Help Save Happy Endings


Listen up my HIMYM friends! I know that this is a How I Met Your Mother site but I love a lot of other shows as well. And one of the funniest shows on television may be in danger of getting axed. If you have a second please sign the petition below, post on Facebook, Twitter or whatever it takes. Happy Endings is a hilarious show and deserves some more time! See the pasted plea below from my pal Bryan on reddit:

I am in the middle of a serious effort to save a brilliant show from the threat of cancellation looming. Not yet confirmed in any reports, but fans of Happy Endings aren’t seeing a 4th season as a possibility. It’s been struggling since the Tues. night block in the 3rd season primer in fall 2012, and is now looking closer to death.

I’ve spent most of the weekend promoting my petition on to try and stop executives from burying their balls in their asses.

The writing of the petition took me many hours, and I’ve been all over promoting it. 500,000 Facebook fans of the show. 100,000 twitter followers of various cast and crew members. 1 million cast member video views on content. Hotties Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert and Casey Wilson. LadyBoners Damon Wayans, Jr., Adam Pally, and Zachary Knighton. What is not to love?

I have 3 signatures, as of now, with 1 my own. This is saddening, especially considering the possibility of one of the Happy Endings stars to conduct a Reddit AMA in the coming days/weeks. I’ve contacted people who know people, and he’s contacted their people. It’s confusing, I know.

This is a self post, so no karma is gained.

Thanks for listening,

Bryan, petition author and #savehappyendings project lead

Edit: 2/24 2pm EST Now up to 48 supporters, awesome job everyone!

Also, per a suggestion, I created a reblogging site starting with a T.

Edit 2/24 3:30pm EST

This thread has disappeared from /r/television page, don’t know why….

and we’re up to 54 supporters! Whoo!

also, link to strategies page if you wish to help further!

edit 6:15 pm EST After sending the executives the first email with the link, two key executives emails came back as un-deliverable.

Samie Kim Falvey, Senior Vice President of Comedy Development, ABC

Susan Sewell, Vice President, Media Relations, ABC Television Network


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How I Met the Set of HIMYM


     Well Kids…sometimes life gives you opportunities and when you get those all you can do is hang on and enjoy where it takes you… or at least I’d like to imagine me telling the story like Ted, but in my voice it sounds pretty goofy. One disclaimer, I’m not exactly an amazing story teller…you may have noticed this by the way I only comment and do little in the creation department. Do with that information what you will, and in any event here we go. This will be picture rich but please understand I’m trying to share as much as possible with you guys, so enjoy.


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Josh Radnor is on twitter

For those of you keeping score at home it looks like Josh Radnor has joined twitter… officially. His handle (is that what we call twitter names or too much of a 80’s CB radio term? I digress) is @JoshRadnor so tune in and see what he has to say.

Josh was the last hold out of the main cast I know of… I’m curious to see if they all tweet each other.

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Who wants to be a HIMYM Super Fan?

Last year I was lucky enough to be one of the first How I Met You Mother super fans chosen byt WGNA and it was a Legendary experience! I got to fly to New York, hang out with other HIMYM fans and visit real life HIMYM locations including the awesome McGee’s pub.

Good news for you…now is your chance! Just shoot a short video explaining why you are a How I Met Your Mother Superfan and post it for WGNA to check out. Go to the WGNA facebook page for full details and share your experiences here to. I’d love to see what you all can come up with!

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What you really want to know from HIMYM?

It’s poll time again. This one is completely inspired by /r/HIMYM  …if you haven’t been there yet visit soon.

Vote and by the season finale I’ll make an awesome pie graph to honor Marshall.

What are things you really want to know from HIMYM (inspired by a post from /r/himym

View Results

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October 13th Suit Up Day!

It’s October 13th and it’s gonna be Legen….. wait for it….. oh by the way, who’s suiting up today? If you are we want to know about it! Leave your suited up photos in the comments or tweet us @bawesomeinstead

What else can you do for International Suit Up Day? Check out the Suit Up Posters from the store or get you a set or an awesome set of Suitjamas for your “evening activities”

Last year suit up day was so popular here that it crashed the site multiple times!  …. DAIRY!!!!

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Neil Patrick Harris Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

Congrats to NPH who got a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Today… is it just me or is this an unintentional photobomb by Jason Segel? I love Segel in the back of this but it would have been hilarious to have Nathan Fillan photobomb the moment, intentional or otherwise.

And look at that you beautiful bastard, You Suited Up!

Congrats Neil!


What Ted Tells His Kids

Nothing new for the moment, but a wonderful friend of mine sent this. Enjoy… and reflect on how sad and true this is.


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beawesomeinstead hearts WGNA

So because I’m a worthless slacker, I never told you all how my trip to New York courtesy of WGNA went. Furthermore, I won’t say much other than the people at WGNA are amazing! It was extremely cool that even I could feel like a celebrity for even a brief moment. The crew and other HIMYM Super Fans were amazing but I really want to offer the highest of fives to Josh and Martin. These guys were Legendary. True Story. I also enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Heather who runs the HIMYM Wikia, Tally who you better know at LivetoTivo on Youtube, and Ryan (ryan narciso on youtube). Also, Ryan and I made an exchange of sorts…his album The Key in echange for an Awesomeness Poster, excellent trade btw. So with that said…let me share a few of the awesome videos WGNA did, I’ll pump some more later in our Season 1 Summer recaps…also check them out on facebook, twitter & youtube!


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Ultimate HIMYM Fans Part 1

I get to hear cool stories all the time about how much people love How I Met Your Mother and I’ve known some pretty big How I Met Your Mother fans. But not long ago I was introduced to Mindy and Megan (@meganhurt on twitter), who have went to the extreme. While I can’t say I would go to the length they have for the show I have to admit that I’m extremely impressed with their commitment. so without further explanation let me introduce Mindy and Megan who are proud owners of How I Met Your Mother inspired yellow umbrella tattoos. Here we go:

aaron from BAI: How long have you ladies been fans of How I Met Your Mother?
Megan: I started watching How I Met Your Mother during Season 2. The first episode I saw was the brunch episode. I then caught an episode every now and then until I bought season one on DVD because I happened to catch it on sale. I then watched them on DVD until I was caught up to the end of season 3 and I’ve watched every episode since.
Mindy: I started watching it before season 3 started. I caught the pilot episode on lifetime and after I watched the first 2 episodes I had to go out and buy the DVDs.
Megan: Mindy and me have actually been close friends since we were in middle school, but after high school, like most friends, we drifted apart. One day, I noticed on Mindy’s Facebook page that How I Met your Mother was listed as her favorite show so on the day of the season 4 première I called her up and asked her if she wanted to watch it with me. We’ve reconnected and have been watching it together every week since. In fact, Mindy makes fun of me because sometimes I will even call her late at night just because I’ve realized some important key element about the show and need to share it with her.
Mindy: We are both in love with the show. It’s pretty much a minor addiction at this point. Both of us watch it all the time and will incorporate phrase and ideas from the show into our daily lives.
Megan: Yeah, it’s bad. My ringtone is even “Let’s go to the mall.”


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Fans get answers

Good news How I Met Your Mother fans! You gave me questions and we got some answers!

You may remember that started a partnership with WGN America to explain as they put it “the superfan backstory” behind HIMYM episodes. Along with that, WGNA encouraged me to ask fans questions they would ask the show creators and many of you responded (aka. Lingering Questions). What gets better is that many of you also got answers! So take a second and check out the WGNA HIMYM facebook page, which is aply named ‘Your Mother‘ and see the answers from show co-creator Carter Bays. The link is here under the Interviews section.

I was really excited to see so many of the questions come from fans. That’s my way of saying Thank you!

Let me know what you think about the answers!

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HIMYM Song Medley. It’s Legendary!

This is… wait, not enough build up. In a world where talent is so available because social media put it everywhere. Fans can do some amazing things. Take this video of Ryan Narciso (twitter: @ryannarciso). I consider this awesome X awesome. That’s right it’s Awesome squared. True Story. Enjoy.

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