It nice to have some hype around an episode and the Legendary 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother definitely had a lot of hype. Girls versus…wait for it…suits was an extremely funny episode. I wasn’t one of the lucky one’s who got to watch it early and in a way it’s nice to be surprised along with everyone else. If you visit here I’m sure you know it, but don’t venture further unless you want some spoilers…


    The amazing thing is how one of my favorite and least favorite things (as well as the focal point of the show) is the pursuit of the mother. I mean it’s a continual teaser and honestly despite all we “know” about the future mom, none of it really matters without a face to put it with. I mean sure we got a lot of clues tonight, the bus, the room mate, the yellow umbrella return, the tastes, she plays bass…she even has ankles evidentially, but does any of that actually bring us closer to the mother? Not only that, but I get sick of every headline I see about the show having something to do with is bla bla the mother, she has been cast for an episode…seriously Carrie Underwood? To me the whole show has gone past just meeting the mother despite the title. I digress.

    So the whole episode revolves around two plots. Ted and Cindy with mother teasers and Barney and Suits…with that hot bartender lady.  The whole Ted story was intriguing. Despite my small rant above it is still nice to feel like we’re moving towards meeting the mother, even if we aren’t any closer than the first episode. Old Ted (Bob Saget) got more voice time in tehi episode than the previous seasons combined it seemed. And his narrations points were excellent. I especially loved, “Your mother’s rendition of Memories preformed by an English muffin is to this day one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I have ever heard”

   As for the Barney story. Just wow. Neil Patrick Harris is amazing. His delivery of the list of women he has landed (a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker…yes we are to the rhyming section now) was quite funny. And you do have to love how much he cares for his suits. The organ donor suit (with appearance from Tim Gunn as Barney’s taylor… continuity?), the suit cremation and the suit angel in the sky really drove the point home.

And to top it all off, the musical number, Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit was awesome! I suppose if you’ve got a cast that can do that (esp. NPH) then why not use it.

So as you can tell, I loved episode 100. definitely my favorite of the season.

What did everyone else think?

Mother Music

  • Cherry Pie by Warrant (Robin tends bar to prove her circumstantial hotness theory)Warrant - Cherry Pie - Cherry Pie
  • Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit by the HIMYM Cast Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders & Alyson Hannigan - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (from "How I Met Your Mother") - Single - Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (from "How I Met Your Mother")


Legendary Lines

Ted: So, do you ever date cute idiots?
Cindy: Almost exclusively.

Barney: For those, I mean for that, I mean for her I would stop wearing, wait for it…
Robin: Come on Barney we know your gonna say suits.
Barney: Suits.

Ted: I promise you I will not fall in love with your room mate
Old Ted: Oops

Barney: Like an organ donor for suits?

Lily: How do you not wanna hit that? I wanna hit that!

Lily: And that ass, I would wear that thing for a hat.

New Super Hot Bartender: I don’t know how to make an um, is that equal parts vodka and get the hell out of my face?

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Barney… water skiiing in a suit, running for help from his taylor, music number… you name it.
  • How quickly Ted got kicked to the curb by Cindy when he was too interested in her room mate.
  • Lily being overly into the bartender
  • More so than Lily, is just how cool Marshall is about loving his wife.
  • Situational Hotness and bartender Robin… “I was somebody back there!”…and not to be critical but where was Carl? or Wendy?
  • Saving a suit’s life… be a suit donor.
  • Ted’s triplet schnauzers, Frank, Lloyd and Wright… I love architecture jokes like that.
  • Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit.

Great 100! Congrats to everyone involved with HIMYM… Here’s to 100 more!What did you like?