Last Forever s09e23 & s09e24

last forever

I’m just going to leave this here for tonight. I’ll be back to post once I clear the water from my eyes (where did that come from? who knows…but I’m expecting it) and observe a period of time to respect and take it all in.

Love to hear your thoughts as soon as it’s over (or even during).

At any rate, thanks for an extremely fun ride.



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No Questions Asked – Season 9, Episode 07

Farhampton Inn ghost Captain Daneby Dearduff, Dearduff the Hooker is haunting Lily’s room that Marshall booked.
Marshall sends everyone from the gang to delete a text on Lily’s phone. Ted climbs a drain pipe, Barney climbs in through the air ducts, and Robin comes in on the room service cart. Ted saves the day using No Questions Asked.
Barney and Robin learn how to work as a team as opposed to as lone wolves.
Marshall finally tells Lily that he accepted the judgeship

Legendary Lines

Ted: Hey, I as a man in need
Marshall: I know you were a priority mail

Barney: Alright I’ll take a lap dance, can I borrow a pair of sweatpants

Lily: I’m not paying for room service the hooker ordered
Barney: I’ve been there

Marshall: I never asked you who those weirdoes were, why they kept calling you Night Falcon, or what was in those darts that they were blowing at us
Robin: You vision came back didn’t it, wuss

Barney and Robin: Lure prey into a tight corner and snap it’s limbs with our powerful jaws and watch the life drain from it’s eyes….awww

Hamish the night clerk: So you’re saying you didn’t order room service and you didn’t order Prison Sluts 9
Lily: I didn’t order room service


Moments of Awesomeness

-Another Farhampton Inn worker: Hamish the night clerk

-Guns and doves

-Ted’s singing a version of Marvin’s night night song to Lily

-Barney whispering as the Hooker

-Barney deucing his pants

-Barney swallowed all the Lucky Charms objects on a dare

-Barney thinking that Bruce Willis is the bad guy in Die Hard

-Courtney Dove and Kurt Coobain

-The montage showing that Marshall loves Lily too much to ask for something “No questions asked”



The real story of Ted getting locked in the mail box. Writing a creepy stalker letter to a random girl…sounds about right.


Lingering Questions

  • Is anyone else LOVING the décor in the rooms of the Farhampton Inn?
  • Night Falcon?
  • More purple: PURPLE Unitard!
  • Who do you owe a No Questions Asked favor?

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Knight Vision – Season 9 Episode 06

Sorry but we’ve all been at our days jobs doing boring things. Haven’t even got to watch the epidoe yet but don’t worry about spoiling on our account, What did you think about Knight Vision

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The Broken Code – Season 9 Episode 4

The Broken Code


It’s good to be back in the saddle so to speak…though, there is no horse…to hell with it, I don’t feel like thinking of another metaphor there so I digress. Huge thanks to Jenn for filling in when I’m unreliable. So let’s get to some talking shall we?

How are we feeling about the new-ish format? Meaning the whole xx-hours before the wedding? I feel like it keeps the last season a bit more contained, which is both good a bad. Tonight I was expecting a little more from it and maybe that is just me expecting predictable. Predictable would have been to make the mother Robin’s new friend, which I still think will happen before the end. And I think most fans (including…nay…especially me, want to see more of her already). The format tonight almost felt stifling and like filler. I mean sure we needed to get the tension between Ted & Barney out there but what else just had to happen? Maybe someting will come back up, you know how details work and all right?

Let’s talk about Barney & Ted for a moment. Two things were obvious tonight: 1. The conversation and preceding charades between Barney & Ted needed to happen. & 2. They are REALLY trying to sell more copies of the Bro Code.  The whole thing was funny, but do you think that is the last of it or is there more to come? Loved the players at Barney’s bachelor poker game, always nice to see old friends show back up, but where was James and who else would you like to have seen there? And one can only hope that Ralph Macchio will eventually show up and save Ted from Billy Zabka.

So what did you think of the Broken Code?

Legendary Lines

Lilly: It hurts a little but I’m not going to cry about it.

Barney: Holding hands is like the 4th Grade equivalent of banging…or in your case the 12th grade equivalent.

Lily: Be yourself, say something nice.
Robin: Which one? I can’t do both!

Billy Zabka: I’m comin’ for you Mosby


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marsh-pillow. Ah the age of technology is great eh.
  • Love Robins Bachelorette party…and Patrice
  • Delayed Marshall is amazing.
  • Ranjit, Billy Zapka & Tim Gunn
  • Bro Code in your next hotel? and Airlines…and Germany
  • Robin’s fantasy and cereal and beer.


Weekend and Barney’s but with Robot Marshall


Lingering Questions

  • When will we see the mother again?
  • When will we get some more flash forwards? I liked the last “glimpse” we saw…hoping to get a few more before the end.
  • Will Ted still manage to interfere at the Wedding? How does he eventually hurt his hand? Is it Barney, Billy Zabka or someone else?

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Season 9 Premier Date

CBS has officially announced the premier date for the 9th and final season of How I Met Your Mother as September 23rd 2013. In additional news (and as many of you have surmised or heard by now), Cristin Milioti will be added as a series regular for the 9th and final season!

Mark your calendars but remember I can only commit to one Premier party so send your best offer early 😉

source: tvline

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