Neil Patrick Harris Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

Congrats to NPH who got a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Today… is it just me or is this an unintentional photobomb by Jason Segel? I love Segel in the back of this but it would have been hilarious to have Nathan Fillan photobomb the moment, intentional or otherwise.

And look at that you beautiful bastard, You Suited Up!

Congrats Neil!


The Perfect Week: Season 5 Episode 14

Mustach_Pete_Drexel   Despite not being a big fan of almost completely sex centric episodes, I thought The Perfect Week was quite funny. The addition of CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz as himself was genius. I even spit what I was drinking when he got up and was kicking his chair. The entire episode was drenched in tons of funny metaphors and some great call backs, including one to one of the greatest Baseball films ever, Major League. The rest of the stories intertwine quite nicely, Lily & Marshall’s (plus) shared toothbrush, Ted’s student, & Robin’s waiting on a call from someone she didn’t really like. They all play well at each other during a really bad week.

    I’ll run down my regular music moments and quotes below but I’m pretty sick so I’ll just hope the discussion gets the rest. Just don’t jinx it.

What did everyone think of the episode?



Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit Lyrics

Here are the lyrics for “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit” with Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders & Alyson Hanniga. Also you can buy the song on iTunes Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders & Alyson Hannigan - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (from "How I Met Your Mother") - Single - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (from "How I Met Your Mother") or download the video for free ,at least for now, on iTunes as well (link: How I Met Your Mother - How I Met Your Mother, Season 5 - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (from "How I Met Your Mother")). Finally, if you haven’t yet then let us knwo wht you thought of the episode in the Girls Vs Suits Discussion.

And now the full lyrics to “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit”. Enjoy: (more…)

Episode 100: Girls Vs Suits – Season 5 Episode 12


   It nice to have some hype around an episode and the Legendary 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother definitely had a lot of hype. Girls versus…wait for it…suits was an extremely funny episode. I wasn’t one of the lucky one’s who got to watch it early and in a way it’s nice to be surprised along with everyone else. If you visit here I’m sure you know it, but don’t venture further unless you want some spoilers…



HIMYM musical Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit

I loved the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother! Discussion is coming up soon but for now, I just noticed that the song “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit” with Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders & Alyson Hannigan is on iTunes Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders & Alyson Hannigan - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (from "How I Met Your Mother") - Single - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (from "How I Met Your Mother"). I would figure it would be on Amazon too, but nothing yet. I’ll let you know if that changes or you can always check out the How I Met Your Mother Music page for the most current list of music from the show.

Check back soon for the 100th episode discussion!

Legendary HIMYM Cast Photos for Best of 2008

The cast of How I Met Your Mother is featured in 5 very cool “Best of 2008”  photos by Check out the photos below and vote for your favorite.

Also, on a slightly related note HIMYM is on January 12, 2009. With that in mind I thought I would take the time until then to write up episode review/recaps for the first 7 episodes of Season 4 to catch up. Hope you enjoy and remember to vote below!


Dr. Horrible on DVD Available December 19, 2008.


Now you too can own your very own tangible copy of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog on DVD! Amazon will be releasing it on December 19, 2008. If you haven’t seen it yet take some time and get the iTunes version or watch it on YouTube or the Dr. Horrible site. If you are a fan of Neil Patrick Harris or Joss Whedon then you will not be disappointed.


Not a Father’s Day Website


The writers of How I Met Your Mother have done it with Barney(Neil Patrick Harris) was excellent in the episode “Not a Father’s Day” (it reminded me a lot of Scrubs, when Jordon told Dr. Cox that she was not pregnant and he went running through the streets screaming with excitement). The Who’s Not Your Daddy shirt’s and other merchandise was priceless. And the cheerleader effect was well thought out and so very true… I’m still pretty confused about the actually date we need to celebrate, is it November 10th?

Still… it’s an excellent use of off t.v. show marketing, you gotta love when shows do that. Check out the site,; buy a who’s NOT Your Daddy shirt; or just re-watch the show..quite legendary. To encourage you to visit the site here is my favorite not a father’s day postcard from there:


Meet Barney Stinson? Win a Trip to Visit the How I Met Your Mother Set.


Compliments of Bertolli you could wind a trip to your favorite CBS Monday Night Comedy! The Sweepstakes ends on 11/16/2008 at Midnight (11:59 but why get technical).

You can enter here to win. Good luck… Imagine visiting the set, it would be LEGENDARY!

Old Spice Commercial Featuring Neil Patrick Harris

One of the downsides to watching shows almost exclusively on the internet is that you miss some really funny stuff. For example, I had no idea that How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris was in this incredibly funny Old Spice commercial spoofing an older Doogie Howser.

My favorite line: “I used to be a doctor for pretend”.


Neil Patrick Harris on Stunt Casting

mother2Seems Neil Patrick Harris is not so fond of all the guest star “stunt casting in order to succeed.” The article from the AP declares Neil Patrick Harris: Say no to Britney!…though once you read the story it seems he is a little more concerned about the sting of guest stars than Ms. Spears performance on How I Met Your Mother.

“I worry that if they start `Will and Grace’-ing us too much, that the show will suffer. And we’re all really proud of the content of the show. I mean, viewership is not our game. It’s the network and the studio’s game, you know. It’s the promotion department’s game,”

I also enjoyed his small knock on dancing with the starts (which I don’t watch but oddly enough started taking dance lessons this year…your welcome to my wife.)

“We wish we weren’t opposite an awkward reality dancing competition,” he said. “But we have no say about that. I just am a real fan of our content. I think we have a great show going, and I hope it’s not screwed up by the desire for 700,000 more viewers.”

And by the way, I didn’t think Britney was bad in “ten sessions“, I just felt that Sara Chalke was amazing (as always, yea Scrubs!) Read, enjoy, be awesome.