The End of the Aisle – Season 9, Episode 21


Tonight is our last regular episode not before the penultimate series finale. Like most episodes this season I am both thrilled, but not fully satisfied. Maybe it’s because of the finality of everything. After 9 years I want everything to be extraordinary, but I’m hopeful next week’s finale will properly quench this insatiable thirst thats’s been gnawing at us all these years.

Barney and Robin are both in panic mode just minutes perform their wedding. Robin can’t shake the thought of not having her locket and Barney can’t find the right words to express in his vows.

Robin tells Ted about her upset over Barney not magically finding her locket and how she thought she’d be with someone would come thought for her against all odds. Ted has the locket and gives it to Barney to deliver to Robin in to save the day. However Robin sees through Barney’s lie about finding the locket and knows the locket was really found by Ted. Ted came through for Robin once again and Robin’s realization that “Ted always goes big” for her leads to one of that real conversations they’ve had in a long while. Robin expressed her doubts on not picking Ted. It was both uncomfortable and necessary. I was really happy to see this scene play out and then end with a great speech from Ted about love. However Robin isn’t sold and runs off, and in the process literally runs into the Mother. Mother doesn’t talk to talk Robin out of running away, but instead suggests that Robin take 3 deep breaths before making such a big stressful decision.

Marshall and Lily get into a debate with Barney wedding vows. Barney calls Marshall and Lily out on not keeping their vows and gives specific examples through some never before seen flashbacks. Barney gets Marshall and Lily to doubt their vows and how their relationship has changed. This leads to them “borrowing” the altar and exchanging some very sweet updated vows including a Weird Al reference. Barney witnesses Lily and Marshall’s vows which inspires him to find Robin before the ceremony and he promises to always tell Robin he’s always going to honest with her. He also confessed that Ted got the locket.

Just like that Robin and Barney are back on course, but then Barney has another minor freakout about his tie, but Marshall SLAPS some sense into him right before Robin walks down the aisle to an instrumental version of Sandcastles in the Sand.

Bad Omen count: raining on their wedding day, Barney seeing Robin before he wedding TWICE.

Legendary Lines

  • Marshall: What’s you writing? / Barney: ummm it’s my wedding day what do you think I’m writing? / Marshall: suicide note?
  • Lily: how do we make him vomit? / Marshall: remind him that he’s getting married
  • Ted: Ease to the pease, happy wedding.
  • Marshall: Lily, that photo got all over Friendster and MySpace. Man 2007 was a long time ago.
  • Robin: Everything’s legendary. You know what legendary means, not real. I mean the man’s initials are B.S.
  • Barney: Awww you feed her like Sloth from Goonies, so the magic’s still there.
  • Ted: The truth is I don’t love you like that anymore. You don’t love me. You love Barney. And if you think I’d be any part of screwing that up, then maybe you don’t know me at all, Robin.
  • Ted: But love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical, but we have to keep on doing it or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.
  • Barney: you know what you should use the next time you run out of toilet paper, your weddings vows, cause that’s all your marriage has been.none six year wipe after that double flusher of a wedding. Stinson out!
  • Mother: ok during that fall we did kind of get to second base with each other and we’ll always share that, but I don’t really know you so…
  • Robin: Awww I love the ring bear. / Barney: the you are gonna love the flower gorilla.
  • Narrator Ted: Love’s the best thing we do.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marshall’s Nessie tshirts he wears on the flight to his honeymoon
  • Bearded Wonder Woman incident of 2007
  • Marshall making Lily’s breakfast I’m bed these days
  • Ted’s love speech
  • The thought Marshall point and yelling “Maybe it’s Maybellline” at dog erections
  • Spew Years Eve 1998
  • Mother was a BIT of detective too
  • Robin walking down then aisle to an instrumental arrangements of “Sandcastles in the Sand”
  • Marshall awesomely using his final slap and ending their slap bet
  • The ring bear!
  • All the familiar faces at the wedding
  • Saget, I mean Narrator Ted’s closing speech.

New Jersey
Not getting to see the flower gorilla
The super imposed/green screen guests at the wedding

Lingering Question

Is anyone else worried about Robin having a nip slip in that dress?

I really wish we got a chance to see Narrator Ted delivery some of his epic lines and words of wisdom over the years. The gang delivers so much emotions as the voice overs play, but I wonder what the Ted telling the story’s face looks like as he does.

Does everyone else already feel the need to hate Friends with Better Lives because its “replacing” HIMYM?

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Gary Blauman – Season 9, Episode 20


Sorry for the delayed post kids. I spent St. Patrick’s Day in NYC..and woke up in a dumpster all thanks to a guy in a green suit. Kidding…maybe.

Wednesday 8pm – 3 days after the wedding

On their first date Ted tells Mother the story of Gary Blauman. While telling the story mother sees her very recent ex-boyfriend with whom she just broke up with and she decided she isn’t ready to date. Ted continues the story as he walks Mother back to his apartment and delivers such a sweet lilted “this is where I leave you.” But thankfully the Mother comes to her senses since Ted was not longer the guy to make a speech and scare her off.

Back to the day of the wedding. Gary Blauman shows up and throw Robin in a seating chart code red frenzy. Each of the gang members chimes in on if they love or hate Blauman. Ted hates him for cockblocking him (or so he thinks), Lily loves him for intervening while she was in a tattoo parlor and prepared to get a bunch of butterflies and Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray’s face tattooed on her while reeling from her breakup with Marshall. We learn that Barney hates Blauman because he hate his accidental curly fry and THAT cannot be forgiven. Billy Zabka loves Blauman because Blauman loves his poetry. James Stinson hates Blauman because he had an affair with Blauman that ended his marriage. In the end Marshall rules Blauman can stay because the bride wants him there, but not before we are privy to the MOTHER of all “where are they nows” in the form of who Ted still keeps track of.

Perfect blend of stories in this episode. The two plot lines worked so well together and I know I’ve given Ted crap for a while, but all of his scenes with Mother make me fall back in love with him.

Legendary lines

  • Barney: No more books Ted, I don’t like the person you become when you read books.
  • Ted: There’s a bottom below Sugar Ray?
  • Lily: Marshall, Blauman saved you from a lifetime of looking at Sugar Ray every time we do it on your birthday.
  • Ted: Bad like there was a big fight? / Mother: Bad like there was a big ring.
  • Barney: But he was not “good, thanks.” He was not “good, thanks” at all.
  • Ted: Wait Blauman’s gay? Then that means that night the real battle was between Blauman and the girl. And the prize was this guy!
  • Billy: That’s not even my move. If I was going to do anything, I’d sweep the leg and put you in a body bag, everybody knows that.
  • Narrator Ted: and that’s how it goes kids, the friends, neighbors, drinking buddies, and partners in crime you loved so much when you’re young, as the years go by you just lose touch.
  • Narrator Ted: You will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That’s why when you find someone you want to keep around you do something about it.
  • Mother: What are you doing? / Ted: Remembering this.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Taran Killam, but especially the face he makes while saying “I’ll be the guy in the 8th row going like this”
  • Table 27 reunion picture at Tuckahoe Funland
  • The telepathic argument between Ted and Blauman (they have turned telepathic conversations into an artform on HIMYM)
  • The no look high five between Lily and Marshal in regards to knowing nothing about break ups
  • The chemistry between Ted and Mother is magic
  • NPH’s over the top rage recounting why he hate Blauman
  • The single pan shot of what everyone that Ted has kept tabs on is up to
  • Surprise cameos from 9 seasons of friends of the gang
  • Mother going in for the kiss


  • Ted’s breakup butterfly tattoo
  • Blah Blah and her name is Carol!

Lingering Question

  1. Is it safe to assume Robin and Barney DO get married? If they didn’t I’m pretty sure that would have come up on Ted and Mother’s date.
  2. I’m really curious how quickly Ted decides not to go to Chicago and where he ends up living since he already moved out of his apartment. Thoughts?
  3. Was I the only one who thought for a second that Ted was going to say Mother’s name tonight?
  4. Who were we missing from the “where are they now” – I was hoping for Victoria and obviously the pineapple.
  5. Would you consider a Scottish-Mexican restaurant to be the weirdest place on earth?
  6. Am I the only one who HATED the little booties Mother wore on her first date with Ted?
  7. Taran Killam you had some great new hair plugs, glad your SNL bucks are paying for them. Amiright?

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Finale Theories

Last night I had a great facebook chat (or chatbook as a former student of mine used to call it) with a fellow HIMYM addict, Lindsay, and I really like her theory:

  • Lindsay: Got any theories for the finale?
  • Me: Tons!
  • M: Mother dies and Ted marries Robin years later
  • M: Robin dies
  • L: I think the mother being dead is a red herring
  • L: I believe Robin will die
  • L: They return to Farhampton together so much because they get together there to remember her (she’s buried near)
  • M: Good theory
  • L: I think she’ll die in childbirth complications (it’ll be a surprise). It’ll be a daughter.
  • M: Oooohh
  • L: And one of the scenes we’ll see is Barney (not wearing a suit) putting flowers on her grave with the baby, the same kind she had at the wedding
  • L: Barney doesn’t wear suits at funerals.
  • M: Yeah we see NPH without a suit for the finale
  • L: Someone’s dying. This much I believe.
  • M: Are you a witch haha – I love your theory
  • L: I think it could possibly be Lily, but I think Robin makes more sense.
  • M: We see too much future Lily so Robin makes sense
  • L: there will be a close up of the blue french horn hanging in Ted and the mother’s home together. That’ll be your ending scene.
  • M: Watch it be hanging above the chair where Ted is telling the story to the kids
  • L: Yep
  • M: That’s so good
  • L: Stop it or I’m gonna cry!
  • M: It’s going to be a lot of emotions

UPDATE: Lindsay offered an alternate version to her overall theory this morning:

Or perhaps this is theory B) Robin is indeed infertile so they adopt a child. Robin, being a Scherbatsky, after all, will die brave doing what she loves. They’ll off her covering some amazing news story. War in Syria or something like that. Barney will raise their daughter alone and you’ll see him, without a suit on, putting flowers on her grave in Farhampton. The rest is the same.

That’s our theory. What’s yours?

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Daisy – Season 9, Episode 19

Robin’s mom arrives 4 hours before the wedding, despite her fear of flying. While catching up Robin’s mom wants to know about Barney. She then shares about her own marriage and warning signs, although many of which could easily relate to Barney. Robin and Lily seem concerned.

Meanwhile the fellas, Ranjit and Billy Zabka included, are having lunch when they discuss the night before. Billy saw Lily get into The Captain’s car which leads them to go to the Captain’s house and learn that the Captain is engaged to Boats, Boats, Boats Becky. While at the Captain’s Ted solves the mystery of why Lily went to the Captains…or at least he THINKS he solved it. In the end we find out that Lily’s pregnant.

Legendary Lines

  • Ranjit: Can you help me get a driver’s license?
  • Barney: You banged her, like a bunch of times. You knocked boots, boots, boots!
  • Robin’s Mom: He lied to those poor girls to get into their snow-pants.
  • Barney: Lily peed on that and you touched it.
  • Marshall: Lily, no we have to do this. We are going to live in Rome and you are going to get your dream because you’re giving me mine, again.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • The Captain singing with his housekeeping crew
  • Marshall ripping the sword off the wall to challenge the Captain to a duel
  • Ted’s “Mosby Boys” call
  • The Captain’s insanely overtop obsession with boats and sailing
  • The flashback evidence of smoking/pregnancy and how they worked with either scenario

New Jersey
The moment where Robin’s mom asks if Robin has someone that is really there for her and that she can depend on. And then Robin whit fully says she does…which in my humble opinion alludes to Ted. Ugh, not again. Seriously stop teasing it.

Flash forward to 1 year later and the Eriksen clan is in Italy. Marshall and Lily are arguing about Funyuns in Italian. Lily’s Dad and Marshall’s Mom also came to Italy with them to help look after the kids…Marvin and Daisy.

Lingering Questions

  1. Robin’s mom plans on taking the train home after the wedding. Will she see Ted on the infamous platform?
  2. Are Mickey and Judy an item? They boinked a while back, but we never heard much else.
  3. Did anyone else think that Daisy was going to be Robin’s mom’s name? Especially after reading Carter’s tweet this morning.
  4. Anyone else find 2 people with flower names in one family to be a bit much? Lily and Daisy…

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