Last Words – Season 6 Episode 14


I was really excited about tonight’s HIMYM, and while it definitely had it’s funny moments I know a lot of us started tearing up before the end. I think the moment was inevitable though. How else are you supposed to follow up Bad News? Last Words is the kind of episode that makes you want to pick up the phone and talk to your dad, and that’s not bad at all. I mean all laughs at this point would seem like a waste and completely out of place.

I’m not sure how fan’s will feel here, but twitter seemed pretty equally divided. I both have valid points. One the one had HIMYM is a comedy and people love it for that reason. If you start putting too much sad into that recipe then not only will it start to taste bad but you will probably piss a lot of people off. On the other hand (foot, shoe..whatever), a lot of fans feel that episodes like this and Bad Days only make the show stronger. It’s what HIMYM has missed at times and it far better than the string of incoherent one off episodes we say in Season 5. However you choose to think of it, I’d have trouble arguing with either point.


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50 Things That Make You Laugh

Some of the big talk about Bad News was the countdown from 50 to 1 that happened through out the episode. In case you missed some here is the complete list courtesy of this post called 50 things to make you laugh and one to make you cry… great title btw, Thought personally it’s more like 46 & 4, or something like that.  Enjoy: (more…)

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Bad News – Season 6 Episode 13

I’m not ready for this. ~Marshall

HIMYM creators are on the record as saying “I hope no one will throw the word ‘sitcommy’ at us after Season 6.” Bad News was a huge step towards that.  There was a lot of good tonight and definitely a lot to talk about. When you start watching the episode you will notice some numbers placed at random places throughout the show. It become an intriguing game through out the show to see where they will pop up and you begin to wonder, What are we counting down to? …now I assume that if you are here you have seen the episode, but if not then take my advice and don’t go past the here till you do…HIMYM-Bad News


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Sneak Peak of Bad News (s06e13)

Nice. I’m quite interested… Will it be the fifth doppelganger or Barney in disguise?

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False Positive – Season 6 Episode 12


   Hi. I’m Aaron. I love details. I say that because I found myself picking this one apart with clues and inconsistencies. Sorry, but I hope you enjoy. Secondly, I really need a diamond suit.  With that said, it was the last How I Met Your Mother episode of 2010.  I’ll give you all a moment to grieve in your own way…

    And we’re back. Tonight was funny. It’s nice when an episode plays into the big picture and was strong enough to stand alone. Plus, many of you will be happy there was no Zoey tonight. I leave that statement alone btw. I do feel there were a lot of good details tonight that we could all over analyze but I’ll leave those for the discussion. Past that, not a lot to say. I’ll move onto my favorites and what I noticed and then it’s all up to you.

What do you think about False Positive?



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The Mermaid Theory – Season 6 Episode 11


   So first off, I love Frank Lloyd Write, but I also wanted to be an architect. Much like Marshall however, I compromised on some things and now. Not an architect…I digress.

    What did you think of tonight? A lot was funny, a lot was true and it seems we did get quite a few future questions that need answers. We do see that Lily will eventually get pregnant, though it’s way off in the future. All we know for sure is that there is another “The Goat” sort of episode coming where Ted wears a green dress to the bar after she gets pregnant.


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Blitzgiving – Season 6 Episode 10

Recap to come soon.

And I’ll already say that I loved the LOST references tonight.

Anyone try calling 481-516-2342? Blitzgiving rocked.

What did everyone else think?

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Glitter – Season 6 Episode 9

beavers himym

    Sorry to be late with this, my social life sometimes keeps me from being punctual! I’ll keep this short, this was an entertaining episode and may in fact hold some sort of television record for the most double entendres during a 30 minute show…I feel as though 83% of you will agree.

   Space Teens was funny, and it’s nice to see Alan Thicke back again. I really don’t have a lot of commentary this week, but I do have some lingering questions posted after the jump. Mainly focusing on the best man offer. Spekaing of which, I felt that all the best friend talk really helped sell the ending and was played nicely. 

   So to the point, what did you think?


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Natural History – Season 6 Episode 8


What a great episode of HIMYM. Natural History had the perfect mix of what makes this show awesome. And it’s a very nice recovery from last week’s Canning Randy. And from what twitter was saying last night HIMYM fans agreed (if you haven’t then start following @bawesomeinstead now!). Btw, if you would like a more in depth recap check our @MeredithJJacobs run down of tonight.

Three main story lines, Barney & Robin’s “Do Not Touch” challenge, Marshall & Lilly’s Corporate/College argument and Ted, Zoey & the Captain in a web of lies and deciept… actually I don’t think anyone is sure what’s going on there. Some people scream Mother, I doubt she is the mom but I know Jennifer Morrison is around in at least the on  screen nemesis for a bit, I’m just trusting that HIMYM is going somewhere with it. Still the look in her eyes during the dance and her move to erase the tape after Ted showed some dignity hints at something slightly more serious.

The big revelation of the night had to be the reveal of Barney’s father. I realize that I should always use the word “potential” with How I Met Your Mother reveals, but he seems pretty certain of it in the final scene with Robin. I really do feel like we are ramping up for a more mature version of a Barney/ Robin relationship, possibly even a wedding.  Still there seems to be a lot of emotional depth to what’s been happening with Barney this season, and it’s a lot more than just Awesomeness and cool posters. (more…)

Canning Randy – Season 6 Episode 7

himym-canning randy 4

    Sorry for my hiatus people. I’m back. Hope you enjoyed the guest post, I know I did…well that and my vacation.

    I’ve found Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother very entertaining. Good story arch, hilarious moments, and some questions seem like they are going somewhere. I can’t really say that much about this episode. And I really hate the feeling that we are drifting back into a string of seemingly unrelated one off episodes, like in Season 5. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great laughs to be had. Lot’s of commercials (including the Warmpess Beer Ad they didn’t show tonight)… and it was nice to have call backs like the alarm from Lucky Penny, the return of Will Forte as Randy and a little more of the Zoey story. But at the end of the day, we still went no where. I just felt kind of disappointing.


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Baby Talk – Season 6 Episode 6

Sorry I’m running late. It’s been a tough week and I’m an uncle again. Hooray!

With that said, I’ll definitely get a recap up unless I’ve got a fan review somewhere… <crickets chirp>…  However, Go ahead and start without me.

What did you think of Baby Talk?


Legendary Lines:

Ted: Not what is sounds like folks…

Robin: In other news, Later today, a Manhattan architect gets punched in the throat.

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Architect of Destruction – Season 6 Episode 5

I’ve had vacation followed by some very busy days. Luckily, has some amazing fans who love How I Met Your Mother as much as we do!  Tonight I’ve got bai fan and twitter follower Weilong to recap and start the discussion of Architect of Destruction. Check him out on twitter as @darkspark343. Now lets get to it:

Hey guys, Weilong here with this week’s episode review! Let’s start things off by saying that I absolutely loved Jennifer Morrison in House, and was so glad to see that she was in this episode. This episode, for me at least, was a flashback to the early episodes of seasons 1 and 2. I laughed at literally every joke in this episode, and the storyline felt very natural. At the beginning of the episode, we see Ted and Barney discussing the building. Barney’s "Legen….." followed by the "…dary! Legendary!" a couple scenes later was hilarious, but not overdone. In this episode, we see two alternate storylines unfolding, the Ted, Barney, and Zooey (Jennifer Morrison) storyline, and the Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Max storyline. Let’s first talk about the Ted storyline.

Ted’s storyline centered around him trying to impress a girl by pretending to be something he was not. Zooey (Jennifer Morrison) was trying to save the Arcadian, which GNB was trying to tear down and turn into their new headquarters, and since she was hot, Ted agreed to help her. However, due to Barney (and come on, what’s not because of Barney), Zooey figures out that Ted is the architect for the new GNB building. After he spends a night trying to fix his standing in her eyes by designing a new building that kept some of the old architecture of the Arcadian, he finds out she’s married, and completely scraps the new idea, because, let’s face it, it was about the girl. And what man can say that they haven’t done anything because of a girl?

Marshall’s storyline was about women talking about sex behind their men’s backs. I’ll admit, everytime I heard the phrase "small penis," even I cringed a little. Marshall, knowing about Max’s smaller than average member, tries to boost him up during their dinner, but comes off a little creepy. He also finds out that Lily and Robin discuss Marshall and what he does in the bedroom often. Marshall then freaks out during the middle of sex, imagining Lily and Robin discussing it afterwards. I do feel that this storyline is not that resolved, with Marshall and Lily making up by Lily having an obviously fake conversation with Robin that Marshall made up beforehand.

All in all, it was a great episode that I’ll be watching many more times before the week is up. Anyways, what did you think?

Legendary Lines:

"Working together is gonna be Legen… wait for it…" – Barney
"Dary." "Legendary!" (Ted reading the memo and Barney completing the "wait for it")
"These satin sheets are slippery, and Papa needs traction." – Marshall explaining the need for the slipper socks
"Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch… don’t let it touch your skin." – Wendy the Waitress talking about their newest scotch
"Boobs?" – Barney when first hearing about a girl
"Small penis. You have a small penis. Oh, that’s super interesting, but you have a small penis." – Marshall’s thoughts when on a double date with Robin and Max
"Oh, I’ve had that a couple times, just lean into it and let it fuel things." – Lily talking about imagining her and Robin together
"This isn’t about the girl, it’s about the building. … Yeah, it was about the girl." – Ted
And countless more!

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Wendy the Waitress. Now Carl needs to come back to McLaren’s also and we’d be set.
  • Wizard Ted. I cannot believe we haven’t seen this side of him until now!
    Marijuana legalization supporters. It seems they show up to just about every rally.
  • Snakes. That seems like something that GNB would actually do.

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