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The writers of How I Met Your Mother have done it with Barney(Neil Patrick Harris) was excellent in the episode “Not a Father’s Day” (it reminded me a lot of Scrubs, when Jordon told Dr. Cox that she was not pregnant and he went running through the streets screaming with excitement). The Who’s Not Your Daddy shirt’s and other merchandise was priceless. And the cheerleader effect was well thought out and so very true… I’m still pretty confused about the actually date we need to celebrate, is it November 10th?

Still… it’s an excellent use of off t.v. show marketing, you gotta love when shows do that. Check out the site,; buy a who’s NOT Your Daddy shirt; or just re-watch the show..quite legendary. To encourage you to visit the site here is my favorite not a father’s day postcard from there:


Sarah Chalke on Relationships in Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother

Sarah-Chalke_bw With the Season 4 premier of How I Met Your Mother tonight the interweb is all a buzz with news from the cast and various other places. All in all, there is a lot to digest even before the show airs. One interview I thought was quite interesting and something you shouldn’t miss came from the Boston Herald.

Sarah Chalke had some interesting things to say about her on air relationships as Stella on  HIMYM and as Dr. Elliot Reed on Scrubs. First off on HIMYM, there has been a lot of speculation that she could be “the Mother”…you know my reason for disagreeing because of the name Tracy theory and the article on what we do know about the mother. Luckily for me (hooray), Sarah seemed to agree saying:

“I don’t think I am, I have no idea, but I think that show is going to go on and on, and I think there are many stories left to be told.”

On the Scrubs frontier, there is the always present Elliot and J.D. story…For seven years We’ve been watching J.D. “pine after Blonde Doctor, and I gotta tell you, everyone is sick of it — Will they? Won’t they? Looks like they’re going to! Oooh, the last second, something might– oooh oooh oooh! Come on! Enough already!” (the Janitor is so right!)
When Sarah was asked, if she is rooting for J.D. and Elliot to reunite? She says:

“I’m a romantic,” she said. “I think they should end up together.”

Well, I will have to stick with the Janitor on this one…even if I am in the minority. Though, she also says she would like to stick around on Scrubs even if Zach Braff leaves at the end of this season as reported, so I’m not sure how that would work out.

Thoughts on either relationship? Share them below…

Top 25 Television One Liners Insults

old_televisionBack in February of 2008, Radio Times came up with a list of their 25 favorite tv show one liners.  I know I miss things but this one bears repeating. Also notice that Scrub’s Dr. Cox (John McGinley) made the list at #20. I think he has had better insults but they usually fit in the “rant” column. Enjoy.

1. Basil Fawlty, John Cleese, Fawlty Towers

Sybil: “Don’t shout at me, I’ve had a difficult morning.”

Basil: “Oh dear, what happened? Did you get entangled in the eiderdown again? Not enough cream in your éclair? Hmm? Or did you have to talk to all your friends for so long that you didn’t have time to perm your ears?”

2. Mrs Merton, Caroline Aherne, The Mrs Merton Show


the Music that makes the show

I seem to have very…well let’s call them “particular” taste in Television Shows. I always have..don’t know why, then again maybe I’m just unique…like everyone else.

Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother… I am aware that is not a sentence but work with me here. Scrubs has been one of my favorite shows since Season 1. And it’s not just because of the style of the show of the fact that often I think of myself as Dr. Cox…well except that I didn’t do that whole Medical School thing. It’s the music, the soundtrack of the show. Some of my current favorite songs/artist I have found because of Scrubs or HIMYM.

I have posted countless comments on sites and forums asking about songs I didn’t know from a show. Well. At least for these two shows this isn’t really necessary anymore…why? Because someone else is doing it for you. How nice of them eh?

For Scrubs my choice is here. MOPNT does a great job of breaking up the songs and describing the moment that they happened in the show.

For How I Met Your Mother my choice is have you met ted? (HYMT). His music page can be found here. Now while it is not quite as comprehensive or up to date (hint, hint) as MOPNT, HYMT is a great resource for finding the name of that song you just can’t seem to get out of your head after watching the show.

Cheers and Thanks to “My Own Personal ‘Net Thing” and “have you met ted?” for helping me fill up my iPod on a weekly basis.

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What the Awesomeness Poster Says

I watch very little television to be honest. In fact, I was about three shows, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother and thanks to my wife, LOST. So last night, while watching How I Met Your Mother, I noticed the Awesomeness poster mentioned from Season 1. And I am pretty sure I figured out what it says…despite the poor quality of what I was looking at. Here are some screen shots and we will see if you agree.

Awesomeness 1

Now… Once I started making out words I had to laugh because it was what I figured it would be. From this picture I made out, “When I get sad, I stop being sad..” and then it gets too fuzzy. But I am fairly certain it ends with “and be awesome instead.”Awesomeness 2

Now, I know what you are saying..”Who really cares?”…Well I do so I’ll keep on. Now If you look at the second shot it looks like there is a little more. So I am pretty sure it says “True Story” and under it maybe has “Barney Stinson”. If you think differently let me know.

I’ll do my best to find the picture and Photoshop up a poster. I was also very interested in all the extra publicity the show is planning this year. See this press release for more information.

Be Awesome.

*UPDATE* – For those of you visiting here, you might want to check out a more recent post with all you will ever want to know about Barney’s Awesomeness Poster. Not only does it tell you “everything about it, but also here to buy one or what you need to easily make on of your own