Something New – Season 8 Episode 24

himym- the-mother-cristin-milioti

Let’s start off by jumping past the obvious if that’s even possible. I loved Robin & Barney tonight. They were so good together though I truly believe that NPH can pull off a more maniacal laugh…I mean Dr. Horrible. come on. Seriously, they looked in marital harmony tonight and that was good after last week’s breakdown in the park. Which leads us to Ted…

I know, I know… what the hell Ted, right? First off, did finishing the house seem to come out of somewhere? I digress, but when Ted says (this may be a paraphrase), “The locket is in the pencil box. This is awesome. It’s going to blow her mind!”  I can directly see this leading to the bandage on Ted’s hand we saw in Farhampton. How will it happen? Will it have nothing to do with that? Also, will Ted go to Chicago? We already assume he doesn’t sell the house since he is tilling the story in it, but is it ever really that simple? We have to wait till next season, when we will also find out…

If Marshall will remain a judge for now or Lily will go to Rome… or both. I do like the ring of the Honorable Marshal Erikson. My gut says there will be an episode devoted to this next year and I would almost bet they find a way to do both…but HIMYM approaches some tough choices that aren’t always happy so if it’s one I would, say hello to the Honorable Marshal Erikson.

On to the event seemed to break twitter, or maybe the tweets were moving so fast that I couldn’t read them all. The actress is Cristin Milioti… we’ll be taking guess on her show name 😉 Shhort and to the point, that was such a cool moment. Shoes. Bass. Umbrella. “Ticket to Farhampton Please” and face. Great pick for the mother, I love it that she is not a name…and seems like the prefect mix of Lily & Robin. I’m saying this with only one line, many clues and several glimpses of her feet so that may be worth nothing.

My mind is still a buzz so I want to know what you think! Talk away!



  • Simple Song by The Shins amazon– lots of action at the end and seeing the Mother buying a ticket.

Legendary Lines

Barney: You’re unappetizing to look at

Ted: It was pretty manly until I mentioned Ryan Gosling in the Notebook…

Robin: Hey Lily, help me put this locket in my butt…


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Teddy West-chester is not a cool as Teddy Westside
  • Casey Wilson (Krirsten) from the recently departed “Happy Endings”
  • Love it that Robin used the way she & Ted broke up at an attack strategy.
  • Legen…married… still waiting for it.
  • Where’s the poop. Goog callback by Lily
  • Ranjit
  • the moment we see (and I quote from the credits) “The Girls with the Yellow Umbrella”… I checked it’s not a sequel to “The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo”

Lingering Questions

  • Are those boots the same shoe size as Lily?
  • Any guesses on a name for the girl with the yellow umbrella? My money is on a T name but I’ve been told there is another theory about a C name.
  • Judge Marshall or Rome bound?
  • What do you expect from next season?
  • What did you think tonight?

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Something Old – Season 8 Episode 23

somethign old himym

I haven’t gotten to watch yet but comment away! I’m anxious to watch!


  • How to Fight Loneliness by Wilco (amazon) – Ted & Robin argue about signes from the universe in the rain, closing 

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The Time Travelers – Season 8 Episode 20




  • Dance Song (Derriere?)   (Marshall and Sparkles dance off)
  • For the Longest Time by Billy Joel amazon (future and Present Ted’s sing together)
  • Piano piece when Ted imagines meeting the Mother early is Swihart. I tell you this because I know you will ask. 😉

Sorry I’ve been away friends, too much life to discuss sometimes though. Still it’s nice to sit down, grab a beer and enjoy a laugh (and a cry) with Ted and friends. Since that moment I’ve rewatched this episod twice to really get a handle on what happened. The beging is a little out there with future Ted and Barney’s and seriously, how cool would that be to have your future self for advice? By the end of the episode you find out Ted was sitting there all alone and the whole thing had happened 5 years ago… which is a little confusing too. My guess is the dance off for drink title happened five years ago and this is NOT 5 years in the future which would really be screwing with the timeline which may be important since we are 45 Ted days away. Then you have Ted having an imaginary conversation with someone he doesn’t know existed. Overall a lot of symbology and then a laugh till they gut punch you moment.

I love the fact that the writers are slowly crossing theories and loose ends of the bucket list.  I was ecstatic when the theory about Barney’s sister being the mother got debunked (ref. The Carly Theory debunk  s08e14 “Ring Up”). I also know there are those of you that might have even considered coat check girl from Season 1 since he never saw her again … but it looks like he did (5 years ago) and never followed through.  I hope they keep it up, we might even se where that pineapple came from.

Finally, I’ve seen a lot of chatter about thinking the Mother is dead in the future …especially because of Ted’s gut misty eyed 45 day speech his imagines giving to the future Mrs. Mosby at the end. Is it possible? Sure and I can read into how some might read a lot into the details. I don’t buy it though. You should also keep in mind that this is coming from someone who still is pretty fond of the Tracy Theory. Things like that seem to make sense to me…and keep in mind what the writers have done so far this season (mentioned above)… with that said, the dead mother theory still seems like a stretch at this point. I’ve been wrong before though so what are your thoughts?

Legendary Lines

Barney: It’s gonna be Legen… wait 20 years for it…
20 year later Barney: Dairy.

Ted: Do I hurl?

Ted: No one is saying you need alcohol to have an exciting and memorable night… but in this case.

Marshall: Lily, I know I have the sexual karasima of a bad boy but I don’t have the manners of one.

Future Coat Check Girl: You’ve been dating for a long time Ted…has it ever gone any other way?

Robin: I’m Sparkles bitch!

Imaginary Barney: Look around Ted, you’re all alone.

“If He Could” Ted: In exactly 45 days, I will meet you. But I’m here now, I guess because, I want this extra 45 days.. With you.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Minnesota Title Wave…by Marshall. wait I mean the Robin Scherbatsky
  • I loved 20 year from now Ted screwing with present day Ted about not being married yet.
  • coat check girl! Damn I love call backs.
  • Sparkles vs Big Fudge. And I love that Robin is finally embracing the Sparkles history.
  • 45 Days.
  • Sad ending…but seriously good stuff.



Future & Present sing “For the Longest Time” in 6 part harmony.


Lingering Questions

  • I honestly wish I had a 20 hours from now me to get advice from. You?
  • Since Carl own’s the bar wouldn’t his last name be MacLaren?
  • I know 45 days isn’t literal…but does it mean we will see some magic before the end of Season 8?
  • What did you guys think?


Help Save Happy Endings


Listen up my HIMYM friends! I know that this is a How I Met Your Mother site but I love a lot of other shows as well. And one of the funniest shows on television may be in danger of getting axed. If you have a second please sign the petition below, post on Facebook, Twitter or whatever it takes. Happy Endings is a hilarious show and deserves some more time! See the pasted plea below from my pal Bryan on reddit:

I am in the middle of a serious effort to save a brilliant show from the threat of cancellation looming. Not yet confirmed in any reports, but fans of Happy Endings aren’t seeing a 4th season as a possibility. It’s been struggling since the Tues. night block in the 3rd season primer in fall 2012, and is now looking closer to death.

I’ve spent most of the weekend promoting my petition on to try and stop executives from burying their balls in their asses.

The writing of the petition took me many hours, and I’ve been all over promoting it. 500,000 Facebook fans of the show. 100,000 twitter followers of various cast and crew members. 1 million cast member video views on content. Hotties Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert and Casey Wilson. LadyBoners Damon Wayans, Jr., Adam Pally, and Zachary Knighton. What is not to love?

I have 3 signatures, as of now, with 1 my own. This is saddening, especially considering the possibility of one of the Happy Endings stars to conduct a Reddit AMA in the coming days/weeks. I’ve contacted people who know people, and he’s contacted their people. It’s confusing, I know.

This is a self post, so no karma is gained.

Thanks for listening,

Bryan, petition author and #savehappyendings project lead

Edit: 2/24 2pm EST Now up to 48 supporters, awesome job everyone!

Also, per a suggestion, I created a reblogging site starting with a T.

Edit 2/24 3:30pm EST

This thread has disappeared from /r/television page, don’t know why….

and we’re up to 54 supporters! Whoo!

also, link to strategies page if you wish to help further!

edit 6:15 pm EST After sending the executives the first email with the link, two key executives emails came back as un-deliverable.

Samie Kim Falvey, Senior Vice President of Comedy Development, ABC

Susan Sewell, Vice President, Media Relations, ABC Television Network


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Bad Crazy – Season 8 Episode 16


So welcome to the episode where Ted reminds his kids that he was a man whore in New Your before he met their mother… Not sure I have a lot to say here tonight. Ted starts by telling us this is the Jeanette is the last girl that he dates before their mother. So you might think this might be a pretty significant episode. In actuality, it’s really not. Overall a pretty nothing episode. Funny for sure, but nothing. Seriously, lots of good laughs, call backs and moments but  that’s about it.

There is the insinuation that Jeanette possibly blows up the apartment. So that’s fun.  Boba Fett, the boots, the Departed reference, Jeanette is wearing purple at the end… Let’s actually talk purple a second. I know a lot of you are into the color theories in HIMYM. They may or may not have credence, we know for a fact that yellow does, so why would we assume it’s the only color with significance  I’m sure someone else can fill us in more but I know that in Desperation Day that one of Robin’s co-workers says that purple is for pride and Robin & friends all wear purple to protest. I digress, though I would love to hear some other thoughts.

My final thought for the moment is where the hell was the Vicky Mendoza diagonal? Seriously the hot/crazy scale was a prime call back for this episode.



Legendary Lines

future Senator Mike Tyson (about Marvin): I could just eat you up

Barney: Why’s the Earth round? Why does the sun rise? What do I do for a living? Some things are meant to never be answered.

Barney (or Marshall… can’t recall):Wait a minute.. is she a CAAAAAWP?!

future Senator Mike Tyson (via Robin flashback): Here’s the thing about crazy. When a guy sends mixed signals to a girl, it takes a toll on her psychological well-being. You wanna know why a girl acts crazy? Look at the guy she’s dating. Then you’ll really see some crazy.

Ted: It’s those red boots, they just look sexy on everyone.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • the amazing things Barney & Marshall bought
  • the future binky confession…man, Robin & Lily really age well.
  • Love the Boba Fett costume
  • Mike freaking Tyson… loving it.
  • What does Barney do for a living? Inquiring minds will always want to know…
  • Still loved the Red Cowboy boots… Jeanette. Pulling. Them. Off. True Story.

New Jersey

  •  lack of hot/crazy mention
  • funny but going nowhere… I’m scared this is what we have to expect in the next season and a half, but anxious to be proven wrong.


The Re-Return

Robin hold Marvin till the wee hours of the morning…until a smell becomes noticeable.


Lingering Question

  •  Any significance to colors other than purple?
  • Why would you keep the Storm Trooper and get rid of the Fett suit?
  • How long will Jeanette Last?
  • What did you think?






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