Robin’s mom arrives 4 hours before the wedding, despite her fear of flying. While catching up Robin’s mom wants to know about Barney. She then shares about her own marriage and warning signs, although many of which could easily relate to Barney. Robin and Lily seem concerned.

Meanwhile the fellas, Ranjit and Billy Zabka included, are having lunch when they discuss the night before. Billy saw Lily get into The Captain’s car which leads them to go to the Captain’s house and learn that the Captain is engaged to Boats, Boats, Boats Becky. While at the Captain’s Ted solves the mystery of why Lily went to the Captains…or at least he THINKS he solved it. In the end we find out that Lily’s pregnant.

Legendary Lines

  • Ranjit: Can you help me get a driver’s license?
  • Barney: You banged her, like a bunch of times. You knocked boots, boots, boots!
  • Robin’s Mom: He lied to those poor girls to get into their snow-pants.
  • Barney: Lily peed on that and you touched it.
  • Marshall: Lily, no we have to do this. We are going to live in Rome and you are going to get your dream because you’re giving me mine, again.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • The Captain singing with his housekeeping crew
  • Marshall ripping the sword off the wall to challenge the Captain to a duel
  • Ted’s “Mosby Boys” call
  • The Captain’s insanely overtop obsession with boats and sailing
  • The flashback evidence of smoking/pregnancy and how they worked with either scenario

New Jersey
The moment where Robin’s mom asks if Robin has someone that is really there for her and that she can depend on. And then Robin whit fully says she does…which in my humble opinion alludes to Ted. Ugh, not again. Seriously stop teasing it.

Flash forward to 1 year later and the Eriksen clan is in Italy. Marshall and Lily are arguing about Funyuns in Italian. Lily’s Dad and Marshall’s Mom also came to Italy with them to help look after the kids…Marvin and Daisy.

Lingering Questions

  1. Robin’s mom plans on taking the train home after the wedding. Will she see Ted on the infamous platform?
  2. Are Mickey and Judy an item? They boinked a while back, but we never heard much else.
  3. Did anyone else think that Daisy was going to be Robin’s mom’s name? Especially after reading Carter’s tweet this morning.
  4. Anyone else find 2 people with flower names in one family to be a bit much? Lily and Daisy…