Mustach_Pete_Drexel   Despite not being a big fan of almost completely sex centric episodes, I thought The Perfect Week was quite funny. The addition of CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz as himself was genius. I even spit what I was drinking when he got up and was kicking his chair. The entire episode was drenched in tons of funny metaphors and some great call backs, including one to one of the greatest Baseball films ever, Major League. The rest of the stories intertwine quite nicely, Lily & Marshall’s (plus) shared toothbrush, Ted’s student, & Robin’s waiting on a call from someone she didn’t really like. They all play well at each other during a really bad week.

    I’ll run down my regular music moments and quotes below but I’m pretty sick so I’ll just hope the discussion gets the rest. Just don’t jinx it.

What did everyone think of the episode?




Robin: He couldn’t keep his good eye off of me.

Barney:  I’m just assuming that’s what they say when I’m not around.

Marshall: You know how Lily & I have been looking for couple friends ever since we lost Robin & Barney and Ted & Stella, and Ted & Robin, and Ted & Victoria…geeze Ted, when are you gonna get your live together?
Ted: How did we end up here?

Ted: Marshall, 4 out of 5 dentist just threw up in their mouths.

Robin: My panties would drop so hard there would be a hole below me halfway to China.

Barney: Giddy-what-up

Jim Nantz: Unbelievable. You know. There’s two things you don’t do. One, you don’t open an email from Phil Simms in from of your kids…

Ted: Yea…I’m totally gonna site my kids down one day and tell them about the time Uncle Barney nailed 7 chicks in a row…
(lingering shot of the kids)
Old Ted:  Am I a bad dad?

 HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER perfect week nantz & barney


  • Barney calls his shot.
  • Marshall’s Sasquatch fixation “Sasquatch isn’t fictional”
  • Barney might get fired? While Barney losing his job isn’t really awesome at all, it was very cool how he handles his stress. This bring me to my next moment:
  • Jim Nantz. High fiving, making sports analogies about sex, kicking his chair, calling Barney a ‘playa’…the dude was great tonight.
  • The reference to “performance enhancing drugs”. Espically when Marshall asks for the time, counts on his fingers to 4 then get’s up with the pillow and ask to go to the hospital…YOU CAN TEST ME IF YOU WANT JIM NANTS!!!
  • Wendy. I love it when Wendy (Charlene) is on the show, I wish Carl would show back up but I’m still happy with the Wendy appearance.
  • How many people will start talking about Victoria possibly being the mother again because of the reference? Even though we know she is not.
  • Marshall’s “Seven Up, Seven Down” hats tribute to Barney’s week.
  • Mustache Pete Drexel
  • Ted helps Barney check the scouting report in a Major League tribute.
  • IS it just another coincidence that Nick Swisher (who happens to be dating Ted’s dream girl, JoAnna Garcia) was on tonight?


(FYI: “re-return” is the epilogue scene…a reference to something Ted does in s01e15, Game Night)

Wendy the Waitress (Hooray Windy!!!) has a to go order for Cook Poo…

Ted, believing it’s a joke by his friends makes fun of what a stupid name it is…then Cook Poo says “Here” from the bar and leaves.