Guys, I’m going environ-mental… –Marshall

garbage Island Wendy

I love the fact that it’s not even the end of the Season and we are getting a lot to talk about… a lot the most shows would put off till the coveted Season Finale. Let’s get on with it.

Wendy the Waitress. First off I love Charlene Amoia, so I was pretty happy to see a lot of Wendy tonight. And she still looks amazing 10 years in the future! And the scenes she had were both funny and important. You see there are actually still people who believe she could be the mother…despite hard work trying to explain otherwise (ref. More on the Mother from HIMYM). I still love those people but the closing of Garbage Island while missing the big Mother question, does give us some insight into the future. Was it what we asked for? No. Was it cool to know? Absolutely, plus we get an answer to…

Zoey. Jennifer Morrison is very cool, no lie. But I’m very happy that HIMYM put to rest the idea she could be the mother. Although I felt they had said that long ago, some people don’t notice it all… and I love you guys, really. It’s your attention to detail that impresses me the most. I digress. The interesting thing here is it ends badly.  And why shouldn’t it? Zoey tells Ted that the Captain left her when in fact it was the other way around.  And Ted dismisses that so easily it seems… I mean are they even divorced yet? Way to be a douche still Ted.

Barney. He really should work at a fire with a skill like is sexless meter. That’s a seriously impressive skill, but I’m sure it’s acquired. We do get the feeling that he & Nora will be an item, and I know that adds them to the possible wedding list. It does go to show that Barney is changing, now will he change so much that fans lose interest because he is a completely different character or can the writers keep him Barney enough to carry on? On a other note, let’s look at Robin in relation to this. We see she is pushing Barney but I really wonder if it;s as simple as that? I kept hoping to read some lingering emotional connection between Barney & Robin, like she was pushing Nora so she could get over Barney, but I didn’t really see it. It just remains a hope for me.

Marshall. I love the fact that Arthur goes easy on him because of his Dad but still fires Meker. Though is does appear Meker and Wendy’s mutual hatred of Marshall brought them together. Is this in fact the death of Corporate Marshall? Will we see him quit, interview? On the interview topic, if he tries to go back to the NRDC won’t that be like his 3rd interview? And he turned them down twice before? That should be interesting. Also, Lily was hilarious tonight, frantically trying to get noticed.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • When Barney doesn’t listen, would you consider that more of a light horn or a Charley Brown Parent’s moment?
  • Wendy.
  • Barney offering Robin an end to her dry spell by “throwing her one”
  • That did not end well. I loved that moment and wanted to shot a certain 4 letter phrase that ended with “I told you so” from the mountains.
  • The Captain’s angry, creepy stare, as he first see’s Ted from the shadows. I would still love to make that game Marshall made during Mermaid Theory.
  • Hologram Phones. Can’t wait for it.
  • Limit the search to guys with moustaches. Great Moustache for Ted. Also, did the door man look familiar?

garbage island moustache

Legendary Lines

Wendy: Actually, I said how is your meat?
Ted: Oh…A little cold.
Wendy: Gee, I wonder why.

Ted: That guy scares the panties off me.

Barney: With great penis comes great responsibility.

The Captain: We had great big boners for each other! Then, enter the scoundrel…

Barney: She had a nice face, her booty was in place, but Barney don’t chase.

The Captain: Rapscallion may be going a little too far, Ted

Lingering Questions

  • How much longer till we see the “not ending well” of Ted & Zoey.
  • When will we see the end of Corporate Marshall?
  • I head someone on twitter say this was the end of Wendy… I hope not.
  • Barney? Zoey? Will the beginning of them mean an end for an eventual Robin & Barney reunion?

Barney & Nora? Robin? Ted’s the bad guy. Corporate Marshall? Was the the mother heading into the bathroom right after Lily did that thing? Joking on that one…but discuss away!

What did you think about Garbage Island?

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