Listen up my HIMYM friends! I know that this is a How I Met Your Mother site but I love a lot of other shows as well. And one of the funniest shows on television may be in danger of getting axed. If you have a second please sign the petition below, post on Facebook, Twitter or whatever it takes. Happy Endings is a hilarious show and deserves some more time! See the pasted plea below from my pal Bryan on reddit:

I am in the middle of a serious effort to save a brilliant show from the threat of cancellation looming. Not yet confirmed in any reports, but fans of Happy Endings aren’t seeing a 4th season as a possibility. It’s been struggling since the Tues. night block in the 3rd season primer in fall 2012, and is now looking closer to death.

I’ve spent most of the weekend promoting my petition on Change.org to try and stop executives from burying their balls in their asses.

The writing of the petition took me many hours, and I’ve been all over promoting it. 500,000 Facebook fans of the show. 100,000 twitter followers of various cast and crew members. 1 million cast member video views on FunnyorDie.com content. Hotties Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert and Casey Wilson. LadyBoners Damon Wayans, Jr., Adam Pally, and Zachary Knighton. What is not to love?


I have 3 signatures, as of now, with 1 my own. This is saddening, especially considering the possibility of one of the Happy Endings stars to conduct a Reddit AMA in the coming days/weeks. I’ve contacted people who know people, and he’s contacted their people. It’s confusing, I know.

This is a self post, so no karma is gained.

Thanks for listening,

Bryan, petition author and #savehappyendings project lead

Edit: 2/24 2pm EST Now up to 48 supporters, awesome job everyone!

Also, per a suggestion, I created a reblogging site starting with a T.

Edit 2/24 3:30pm EST

This thread has disappeared from /r/television page, don’t know why….

and we’re up to 54 supporters! Whoo!

also, link to strategies page if you wish to help further!

edit 6:15 pm EST After sending the executives the first email with the link, two key executives emails came back as un-deliverable.

Samie Kim Falvey, Senior Vice President of Comedy Development, ABC

Susan Sewell, Vice President, Media Relations, ABC Television Network