Let’s start this off simple and un-How I Met Your Mother Specific, What’s your favorite movie from the Star Wars Trilogy? It was always Empire for me but more on that and a review of Trilogy time shortly.

Trilogy Time- HIMYM- Barney

"Trilogy Time" was joke, flash back and "imaginary" flashback heavy and was extremely funny. I’ve never known why that is but if you take something simple from the past that we are all familiar with then it becomes instant comedy material. Even funnier when it didn’t actually happen that way. the impressive thing to me is how close to timeline details things were. I am not just talking about real life time line but story time line. The episode seemed largely filler but I felt that there was a lot there necessary to get to the end of the episode which was a big clue if nothing else to give a good reference to the Mother timeline again.

Star Wars. I’m excited that HIMYM, decided to reference an entire episode to Star Wars. The love of the movies &  trilogy have always been a great running gag on HIMYM and it was delivered well tonight. Not only do we get a title and  references to watching but continual Start Wars homages suddly thrown throughout the episode. One thing to mention specifically, and if you are Star Wars fan the you will get this… Are Ted, Marshalls & Barney really "true" fans if they are watching the atrocities that George Lucas created when changing the original Trilogies? I say yes, and here is why… we get the big pokes at that whole situation in the Episode. Not only to we get Barney’s "And remember, Han shot first" shot at the end but  in one of MArshall’s imaginary flash forwards we get the horried "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" as a shout to the moment in Jedi that we all realized that Lucas has gone off the insane… or that he hates the people fans made him famous. I digress, you are here to talk about HIMYM…not Star Wars… though feel free.

Lily & Robin. While they aren’t there a lot the do show up to fill the necessary holes and make the flashes work. It’s not a bad thing, quite often less is more. I loved some many of the moments that they were in too. Robin was in the flashes even before we knew who Robin was, which while might be notable confusing for some fans we both incredibly funny and true to the fact that Robin was, in many ways, Ted’s dream girl. Sure maybe she wasn’t truly the bass playing, free spirit but the personalities and chemistry were there. Also, to imagine Lily, married, pregnant and living in the apartment with bunk beds was a great touch.

Barney & Quinn.  I get where this is going. We know that the wedding is coming up at the end of the Season and the bride will be revealed. This leaves us with only a few options in my humble opinion*. Either, Barney does decide to marry Quinn and then he & Robin have a heart to hear, begging him to question if Quinn is still the "right tie" ( ref: s07e01 The Best Man) OR perhaps Nora sneaks back in the picture to tell Barney she has changed her mind. I say Nora because of how "un"neatly it ended. Plus it’s been really quite on even the mentions of Nora, which could be more of a diversion tactic than you think. Finally, it’s way too late in the season to toss in another girl after spending so much time in the last few episodes (see The Broath and Karma) developing how Barney and Quinn feel.  I know a lot of will ask why couldn’t Robin be the bride and he is questioning about her vs. Quinn. Honestly, I think that Robin as the bride there is too far out of the question, I mean we have 4 episode left in the season and two of those are the season finale…but I’m wrong often, just as my wife.

*I really find it sad that more people don’t know what imho means

Ted, Marshall & Barney. There was so much possible and actual history mixed into these scenes that it was hard to keep up on one viewing…plus, I was laughing for a great deal of that and between that and the been I had trouble typing it all down. Some details I need to go back and check are as follows:

  • Marshall & Ted’s move in dates to the apartment.
  • Marshall managed a Structure?…I would assume while in law school?
  • Ted telling Marshall that Lily would come back for him (I’m assuming early after the breakup before he decided to make him be a man again)
  • Have we ever seen Ted with a guitar in the appt?
Honestly, if they are off on a few, I don’t care because it was all so funny and established the last moments nicely. It was hard to believe that no one dressed up for a viewing… just for kicks and giggles.

Enough from me, what did you think of tonight?

Trilogy Time _HIMYM

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Flash Forward 2000 from 2003 Flashback. Mustache Marshall and Ted with long hair. Plus the bunk beds… and President Gore. Nice, but did these guys get anything right?
  • Imaginary 2003 Ted remind me of Richmond from the IT crowd (dont’ know what the IT Crowd is, go find out NOW!)
  • Flash forward 2006 from flashback 2003. Sir Moustache Marshall, president Dean…
  • Accuracy point for the HIMYM production team since every version of the Trilogy matches the year… this is unfortunate in more recent years though and so I’m beginning to doubt their TRUE devotion to Star Wars
  • Storm Trooper Robin!
  • Marshall uses the force? That’s what I thought. True Story.

Legendary Lines:

Robin: Aside from not being able to far in the apartment, how’s living with Quinn

Barney: Great

Marshall: Agreedo

Barney: I’m KFC baby. You don’t mess with the colonel’s recipe

Barney: … And they never saw her again

Ted: Something is seriously wrong with me.

Robin: Hey Ted, things are going great and now I’m married to the douchey guy in the trucker hat! And I got back boobs!

What was like New Jersey (Mosbied or the Duck works too)

  • The Star Wars Trilogy on blue ray… I still refuse to watch it with the new changes Luca made. It may be a quality decision but it’s a sticking point for this fan.
  • I know most of the world loves fart jokes and thinks that they are funny. I am still not in that majority. True Story

The ReReturn

Barney finally get to have sex with storm trooper. And Quinn doesn’t think it’s weird. I love Robin but point on the Quinn board. Awesome

Lingering Questions:

  • Barney’s statement "For the first time in my life?" (What about how he felt about Nora… even Robin at times…)? I’m not buying that statement to be completely true but definitely how he feels now…thoughts?
  • 2015 and Ted with his 1 year old baby girl. Did the show give us an official time line? Further more…and it’s a question that needs to be asked, does the show need to end when Ted meets the mother or can it go on for a while after?
  • Barney hid his left hand pretty well at the end but there is a slight moment that makes it look like no ring… Was Barney wearing a ring? Was Ted?
What did you think of How I Met Your Mother tonight?