Because if you were going to be just some lame suburban dad, WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE BEEN THAT FOR ME? ~Barney


   What a great episode. Lithgow and NPH really worked well together. I hope Neil Patrick Harris get’s an Oscar nod this year. He definitely deserved it for this ep alone. I hate to start at the end but that last scene really was powerful, and you definitely don’t know where it’s going for now. More after I make sure my pet possum isn’t trying to tear me a new one…

How I Met Your Mother Music

    Barney & his dad. The entire ep really led up well to the last confrontation between Barney & Jerome. And I loved the fact there are still some funny moment even in that. I want to believe that Jerome is serious about wanting the relationship now but I feel like like its a small jump at least to have no contact and then say, well I want this now. Still the power of the acting and story overall led me past that question fairly quick. Is that all we every see of Jerome and family? Does Barney just need time? Is this the beginning of what Barney need to go back to Nora or is that chapter over as well? But come one Barney…picking on a kid? Though, “Good time to get into print media” was a great slam. On another thought, would you read a non-fiction or fiction book on asparagus? Veggie Tales doesn’t count.

    Episode endings. I  must say, HIMYM is getting pretty stinking good at the whole keep laughing while I sucker punch you in the gut ending. Don’t get me wrong it works well. I love it…but I could use at least one laugh it all up before we get to the season finale.

    Marshall. I’m happy to see that we are getting past the death of Marshall’s dad. What’s more is that he now uses the experience really well. I mean the moment he hits Barney with that statement is powerful. And having the groups talk through why they are taking it easy on Marshall was a great B plot. You’ve gotta love Marshall’s test.

   Well enough from me, I’m really interested in what you all think tonight, so on with my favorite moments and lines.


Legendary Lines

Barney: Don’t ask, you’re not ready.

Marshall: The Phantom Menace is by far the best Star Wars movie
Barney: …it ages well

Marshall: Lily, Keys…I am literally 11 inches from you!

Robin: Then, congratulate me because I’m the new defense against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Expelliarmus!

Barney: He’s the mother of all fathers

Barney: Now we all know that you make excuses.

Ted: Scherbatsky, you wanna tussle?

Barney: This is going to be the second most fun I’ve had on an Asian leg…

Barney: A kid needs a hoop…

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Barney & Tools. When Barney’s dad handed him the screwdriver and he used it like a hammer I literally spit milk. Totally unexpected at that moment and very awesome.
  • Marshall played the dead dad card at the perfect moment. “No Barney, I’m the one that is never going to see my dad again”
  • Rex the Possum Oh my, how cool was the possum…well until it tries to eat you as you sleep.
  • I too agree that an outdoor stripper pole really isn’t a bad idea.
  • Cham-e-le-on… nice Ted. I love how the gang ribs on each other.
  • Ted’s house. Looking good, I’ve been wondering what’s happening with it since Home Wreckers.
  • I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to know what the Rotating Vietnamese Shame Wheel is either.
  • Intervention. This never gets old. I’m making an intervention banner tomorrow.


Lingering Questions

  • We are seeing a ton of changes in Barney, love wise, father wise, you can see some big things coming in his life…what’s next?
  • I hope not because John Lithgow was great tonight but, will this be the last we see of Barney’s dad?
  • Who doesn’t love a good theory? As pointed out in the comments… should we read anything into Jerome’s mention of his daughter in college? There is a wedding we still need to see and Ted’s future wife is (was) in college… Stretch?