I thought this episode was pretty well written and executed. I realize sometimes many reviews get really technical and overanalyze, but at the end of the day my recaps can be boiled down to 1 point. Did it make me laugh. And tonight it did.

    Ted was completely Ted tonight. His pursuit of Maggie was from start to finish caught up in who Ted is at heart. I loved the way he had her neighbor call him as soon as the window opened, and the moment when his class show their love for Architecture by all raising their hands because they really DO want to hear about it for an hour. Especially, when he realizes how cool Maggie’s love story was and decides (again) that’s really what he wants in his life.

   Marshall was phenomenal tonight. I echo a lot of his sentiments. I do still wish I could dunk a basketball. And the call backs are always good. Lily’s nymphomania is always brought up at the funniest moments.  The basketball court scene had to be one of my favorite Marshall and Lily moments of the series. The closing scene (what I call the Re-Return) was so very funny. I got really excited when I first noticed old Marshall in the background. Even then, the whole premise of the Marshall not fulfilling his original expectations and being the corporate sellout all being ok because of his love for his wife was great. I love how she really his his life. Maybe I’m just a softie for that kind of portrayal of marriage, becasue it’s true for a lot of us. I just love good Lily and Marshall subplots.

    Barney in the overalls and Robin’s frustration at not being able to keep Jim’s mind off of Maggie was played very well. Both had funny scenes. I’ll even admit that the writers had me at the end. I thought that Barney was really fixing to open up to Ted about “where he was” and how much he really did miss Robin and having a relationship…then, same old Barney. Very funny all over.

    I’m always curious if anyone else had some favorite lines or moments that I didn’t mention. If so leave them below. I also left a few unanswered (in my mind) questions below the jump…some people don’t like too may spoilers.

    What did everyone else think?


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Robin’s really bad joke about the movie Se7en was hilarious to me… “What’s in the box!?!”
  • Vanilla Thunder, love that call back from the 1995 Slam Dunk champion (see The Possimpible for more info)
  • M.A.G.G.I.E – make adjustments go get it energized. I so love that Ted ends up talking relationships with his whole architecture class. How Ted.
  • Barney’s overall speech was so good. I suppose they are called overalls, thus you could wear them over all, not sure I could pull off the overall/suit look though.
  • Did I mention that I loved the Re-Return

Mother Music (Check out the growing list of How I Met Your Mother Music):


Questions Raised:

  • If Maggie’s story is the second greatest love story he had ever heard, who is number one? His? Marshall and Lily? Someone Else?… I’m just curious.
  • Was that Wendy in the Re-Return? I miss Wendy.
  • Would you ever be that desperate to take off overalls?
  • Does Ted’s re-re-re-realization that he is ready to start chasing his forever girl mean anything or is is just another moment…

Legendary Lines:

Ted: I hate Barney Stinson.
Random female in NY:  Me too!

Barney: No one could get laid wearing these…ha ha… Challenge Accepted.

Barney: Ted, you have 10 minutes to get down here or the window is closing
Ted: 10 minutes
Barney: Yep, because we’re bro

Marshall: I barley grazed the bottom of the net and now my legs hurt so much I can’t even fall down.

Robin: He’s not telling you hello, he’s just telling you what he feeds his horsees.



The Re-Return:

Marashall writes another letter to his 60 year old self… and ask for a sign if time travel is possible in the future. He gives a date and time to show the sign.

Lilly comes up with some free wings that someone said were too hot.  Marshall adds to his letter, “Old Man Marshall, as long as you are still Married to Lily you’re doing just fine.”

Then we see it was Old Man Marshall from the future is at the bar.