in your life involves pancakes, a dragon and you, are you at that moment, drunk or a kid?


Legendary Lines

Old Ted: Kids, there was no guitar.

Clint: Ted, Your mother is a very, very erotic woman.
Ted: Please Don’t

Home Inspector: Well, you got some leaks. The good news is that the small pond in your basement is drowning some of the larger, slower rats. The rest of em, well, they’re headed this way.

Lily: We do not want to know what you and the internet do when you’re lonely.

Robin: Wait, I thought you said a cougar can’t be over 50.
Barney: OK, she’s a Mellencamp.

Home Inspector: These hips are not Eriksen baby compliant.

Virginia (Ted’s Mom): I am so baked right now and I’m only 60% sure that you are standing in front of me…

Ted: And my friends didn’t see me for the next 72 hours…
Robin (interrupting the music): …He was our ride.

Marshall: Your heart is both drunk and a kid.



Moments of Awesomeness

  • The inspector (Gary Anthony Williams), this guy was hilarious tonight. I wish I could find a quote his inspection list rundown…including a hobo, that was awesome.
  • Marshall’s games…. Drunk or a kid has to be an instant classic.
  • What’s your favorite internet real estate auction site? Come on, we’ve all got one.
  • Marshall is a great friend.

Wrap Up

    I’ve decided to move at least some of my thought to the end.  I like Ted centric episodes. I feel I may be in the minority sometimes but he is the central character of the story…other than the mother who we haven’t’ met, yet. I know Barney is a huge reason for the popularity show but the show is about Ted. If you don’t like that then…well, get over it.

    So much was good about this episode. Ted’s uncomfortable reactions to what Clint has no problem talking about always get’s a laugh. Ted’s blackout really makes me wonder what turns the song took…and a 12 minute song? Wow.

    The house was a huge focus of this, but the inspection of the house was just amazing. Gary Anthony Williams was amazing as the inspector.  Plus someone needed to point out all the obvious to Ted (and Marshall). The short Barney and Robin bit felt kind of weak but they both played it so well. When NPH delivers lines like that you forget that you don’t care that much about someone crying at Clint’s song.

    The sappy part of the night was actually very good. I think Ted & Marshall’s friendship is a under focused element of the show at times.  Moments like when Marshall shows how well he knows Ted and stands up for him, make up for the absence though. Past the importance of the friendship, has to be Ted realizing that he has been going no where in his life for sometime…though it seems as though he has said similar things before. And despite the fact that he now owns he house that he lives in as he tells the story, we are really no closer to finding out who the mother is.

   So basically, I laughed, but find out a lot more. Though I do have a new game to play now. What did everybody else think?