Series Finale Watch Party in Washington DC

Hey folks, Bro Jenn here – I’ve been recapping and live tweeting most of this season, but I will be busy finale night. Busy co-hosting a series finale watch party with a local bar.



If you or anyone who know is in the DC area let them know about the watch party. I’ll have some pre-show trivia and we’ll have drink specials (including scotch). It’s gonna be legen…

Wilson Tavern

2403 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201 (Courthouse Metro Stop)
(571) 970-5330


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51 Questions We Need Answered In The “How I Met Your Mother” Series Finale

Came across this on Buzzfeed:

51 Questions We Need Answered In The "How I Met Your Mother" Series Finale

1. What causes Ted to leave Farhampton the night of the wedding?
2. What causes the Mother to leave Farhampton the night of the wedding?
3. Why is Ted still in New York three days after the wedding when he’s supposed to move to Chicago the next day?
4. How does Ted ask the Mother out?
5. When do Ted and the Mother get married?
6. Where do Ted and the Mother get married?
7. Where is Penny born?
8. Who, or what, are Ted and the Mother’s son Luke named after?
9. Will we see the Mother’s doppelganger?

10. How long do Lily and Marshall actually live in Italy?
11. Who lives in the apartment when they move? (Or ::gasp:: does a stranger move in?)
12. What does Marshall do in Italy?
13. How does Marshall get back on the judge track after turning down the seat to move to Italy?
14. Does Lily return to teaching when they move back to New York?
15. Where do Marshall and Lily raise their kids?
16. Does Marshall’s mom marry Lily’s dad?
17. Do Robin and Barney ever adopt?
18. Does Barney get a new job after outing his co-workers to the Feds?
19. Will we see Robin Sparkles again?
20. Do Robin and Barney stay together forever?

21. Does Ted wear the red cowboy boots ever again?
22. Does Ted go to Chicago for any point in time?
23. Where the fuck did the pineapple come from?
24. Who says “I love you” first: Ted or the Mother?
25. How many dates does it take for Ted and the Mother to say “I love you?”
26. Does the Mother have any siblings?
27. Are the Mother’s parents still alive?
28. Does the Mother help Ted finish building his house in the suburbs?

29. Do Ted and the Mother hang out at the UES MacLaren’s or UWS MacLaren’s?
30. How does Ted meet the Mother’s friends?
31. Where did the Mother get her yellow umbrella?
32. Does Barney have a record of Ted’s story on his blog?
33. Where has the Mother been the whole time Ted has been talking to the kids?
34. Do the kids finally get some food?
35. Do the kids finally get to use the bathroom?

36. Do Ted and Barney ever open a bar named “Puzzles”?
37. Has Barney accepted his last challenge?
38. Does Ted ever steal a musical instrument for the Mother?
39. Will we hear the Mother tell Ted about Max?
40. How did Max die?
41. When did the Mother and Max start dating?
42. What is it about “La Vie En Rose” that is so special to the Mother?
43. Does the Mother have any other past boyfriends besides Max and Louis?

44. Does Ted have his final cigarette before quitting for good two weeks after starting to date the Mother?
45. Will it be legendary?
46. Does Ted ever actually finish telling his kids a story?
47. What is the Mother’s name?
48. Is the Mother sick?
49. Is the Mother alive?
50. If the Mother is dead, how did she die?
51. And if she’s dead, will Ted be alone again?

The How I Met Your Mother series finale airs Monday, March 31 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Correction: An earlier version of this post asked this question, “What is Ted and the Mother’s son’s name?” But it was previously revealed that his name is Luke. (Sorry, Luke.)

Gang what other questions do you need answered?

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The End of the Aisle – Season 9, Episode 21


Tonight is our last regular episode not before the penultimate series finale. Like most episodes this season I am both thrilled, but not fully satisfied. Maybe it’s because of the finality of everything. After 9 years I want everything to be extraordinary, but I’m hopeful next week’s finale will properly quench this insatiable thirst thats’s been gnawing at us all these years.

Barney and Robin are both in panic mode just minutes perform their wedding. Robin can’t shake the thought of not having her locket and Barney can’t find the right words to express in his vows.

Robin tells Ted about her upset over Barney not magically finding her locket and how she thought she’d be with someone would come thought for her against all odds. Ted has the locket and gives it to Barney to deliver to Robin in to save the day. However Robin sees through Barney’s lie about finding the locket and knows the locket was really found by Ted. Ted came through for Robin once again and Robin’s realization that “Ted always goes big” for her leads to one of that real conversations they’ve had in a long while. Robin expressed her doubts on not picking Ted. It was both uncomfortable and necessary. I was really happy to see this scene play out and then end with a great speech from Ted about love. However Robin isn’t sold and runs off, and in the process literally runs into the Mother. Mother doesn’t talk to talk Robin out of running away, but instead suggests that Robin take 3 deep breaths before making such a big stressful decision.

Marshall and Lily get into a debate with Barney wedding vows. Barney calls Marshall and Lily out on not keeping their vows and gives specific examples through some never before seen flashbacks. Barney gets Marshall and Lily to doubt their vows and how their relationship has changed. This leads to them “borrowing” the altar and exchanging some very sweet updated vows including a Weird Al reference. Barney witnesses Lily and Marshall’s vows which inspires him to find Robin before the ceremony and he promises to always tell Robin he’s always going to honest with her. He also confessed that Ted got the locket.

Just like that Robin and Barney are back on course, but then Barney has another minor freakout about his tie, but Marshall SLAPS some sense into him right before Robin walks down the aisle to an instrumental version of Sandcastles in the Sand.

Bad Omen count: raining on their wedding day, Barney seeing Robin before he wedding TWICE.

Legendary Lines

  • Marshall: What’s you writing? / Barney: ummm it’s my wedding day what do you think I’m writing? / Marshall: suicide note?
  • Lily: how do we make him vomit? / Marshall: remind him that he’s getting married
  • Ted: Ease to the pease, happy wedding.
  • Marshall: Lily, that photo got all over Friendster and MySpace. Man 2007 was a long time ago.
  • Robin: Everything’s legendary. You know what legendary means, not real. I mean the man’s initials are B.S.
  • Barney: Awww you feed her like Sloth from Goonies, so the magic’s still there.
  • Ted: The truth is I don’t love you like that anymore. You don’t love me. You love Barney. And if you think I’d be any part of screwing that up, then maybe you don’t know me at all, Robin.
  • Ted: But love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical, but we have to keep on doing it or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.
  • Barney: you know what you should use the next time you run out of toilet paper, your weddings vows, cause that’s all your marriage has been.none six year wipe after that double flusher of a wedding. Stinson out!
  • Mother: ok during that fall we did kind of get to second base with each other and we’ll always share that, but I don’t really know you so…
  • Robin: Awww I love the ring bear. / Barney: the you are gonna love the flower gorilla.
  • Narrator Ted: Love’s the best thing we do.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marshall’s Nessie tshirts he wears on the flight to his honeymoon
  • Bearded Wonder Woman incident of 2007
  • Marshall making Lily’s breakfast I’m bed these days
  • Ted’s love speech
  • The thought Marshall point and yelling “Maybe it’s Maybellline” at dog erections
  • Spew Years Eve 1998
  • Mother was a BIT of detective too
  • Robin walking down then aisle to an instrumental arrangements of “Sandcastles in the Sand”
  • Marshall awesomely using his final slap and ending their slap bet
  • The ring bear!
  • All the familiar faces at the wedding
  • Saget, I mean Narrator Ted’s closing speech.

New Jersey
Not getting to see the flower gorilla
The super imposed/green screen guests at the wedding

Lingering Question

Is anyone else worried about Robin having a nip slip in that dress?

I really wish we got a chance to see Narrator Ted delivery some of his epic lines and words of wisdom over the years. The gang delivers so much emotions as the voice overs play, but I wonder what the Ted telling the story’s face looks like as he does.

Does everyone else already feel the need to hate Friends with Better Lives because its “replacing” HIMYM?

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Gary Blauman – Season 9, Episode 20


Sorry for the delayed post kids. I spent St. Patrick’s Day in NYC..and woke up in a dumpster all thanks to a guy in a green suit. Kidding…maybe.

Wednesday 8pm – 3 days after the wedding

On their first date Ted tells Mother the story of Gary Blauman. While telling the story mother sees her very recent ex-boyfriend with whom she just broke up with and she decided she isn’t ready to date. Ted continues the story as he walks Mother back to his apartment and delivers such a sweet lilted “this is where I leave you.” But thankfully the Mother comes to her senses since Ted was not longer the guy to make a speech and scare her off.

Back to the day of the wedding. Gary Blauman shows up and throw Robin in a seating chart code red frenzy. Each of the gang members chimes in on if they love or hate Blauman. Ted hates him for cockblocking him (or so he thinks), Lily loves him for intervening while she was in a tattoo parlor and prepared to get a bunch of butterflies and Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray’s face tattooed on her while reeling from her breakup with Marshall. We learn that Barney hates Blauman because he hate his accidental curly fry and THAT cannot be forgiven. Billy Zabka loves Blauman because Blauman loves his poetry. James Stinson hates Blauman because he had an affair with Blauman that ended his marriage. In the end Marshall rules Blauman can stay because the bride wants him there, but not before we are privy to the MOTHER of all “where are they nows” in the form of who Ted still keeps track of.

Perfect blend of stories in this episode. The two plot lines worked so well together and I know I’ve given Ted crap for a while, but all of his scenes with Mother make me fall back in love with him.

Legendary lines

  • Barney: No more books Ted, I don’t like the person you become when you read books.
  • Ted: There’s a bottom below Sugar Ray?
  • Lily: Marshall, Blauman saved you from a lifetime of looking at Sugar Ray every time we do it on your birthday.
  • Ted: Bad like there was a big fight? / Mother: Bad like there was a big ring.
  • Barney: But he was not “good, thanks.” He was not “good, thanks” at all.
  • Ted: Wait Blauman’s gay? Then that means that night the real battle was between Blauman and the girl. And the prize was this guy!
  • Billy: That’s not even my move. If I was going to do anything, I’d sweep the leg and put you in a body bag, everybody knows that.
  • Narrator Ted: and that’s how it goes kids, the friends, neighbors, drinking buddies, and partners in crime you loved so much when you’re young, as the years go by you just lose touch.
  • Narrator Ted: You will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That’s why when you find someone you want to keep around you do something about it.
  • Mother: What are you doing? / Ted: Remembering this.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Taran Killam, but especially the face he makes while saying “I’ll be the guy in the 8th row going like this”
  • Table 27 reunion picture at Tuckahoe Funland
  • The telepathic argument between Ted and Blauman (they have turned telepathic conversations into an artform on HIMYM)
  • The no look high five between Lily and Marshal in regards to knowing nothing about break ups
  • The chemistry between Ted and Mother is magic
  • NPH’s over the top rage recounting why he hate Blauman
  • The single pan shot of what everyone that Ted has kept tabs on is up to
  • Surprise cameos from 9 seasons of friends of the gang
  • Mother going in for the kiss


  • Ted’s breakup butterfly tattoo
  • Blah Blah and her name is Carol!

Lingering Question

  1. Is it safe to assume Robin and Barney DO get married? If they didn’t I’m pretty sure that would have come up on Ted and Mother’s date.
  2. I’m really curious how quickly Ted decides not to go to Chicago and where he ends up living since he already moved out of his apartment. Thoughts?
  3. Was I the only one who thought for a second that Ted was going to say Mother’s name tonight?
  4. Who were we missing from the “where are they now” – I was hoping for Victoria and obviously the pineapple.
  5. Would you consider a Scottish-Mexican restaurant to be the weirdest place on earth?
  6. Am I the only one who HATED the little booties Mother wore on her first date with Ted?
  7. Taran Killam you had some great new hair plugs, glad your SNL bucks are paying for them. Amiright?

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The Color Theory

For a long time I’ve been obsessing over the use of purple in HIMYM. well turns out there is a whole Color Theory conspiracy. Here is little diagram, but it’s very interesting. Also there was some reference to Barney the Purple Dinosaur which is amusing.




Thoughts kids?

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Sunrise – Season 9, Episode 16

Ted and Robin are out searching for Barney at the beach. While calming Robin’s nerves about Barney possibly bailing on the wedding, he brings up Stella. This leads to Robin asking about Stella and other ex-girlfriend’s of Teds, including his top 5 best and worse relationships. We revisit Ted’s most recent interacts with Stella, Victoria and Jeanette. Robin says she thought Victoria was his best relationship and asks why they broke up. Ted reveals to Robin that they broke up because of her. Robin is shocked and flabbergasted by this admission and Ted goes further to admit that even after ALL THESE YEARS, Robin is still his #1 and he his still is in love with her. ::I’ll pause for a collective groan::: Ted wants to move on, but it took Crazy Jeanette to get him to buck up and let Robin go. Ted and Robin stay up to see the sunrise on a new day, a new day where Ted lets Robin go…metaphorically (and physically as she floats off like The Boy Who Could Fly…I mean like Ted’s childhood balloon).

Meanwhile Barney is out passing along his infinite wisdom to the next generation of single guys by teaching them how to live. First by taking them to  strip club, then to Barney’s tailor, Tim Gunn, and then a party where he hands off The Playbook before exiting “The game” once and for all.
The storyline I was most curious about was Marshall and Lily, their raw emotions from 2 weeks ago were all kinds of scary serious. Marshall is visited by a few ghosts, including present day ghost Lily, 2006 Lily, present day Robin and Big Marvin Erickson. Marshall and the ghosts work out the argument, but not before present ghost Lily warns Marshall that he might lose her if he keeps lying or not including her in decisions. Real Lily comes back and wakes Marshall up to tell him it makes sense for them to stay in New York.
Legendary Lines
  • Robin: Also that isn’t the filthiest trash he’s over slept with. Hoo, my future husband folks.
  • Ted: You know what’s weird, not seeing Star Wars until you’re 30.
  • Victoria: You would never run off with a girl on the day of her wedding? Riiiiiiiii-I’m not done-iiiiiiiight.
  • 2006 Lily: How many myspace friends do I have now? Has James Blunt put out the steady stream of #1 hits we all expect from him?
  • Tim Gunn: In relaxed fit domestic denim, I’m sorry is this a costume party and your going as 1994?
  • Tim Gunn: Would you be a peach and bump this please?
  • Barney: Ted…sorry force of habit.
  • Kyle: Are you Jesus?!
  • Jeanette: Ugh, Robin, THIS again!!
  • Barney: And most importantly, whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.
Moments of awesomeness
  • Barney’s gentleman speech
  • the stage of The Crab Shed is a dock with a pier
  • Marvin Erikson and all his infinite wisdom!
  • NPH barely kidding it together when Tim Gunn delivered both of the above-mentioned Legendary Lines and fist bumps Barney
  • Barney passing down The Playbook, written on cocktail napkins
  • All of Barney’s advice to Ted over the years basically rolled into one lesson
  • Ted’s ex-girlfriends
  • Marshall’s ghosts
New Jersey
  • all the green screens (nighttime, Central Park bridge, Robin floating off)
  • Ted’s I love Robin for the 100th time speech to Jeanette
  • I liked the choice of the Bangles “Eternal Flame” as Ted hopefully finally lets Robin go, in terms of the message, but it seems the twitterverse didn’t care for it.
Ted and Robin are on the beach watching the beautiful sunrise and Ted finally asks Robin if on their first day she gave him “the signal” to kiss her and we all obviously know the answer…
Lingering Questions 
  • Umm Zoe sucks and does not belong in top 5 best relationships. Glad to see she also made top 5 worst too. Who do you think was missing from Ted’s top 5 either best or worst?
  • Ghost Robin says “My dad did a real number on me.” which we know is true, but I still want to know about Robin’s mom. What’s her deal?
  • Bro Hell…how do you picture it?
  • Is it just me, but did you think there was a whole missed opportunity for a “Sandcastles in the Sand” reference while Robin and Ted were on the beach?
  • Speaking of missed Robin Sparkles opportunities, doesn’t she shoot off like a rainbow rocket in “Let’s Go To The Mall?” – she could have shot off like that instead of floated off.
  • Where did Lily go? and who drove her?

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How I Met Your Mother NYC Bar Crawl

One of my friends in NYC posted this AWESOME living social deal. It kind of makes me want to go to NY for the weekend (February 22)

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 12.48.37 PM

Here’s the link for those of you interested:


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Hey folks, Jenn here.

I’m a big twitter user and following all things HIMYM is a big part of my newsfeed. A few things that have popped up over the last 24 hour worth sharing are:

The #HowIMetYourRacism hashtag that was trending during/following Monday’s episode. See @CarterBays remarks on twitter and check the hashtag out to see what people were saying.

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.13.43 AM


Second things I came across today from TVLine’s @MichaelAusiello

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Title Revealed! Plus – Scoop on the Kids’ Names


  • The finale is called “Last Forever”
  • We find out Ted’s kids names THIS MONDAY!
  • HIMYM Alum we’ll see in upcoming episodes: Rachel Bilson, Sarah Chalke, and Lucy Hale

Sound off in the comments

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March 31, 2014

The HIMYM hour long series finale has been set.

As per “The good news about the show’s winter exit? Save for two Olympics-fueled repeats, the show will air all originals from Jan. 13 to March 31.”

I don’t know how I feel about this. I wasn’t expecting it to end SO soon, but then again lots of momentum for the 2nd half of the season.

I’m verklempt.


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Bass Player Wanted- Season 9, Episode 12

Please accept this recap from the fantastic staff Sandra Gonzales instead of one from Aaron, Star, or myself. Tis the season to be busy unfortunately. My one comment I will make about the episode was I loved seeing the Mother in her driving gloves (and her knitting a hat for Marvin also made me love her while practicing her angry speech)


Having people in your life who you’d do anything for — even go to jail — that’s the dream, so said Barney at the top of tonight’s How I Met Your Mother. And right he is. But as he — and we — were reminded this hour, sometimes one of the best things you can do for someone you care about is let them go.

But how did we arrive at such a poignant lesson? A troublemaking wedding attendee named Darren (Andrew Rannells) is partly responsible and I’ll explain how in a bit. First, let me tell you about Darren, the emotional proctologist who caused a lot of problems for the gang in tonight’s fall finale.

We met charming Darren at the beginning of the episode when he immediately hit it off with Lily and Robin, who both were unable to immediately identify his connection to the festivities. Robin knew he was not related to her because he had all his fingers and teeth, but since he seemed to know them well enough, they didn’t think twice about warming up to him. And, admittedly, I trusted him too…until The Mother revealed the true story of this guy.

Darren, it turns out, was the slimy lead singer in her band, SuperFreakonomics, who not only was looking to bump The Mother out of the band that she started but was also a no-good, troublemaking, feud-starter! His schtick? He’d introduce himself to a pair of friends, tell a fake sob story about his life based off of a Disney movie (usually Bambi or Lion King), and then proceed to drive a wedge between the two people whose company he was keeping. We learned all this from The Mother as she was driving Marshall to the Inn after picking him up along the side of the road.

You probably have the same questions as I did while watching that unfold — um, didn’t we see her on the train to Farhampton? Well, there’s an explanation: Once she got to the Inn, she was prompted by Lily to get back at Darren for acting like a jerk. So she stole his van but, being “too nice,” she had planned on turning around to return it when she picked up the cutest hitchhiker she’d ever seen…and Marshall. Upon hearing this, Marshall gave The Mother some advice — she needed to stick up for herself and take back the band. So that’s what she planned on doing.

Back at the inn, Darren got Robin to open up about her true feelings about Lily and Marshall’s move to Rome and then quickly told Lily the truth. And when Lily learned that Robin secretly wanted Marshall to win the impending argument, Lily felt betrayed. And when it came to Barney and Ted, Darren dropped the bombshell that Ted was moving to Chicago. The news obviously crushed Barney — not just because Ted was leaving so soon but because Ted hadn’t been the one to tell him. “It’ll be easy to say goodbye now that I know how much I mean to you,” Barney told him.

Part of Ted knew it was wrong not to tell Barney about the move, so he attempted to make amends with Barney by stealing a $600 bottle of Scotch to show his dedication to him. (Stealing something of that value is considered Grand Larceny — an act punishable by jail time.) In essence, Ted proved he’d go to jail for Barney — the highest sacrifice possible according to the “Bro”ble.

Robin and Lily, too, made up by the end. Robin explained that she only said she would root for Marshall because she didn’t want to lose her best friend — but she acknowledged that was selfish. Robin’s mea culpa? She helped hold up Marshpillow so Lily could punch the crap out of it and take out some of her pent up frustrations about the matter. It helped for a bit. Then the real Marshall walked in.

I thought we were going to be left with that cliffhanger, and in a way we were. Upon laying eyes on each other, Lily and Marshall declared a fight pause and hugged each other. I was happy to see this, but would be lying if I said I was looking forward to the episode airing in January titled “Unpause.”

With everything at a standstill the gang decided to drink to their reunion — that is, until Darren accidentally bumped into Ted, breaking yet another bottle of extremely expensive scotch. Fuming, Ted punched Darren right in the eye, giving him a gnarly bruise and giving the future mother of his children the satisfaction of seeing the biggest jerk in her life get what was coming to him. (Oh, and he quit the band — bonus!) To thank the person behind the punch, she had Linus send her hero a drink — a glass of Glen McKenna ’35.

That would have been a great note to end the episode on, but this wouldn’t be HIMYM without a cliffhanger. In the final moments of the episode, Marshall revealed to Barney something he’d brought him. And no, it wasn’t a suit made out of prosciutto — it was the fourth slap.

Marshall’s hand pulled back, Barney pre-cringed…and we’ll see you in January, folks.

Best quote: “I swear to Hef.” — Ted

Great moments:
+ The Mother ordered the Kennedy Package. (Thanks, Linus!)
+ Marvin’s first words — “skunk junk.”
+ “Chicago? Is that even a real place?”

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The Rehearsal Dinner – Season 9, Episode 11

Star here, ready to recap the latest episode. If you haven’t had a chance to read the comment on my preview post, please do. Phil made some great points about the season and this episode. On to the recap!

We open with Barney handcuffed to a pipe in the security office of a laser tag facility. Robin, looking amazing, is furious that she is missing their rehearsal dinner, while Barney is only concerned with getting the security officer to push a button labeled “get the party started.”  This all started when Barney wanted to have the rehearsal dinner at laser tag, leading to a great flashback scene of the gang going over a list of Barney’s terrible ideas and Robin reminding Barney that she compromised on the wedding location not being in Canada, so he gives up on the idea. We go back to the security office where Barney begins to tell their story to the security officer. Barney’s bachelor party was the worst night of his life, until he learned it was a prank from Robin. This led him to retaliate by telling her he couldn’t go through with their wedding and asking her to move out, but really it was a prank and he gave her a suitcase of puppies. Robin decides that there can be no more surprises in their relationship, which obviously Barney isn’t going to accept. Through a series of flashbacks we learn that at every turn of the rehearsal dinner Barney is waiting for his “surprise laser tag” rehearsal dinner to begin. When it doesn’t happen he leaves the dinner, drives to the laser tag place, and threatens an employee, causing him to get arrested. However, it turns out this was all another one of Barney’s elaborate schemes created to bring Canada to Robin. Walls move and they are on an ice rink with all things Canadian going on around them, including the always welcome Alan Thick.

Legendary Lines

  • Barney: La Sertag
  • All of the Canada wedding  jokes
  • Barney: my favorite actor, non-porn category
  • Barney: PUPPIES!!
  • Lily: You could never take Marshall in a million years, but that’s sweet of you to say
  • Robin: I need your apple juice


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • The list of Barney’s terrible ideas
  • While they were rattling off the list of Canada wedding jokes the couple in the background gets engaged, has a baby, their child graduates, and the guy dies. That’s how long they were telling Canada wedding jokes.
  • Ted dressed as Liberace
  • The Canadian rehearsal dinner. SNOW!
  • The song about Barney and Robin
  • James singing and being dressed as both a man and a woman. Was he Robin Sparkles?
  • Ted trying to play piano and figure skate
  • The family playing ice hockey with Aunt Edith’s wig
  • Canadian fun facts
  • A moose playing ice hockey
  • Ted playing piano


  • Marshall and Lily being angry with Ted for not getting them a wedding gift
  • Robin’s love of dogs
  • Lily’s inability to keep a secret
  • The fact that Lily and Ted trust each other with their biggest life secrets (art school in San Francisco, moving to Chicago, Lily not always loving being a mom, the locket)
  • The ring bear


  • Alan Thicke
  • Bonus: everyone finally

Lingering Questions

  • When is Marshall arriving?
  • Why hasn’t Lily mentioned missing her infant son?
  • Who did Lily and Marshall sublet the apartment to?
  • Did Robin get to eat the bacon wrapped figs?
  • Will we get to meet any additional family members during the wedding weekend?


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Preview: The Rehearsal Dinner

Hi guys! It’s Star again this week to recap The Rehearsal Dinner episode. I’m off now to host a Hot Chocolate Bar for my neighbors, but will be back with the recap this evening. Until then, I thought I’d get your input on some of my feelings about this season so far.

  • I’ve been watching season day one, so I am happy that they are including little character nuances that have developed over time. I feel like we are seeing these characters for who they truly are….
  • with one exception…Marshall. Seriously, why is Marshall not with the group for the last season of the show?!?!? This has frustrated me beyond belief. Also, since when does Marshall do anything without telling Lilly, especially taking a job that would so drastically change their lives.
  • Why are they distracting us with stuff we don’t need? Whether you loved or hated the rhyming episode, the biggest issue I had with it was that this was not the time or place for it. Not the last season. Not when we have barely met The Mother.
  • I’m super excited for the 200th episode, which will show everything from The Mother’s point of view!

Let me know your thoughts about the season, and I’ll see you  back here tonight!

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