I may be starting with the end but there is always something alluring and exciting about the little bits of future and glimpses of how much is still involved in the telling of the story of how he met his future wife and “the mother” (do we really wanna debate hopes and theories here…please say no, I’ll do another post for that). And it kind of makes me wonder if when Ted really quits smoking is two weeks into dating the mother, and it’s important for Lily (when she starts trying to get pregnant) and Marshall (day his son was born), then will Barney’s and Robin’s be important or are they just random and insignificant dates? FYI, Robin quits smoking in June of 2013 and Barney quits in March of 2017. Still, it seems like all we get are glimpses…glimpses and not a lot of actual finding the mother. Still, it’s funny so I’m pretty happy.

    It’s nice for Marshall to get more of a story tonight, I’m still hoping for a good Marshall and Lily centered episode. I know we have had mentions of smoking before from Robin and Lily at the end of Season 2, remember the first lie of Marshall and Lily’s marriage? It’s pretty ironic/comical that Marshall was the one trying to hide it now. The nicotine fits from everyone are hilarious, though it is really cool that it brought about the first time everyone watched Robin’s morning show…well at least they watched some of it.

     And I know it’s just a fantasy sequence when Marshall goes back to see his younger self, but it seems like there have been a lot of references to time travel this season. Just so we don’t become LOST…I mean there are some out there theories about the show, but there is a limit right?



Mother Music:


Legendary Lines:

Ted: I meant to watch it I just got so busy with the being sound asleep thing. Took all night, 8 hours down the drain.

Barney: I just left something like this in my apartment.

Ted: I think that girl is smiling at me.
Barney: That’s a chair but yea dude, hit that.

Barney: I’m always precoidal Ted.

Barney: What do you think cigarettes are doing right now? Do you think they are thinking about us?

Robin: I don’t wanna’ sleep with Marshall!
Marshall: I have seen the looks.
Lily (at the same time as Marshall): Right.

Don: The second you get used to it they go find someone who isn’t “going through a bitter divorce”  or doesn’t “reek of gin”


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • all the random places Robin smokes…I mean seriously, theses were funny.
  • What it took to get everyone to decide they want to quit smoking. Lily’s voice. Barney’s tie and shriek.
  • I mentioned it above, but there is something very cool and seemingly significant about their quitting dates.
  • The affect Don has on the show crew. So much so that he isn’t the only one in his underwear. Also…Robin and Don will be dating within 3 months (more on that later)
  • Marshall and Artillery Arthur. Not so much Arthur’s fascination with his dog, but the whole relationship. Odd. That and every time they show work or GNB I always hope to get a new view of Barney’s office.
  • Seems like we saw more of the kids this episode than ever before…did the background seem different or was that just the camera angle?
  • Love Marshall’s Auburn shirt. War Eagle.

The Re-Return:

Marshall, goes back to apologize to his younger self (fantasy or time travel…who knows) for being so rough on him. Marshall’s friend runs off. He even gives him a picture of his future wife to let him know things will be ok. Lil Marshall steals it and leaves to be alone in his tent.

Marshall: Have fun for me.