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If you watched this live then at first glance, you might not know that The Best Man and The Naked Truth were two separate episodes, well except for the HUGE cliffhanger that HIMYM throws in at the end of the Season Premiere… With that said, let’s see what else there is to like.

How I Met Your Mother Music

To be honest, The Naked Truth seemed kind of plain up until the end. Don’t get me wrong…there were some great laughs, emotional times, sweet call backs. But if I had to do a quick summary it would go Martin Short…yatta, yatta, Beercules, yatta yatta, Victoria. Let’s pick those apart for a sec.

Martin Short looks to be hilarious as Marshall’s new boss, Garrison Coots. I was really looking forward to the potential of Dave Foley but I think that Short will nail the roll. his few scenes tonight seemed right in character with everything I’ve ever seen him in. I think this will provide some great times and Marshall continues to wonder away from the path of ‘Corporate Marshall’.

   Beercules. If anything, I’m disappointed that more wasn’t done with this. In the past, if HIMYM mentions something on the net related to the show, it’s on the net. Consider Lorenzo Von Matterhorn… But no google searches, no web site, no youtube videos…I digress, more on this later.

Victoria. I’m sure there is other very pertinent stuff in The Naked Truth, but once Victoria appeared on the screen, minds were blown. I had a good source that she was coming back but I really expected it to happen in “the Best Man” at the wedding. I had almost forgot about it until she popped up at the Architect Ball. Even so, there she is! Ashley Williams, who I’ve always loved… if you don’t count Robin, since she is a show regular she is easily the fan favorite of Ted’s girlfriends. And while I know she is not the future mother that we have hear so much and yet so little about, I love the fact that we get to explore the rest of this story line. Victoria to me was always an unresolved issue. I’m extremely interested in where this part of the story goes, but I don’t expect her to be around long unfortunately.

Legendary Lines

Ted:..and Claire reached for the check.

Nora: How do you still think you have a chance with me?
Barney: Because you sat here all night, you could have left right away, but you didn’t.

Old Ted: …Oh my God, Why and I telling you this. Let’s move on

Marshall:  Sweeping Declaration!

Lily: Well, that could be anybody.

Robin: If only architects had two balls, right Ted?

Barney: …If we’re splitting hairs then technically, there was a plurality to the times I’ve lied to women for sex having purposes.


Favorite Moments

  • The Soul Man… Barnel…did I miss that one in the Playbook?
  • Games. I’m a game guys. Really, I even made my own personal copy of Marshgammon for home. So you can imagine how pumped I was to see Marshall playing Xíng háishì bùxínglike Barney did in Season 2’s Atlantic City.
  • Along those same line, there should totally be a game based on ‘Pro’s & Con’s’ and ‘Color Chart’.  besides that, Ted’s reassurance to his kids thar they really cheered was excellent.
  • Edward 40 Hands…it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Barney’s truthfulness with Nora was refreshing…it’s one reason I like them together. WAIT! Now before you stone me, listen. Someone asked me on     twitter what I thought about Nora, and the truth is that I do like her. However, I feel like I like the role she plays in maturing Barney more than I like her character. But that that for what you will.
  • Beercules. plus…. look at me, I’m a windmill!
  • It’s nice to see Ted, using some of his new found fame for good use.

Intervention TIME

Guys & Gals, ( yes, you HIMYM writers, creators ect.)

You had a great opportunity in not one but 2 episodes to posts some funny stuff. but as I search the incredible series of tubes that is the interweb… I don’t see and my Shmosby’s toasts or the autotune, and I don’t see Beercules… You’ve done so well with these opportunities in the past, so why stop now? I guess what I’m trying to say is, ‘What the hell?’

UPDATE: Interventions work. at least we get teh Ted Mosby Autotune video… classic shmosby:

Lingering Questions

  • Nora came back, or at least it seems? Does this change you wedding thoughts any?
  • Have anything embarrassing of yourself on youtube? Do tell.
  • Victoria. Are you excited? How long will she be around? Will this get Ted back on path to find the mother?
  • Why does in the flash forward to Marshall winning at what appears to be Xíng háishì bùxíng does his shirt say “Marshall & Steph 4eva” (see below)? We know alcohol is involved but anyone have a good theory?
  • What did you think of The Naked Truth?

marshall and stephmarshall and steph2