More to see here after I remind you that I have dirt on all of you…remember that with the sandwiches?

How I Met Your Mother Music

  • Stones by Barbarossa – closing piano song as Barney imagines what he should be saying through the window. Stones - Sea Like Blood


Barney. Sure there was a lot happening with Robin & Scooby (nice job @RobbieAmell) but tonight overall revolves around Barney. Since before he & Robin initially were a couple we have been seeing small changes to Mr. Stinson. Something to imply there is more to him than suits, sex & laser tag. Really makes you wonder how long it will drag out before we see the Barney that Barney is trying to hide. Some fans never want to see that guy, but we can tell that the story is drifting that way. I also love how Barney can confide & trusts Lily so much. I mean she is one he wants there if he get’s bad medical news. IT’s even cooler how she can see through his crap…and while I hate the line, “Where’s the poop” fits really well.

A lot of this feel like HIMYM writers are leaving a lot of room for who’s wedding it could be we saw in Big Days. I mean I really feel like I’ve heard marriage mentioned more in this Season than the other 5 combined. And why when someone brings out the love or marriage card early is it not considered “a Mosby”? I digress. All I’m getting at with the wedding things, is that we keep getting more and more “possibilities” for who Ted could be best man for.

Very interesting tonight was the way Barney’s heart monitory tracked so much of his activity. The skipped beat with Nora, the panicked hart rate with marriage talk, the cardiac arrest when Lily punched him. That’s just damn fine writing in my book. And the end of the episode, wow. That really had me fooled for a moment. I was excited that Barney let his feeling out instead of fighting it and then BAM! there he is at the door and I feel like a fool for believing it would happen. Bravo for making me believe it then pulling my chair out from under me so I fall flat on my ass, sitting there question what just happened. Luckily the Re-Return moment came along with Marshall’s calzone and I was back to a chuckle.

Let’s talk about Robin for a moment before I close out. Scooby, while funny, is definitely not Scherbatsky material and it’s clear she is just trying to break her dry spell…or could it be that she is having trouble handling Barney’s change in feelings? Maybe I’m blind because I like them together…I’m at least openly admitting it right?

Well, onto my moment and such. I did enjoy HIMYM tonight, hope you did too. While it’s out of the ordinary for HIMYM to get these frequent emotional moments, I’m enjoying the ride.

So what did/do you think of A Change of Heart?


Legendary Lines

Barney: I’m not with Nora. Wrong Preposition…

Lily: Wow, she really nursed you back to health
Barney: No I didn’t even see her boobs.

Nora: I’ve been trying not to stare at your chest all night!
Barney: What’s that like?

Barney: I only have one rule…

Doctor (to Barney): With a healthy diet you can live a long and healthy life, if nobody stabs you.
Lily: The day’s not over…

Moments of Awesomeness

  • I said Bang, bang, bangity bang…love this song from Season 5’s ‘Of Course’ remember when JLo visits HIMYM?
  • I love how Barney has dirt on everyone. Really reminds me of Game Night from Season 1 & the Re-Return story with Victoria… plus “Okay, Ted.. the Thermos.”
  • Loved Mustache getting the second heart checkup….I really thought it was his doppelganger for a moment.
  • Nora taking care of Barney… again with the callbacks, like when Robin took care of Barney when he was sick in Season 2, it was like a passing of the torch…even though I still hope Robin & Barney eventually end up as a together.
  • Sandwiches. IT boggles my mind the things Ted censors and what he doesn’t. Still it’s pretty funny that sandwiches make you hungry. =)


The Re-Return

Back to 2006, Marshall drops his calzone, picks it up and then we see Barney. Nice.

Lingering Questions

  • Is this the end for Barney & Nora or are we waiting for the beginning?
  • We can obviously see Barney is changing, but will the outcome of the Barney & Nora Story be simple or is it simply getting Barney ready for someone past Nora?