Kids, some couples always support each other. And some couples always challenge each other. But is one really better than the other? Yes. ~Ted

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Mother’s Music

Sorry I’m late tonight. Had a work meeting that kept me a little longer than I had hoped. I hate meetings.  I don’t have a lot to say here, I was going to say we got to witness the end of corporate Marshall, but the closing makes me think he could still have another Corporate job in the future. So I feel like all in all we got some good laughs but overall just sat there and spun our wheels all night.

Barney was brilliant. I loved every scene with him in it. And we got some really solid Robin & Barney interaction as well, which give me hope, although, if you notice the rereturn moment tonight you will notice that despite hiding their hands a lot, Barney & Robin are the only two NOT wearing wedding bands on their left hands in 10 years in the future? Intentional? Ted is so it makes you wonder.

Whether it was wise to go back to a holding pattern for the episode after Legendaddy, I’ll let you decide. But for me, I trust where Bays, Thomas and the writing staff are going, plus they’ve given us some great eps this season. I do however wish we could finish the Zoey relationship since we know it’s coming anyways. Again let me say that I love Jennifer Morrison but, I might have been fine if they would have even skipped over it and simply said “Kid’s, trust me, that ended badly.”

With that said, What did you think of the Exploding Meatball Sub?



Legendary Lines

Ted: Growing Matches… 

Barney: Wile E. Coyote wasn’t trying to sleep with the Road Runner.
Robin: Or maybe he was.

Lily: Marshall and I have been together 15 years and the only debate we’ve had about Tommy Boy is whether it’s Awesome or Super Awesome. That’s love bitch!

Ted: I’ve been thinking about that woman’s mouth comment, and I have three good comebacks.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Loved Tommy Boy…I’ll never watch it either way they described though. And the answer is it’s super awesome.
  • Did anyone else notice that the “guy version” of Jenkins…who shouldn’t exist, showed in most of the office scenes?
  • Scooby!
  • Barney’s finally back in his old office. I liked this one better. And his office rage, including that Robin is standing at the door, is AWESOME. No wonder he has an awesomeness poster in there.
  • Barney’s lab getup for the Exploding Meatball sub seemed reminded me a lot of Dr. Horrible. I wish he would have used the laugh there.
  • Robin’s harrowing tale was pretty clearly going to be a lie…but it was awesome.

The Re-Return

10 years later, Barney racks up 30K in uninsured medical bills to pull off the Meatball sub payback on Marshall…then he begins to plot for Ted

…plus, take notice who is and isn’t wearing wedding bands.


Lingering Questions

  • Was there any message in the with the wedding rings during the ReReturn or am I reading too much into it?
  • Do you consider this the death of corporate Marshall or is more still coming?
  • Without looking ahead (being spoilery), who do you think we will see the return of first, Barney’s dad or Nora?
  • What did I miss?