Of Course: Season 5 Episode 17


Let’s start with two thoughts.  I’ve never been a huge fan of guest stars…I mean they do help with ratings and they are usually very nice to look at, but few really pull of any great acting. It’s mostly about making an appearance. That being said (and please exclude Sarah Chalke, she is amazing), I felt JLo did one of the better acting jobs I have seen from a guest on How I Met Your Mother. Then again as long as it wasn’t Gigli I think we knew she had acting chops.


Couple Reunion coming in Season 5

Spoiler-ISH Season 5 news… (more…)

Last Cigarette Ever: Season 5 Episode 11 Review


    I may be starting with the end but there is always something alluring and exciting about the little bits of future and glimpses of how much is still involved in the telling of the story of how he met his future wife and “the mother” (do we really wanna debate hopes and theories here…please say no, I’ll do another post for that). And it kind of makes me wonder if when Ted really quits smoking is two weeks into dating the mother, and it’s important for Lily (when she starts trying to get pregnant) and Marshall (day his son was born), then will Barney’s and Robin’s be important or are they just random and insignificant dates? FYI, Robin quits smoking in June of 2013 and Barney quits in March of 2017. Still, it seems like all we get are glimpses…glimpses and not a lot of actual finding the mother. Still, it’s funny so I’m pretty happy.

    It’s nice for Marshall to get more of a story tonight, I’m still hoping for a good Marshall and Lily centered episode. I know we have had mentions of smoking before from Robin and Lily at the end of Season 2, remember the first lie of Marshall and Lily’s marriage? It’s pretty ironic/comical that Marshall was the one trying to hide it now. The nicotine fits from everyone are hilarious, though it is really cool that it brought about the first time everyone watched Robin’s morning show…well at least they watched some of it.

     And I know it’s just a fantasy sequence when Marshall goes back to see his younger self, but it seems like there have been a lot of references to time travel this season. Just so we don’t become LOST…I mean there are some out there theories about the show, but there is a limit right?



The Window: Season 5 Episode 10 Discussion


    I thought this episode was pretty well written and executed. I realize sometimes many reviews get really technical and overanalyze, but at the end of the day my recaps can be boiled down to 1 point. Did it make me laugh. And tonight it did.

    Ted was completely Ted tonight. His pursuit of Maggie was from start to finish caught up in who Ted is at heart. I loved the way he had her neighbor call him as soon as the window opened, and the moment when his class show their love for Architecture by all raising their hands because they really DO want to hear about it for an hour. Especially, when he realizes how cool Maggie’s love story was and decides (again) that’s really what he wants in his life.

   Marshall was phenomenal tonight. I echo a lot of his sentiments. I do still wish I could dunk a basketball. And the call backs are always good. Lily’s nymphomania is always brought up at the funniest moments.  The basketball court scene had to be one of my favorite Marshall and Lily moments of the series. The closing scene (what I call the Re-Return) was so very funny. I got really excited when I first noticed old Marshall in the background. Even then, the whole premise of the Marshall not fulfilling his original expectations and being the corporate sellout all being ok because of his love for his wife was great. I love how she really his his life. Maybe I’m just a softie for that kind of portrayal of marriage, becasue it’s true for a lot of us. I just love good Lily and Marshall subplots.

    Barney in the overalls and Robin’s frustration at not being able to keep Jim’s mind off of Maggie was played very well. Both had funny scenes. I’ll even admit that the writers had me at the end. I thought that Barney was really fixing to open up to Ted about “where he was” and how much he really did miss Robin and having a relationship…then, same old Barney. Very funny all over.

    I’m always curious if anyone else had some favorite lines or moments that I didn’t mention. If so leave them below. I also left a few unanswered (in my mind) questions below the jump…some people don’t like too may spoilers.

    What did everyone else think?



Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap – Season 5 Episode 9 Discussion

I was never really a fan of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but I would love to poll the audience after that one. I’ll get my full review up as soon as possible, but here are a few preliminary thoughts…

  • The slap on Thanksgiving again?
  • Barney didn’t have many good moments this week, only cowering in fear…poor dude. I wouldn’t hang around for that.
  • It’s nice to meet part of Lily’s family, and for Marshall and Lily to get some focus in the story

With this in mind what did everyone else think?

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • “There is a clown demon under the bed” game…coming to a store near you
  • The Re-return commercial
  • the Erickson family dinner and video prayer
  • Ted lying about still being in love with Robin so he can get the slap. It almost had me for a second.
  • Loved the final scenes of  of the episode, they were the best laughs of the night. Still…what mental torture. (more…)

The Playbook – Season 5 Episode 8 Discussion

    Let’s begin by thinking of our fake names, shall we? Got it? I can’t tell mine cause I work for SNASA, I do have a small house on the SMOON though.

the playbook_barney2          

    Tonight’s episode was pretty funny. And while, I think (or maybe I should say hope) that the writer’s haven’t finished with Robin and Barney, it appears they are trying to throw us that way…moving on. There was so many great things about this episode.  Mainly Barney tonight. You see kids, when a man is as funny, original and awesome…oh wait, I’m not old Ted. Either way, his plays and winks were hilarious. There were so many catchphrases that I can’t even count. Reminds me of last week (the rough patch) when he was in the fat suit (that most people hated) and randomly threw out the line “catchphrase” at the end of a sentence. And though I would have loved to seen the entire Lorenzo Von Matterhorn play, I thought the Scuba Diver was awesome. And I’m wondering if the playbook will make it’s self to the published world much like the Bro Code and Bro on the Go



The Rough Patch – Season 5 Episode 7

Daddy’s Home ~ Barney Stinson


This was such a funny episode, or maybe I just enjoyed Barney’s line from above and the re-appearance of it. So many great lines, one offs and call backs. It really reminded me of so many of the really great episodes from Seasons past. I really thought everyone was at their best tonight. Lily was anti-annoying. And oh my Barney and Robin played their slightly changed characters well. Clearly, the fat guy and the old lady have never been who Robin and Barney were(are?) which could make this episode feel way out there and too far off. But I felt like it’s just Ted’s way of embellishing the facts to make a point. (Warning: Spoilers start here)


Bagpipes – Season 5 Episode 6

    Very Funny. I really felt that Bagpipes was a great follow up to Duel Citizenship (if you missed it I really didn’t care for it overall). Despite the fact that I am still for the Robin and Barney relationship, I feel that Ted and Robin still have a lot of chemistry in scenes together. Not necessarily sexual chemistry, just that they play well off of each other. Take the first scene for instance. What a great opening, and it really set the tone for the rest of the episode.  Not just that but I love the Seinfeld effect, where all the story lines end up connecting and overlapping. It’s just good writing. 
    Ted is often a douche, but this episode he was gold. When he and and Barney were holding hands…oh my, that was funny. The whole "bagpipe" substitution was great. I love the way old Ted edits his stories for the kids. Also, was I the only one who thought Marshall was fixing to pull slap number 4 out of the bag after Barney told how he would handle the dish situation and talked about making out with Lily? I was at least happy that the slap bet made an appearance again with Ted and Marshall. I so wanna do a slap bet with someone, but I really hate being slapped.



Duel Citizenship: Season 5 Episode 5

   Sorry that I am so late with the review. Part of that is due to my schedule and life. The rest is that I hate posting negative reviews and I struggled to like this episode. To be honest, this episode was o.k. at best but not great. While the Robin and Barney story line had some strong moments, it felt too, well obvious. I mean we know from the title that will be her solution. And the Canadian/American jokes are normally really funny when the writers work only a few into each episode, but this seemed like too much.
   Anything with Lily lately seems pretty lame too. Again, she is a great actress and Lily has some funny moments, but it seems like they are completely changing the dynamic of Marshall and Lily. She just isn’t the same Lily I grew to love in the first seasons. I do see how the Lily and Marshall relationship is set to contrast the Barney and Robin thing, but I think overall they give married life a bad rap. I mean, I completely agree with Ted’s point and I wouldn’t dare bring my wife on a trip like that. Just wish they would give the married couple a little more coolness I suppose…I digress.


Season 5 Premier Reminder

Just a quick reminder to not miss the How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Season premier tonight!

As per usual, I’ll work hard to get a How I Met your Mother Episode recap up asap. I also try to be the first with any How I Met Your Mother Music that might be played during the show.

There are lots of spoilers floating around the net, I won’t take part in those thought I will share this season 5 sneak peak I found on youtube. Enjoy: