Last night I had a great facebook chat (or chatbook as a former student of mine used to call it) with a fellow HIMYM addict, Lindsay, and I really like her theory:

  • Lindsay: Got any theories for the finale?
  • Me: Tons!
  • M: Mother dies and Ted marries Robin years later
  • M: Robin dies
  • L: I think the mother being dead is a red herring
  • L: I believe Robin will die
  • L: They return to Farhampton together so much because they get together there to remember her (she’s buried near)
  • M: Good theory
  • L: I think she’ll die in childbirth complications (it’ll be a surprise). It’ll be a daughter.
  • M: Oooohh
  • L: And one of the scenes we’ll see is Barney (not wearing a suit) putting flowers on her grave with the baby, the same kind she had at the wedding
  • L: Barney doesn’t wear suits at funerals.
  • M: Yeah we see NPH without a suit for the finale
  • L: Someone’s dying. This much I believe.
  • M: Are you a witch haha – I love your theory
  • L: I think it could possibly be Lily, but I think Robin makes more sense.
  • M: We see too much future Lily so Robin makes sense
  • L: there will be a close up of the blue french horn hanging in Ted and the mother’s home together. That’ll be your ending scene.
  • M: Watch it be hanging above the chair where Ted is telling the story to the kids
  • L: Yep
  • M: That’s so good
  • L: Stop it or I’m gonna cry!
  • M: It’s going to be a lot of emotions

UPDATE: Lindsay offered an alternate version to her overall theory this morning:

Or perhaps this is theory B) Robin is indeed infertile so they adopt a child. Robin, being a Scherbatsky, after all, will die brave doing what she loves. They’ll off her covering some amazing news story. War in Syria or something like that. Barney will raise their daughter alone and you’ll see him, without a suit on, putting flowers on her grave in Farhampton. The rest is the same.

That’s our theory. What’s yours?