I love DVD covers. Not sure why but I love seeing what a good graphic artist puts together to brand DVDs. Not that you all care about that…but what you may care about is that How I Met Your Mother Season 6 will be officially released on DVD on September 27, 2011! That’s right just a week and a day after The Season 7 Premier (and International Talk Like a Pirate Day, for those of you that care) you can get your very own copy of Season 6 on DVD.

3 disks, but no word on special features and such yet. Still no blu-ray this year (boo!). Now, I know a lot of fan’s had a love hate relationship with 6, but it’s time to put those feelings aside and pre-order your copy from Amazon.

Here is a pretty decent sized shot of the box, if you want a better look. No big clues on there, just a yellow umbrella dot above the “i" (nice placement) and Cobie Sumlders and Alyson Hannigan looking amazing with some guys walking about Winking smile