The Bro Mitzvah Season 8 Episode 22

Bro Mitzvah
Will here, standing in for your regularly scheduled bloggers.

The time has come for Barney’s bachelor party. Expecting a lame party, Barney instructs Ted and Marshall on proper bachelor party procedure (to include a naked fire show or a naked magic show). Barney’s expectations are seemingly met when he is transported to just outside Atlantic City to enjoy a clown, the “wrong” karate kid and the only stripper Barney didn’t want to see- Quinn. Barney’s bachelor party ends after he loses Marshall in a game of Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing, Ted abandons him for being selfish, and Robin leaves Barney after discovering that Quinn was the stripper.

This was of course an elaborate ruse planned by Robin- which Barney loves in a twisted way. As an added bonus, the clown is actually the “real karate kid” – William Zabka.

Legendary Lines

“What’s got into you, oh that’s right- nothing ever.”

“My bachelor party was incr, wait for it, and I hope you’re hungry cause the second half of this word is edible!”

“Barney is suicidal!”/”I know, it’s awesome!”

Moments of Awesomeness

Quinn foretelling: “There’s a good chance our engagement probably isn’t gonna work out.”

Barney’s mom calling out Robin for the dirty hoebag that she is. 

Lily’s continued sluttines, in this case directed towards Ralph Macchio.

Re Return 

Barney’s addiction to Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing.

QUINN (kind of surprising that she was ok with the hoax).

“The Barney” as a foil to “The Robin”

Barney’s “backwards” affinity for William Zabka.

Lingering Questions

Is Robin “Leaving” Barney foreshadowing a future break-up?

Can we get back to the Mother please?


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Weekend at Barney’s Season 8 Episode 18


  • When the Sun Goes Down by The Jetzons Amazon (opening track from episode)
  • Long As I Can See The Light  Creedence Clearwater Revival  Amazon (closing episode)

Hola everyone! I’m Will, a friend of Jenn’s. Much like Barney- I’m full of awesome. I’m guest blogging while everyone else is apparently off doing something more fun. So you’re stuck with me, this is my first time- so no making fun.

So here it is ladies and gentlemen, the foretold inglorious end of Ted’s dating life. We got to take our last peek at crazy pants Jeanette as she rampaged and defecated all over Ted’s apartment, finally convincing the ever needy Ted that it’s time to settle down. After being dumped by LT Peterson, Ted agrees to test drive a few plays from Barney’s not-so-destroyed playbook; surprisingly, Ted has difficulty winning ladies over with promises of his penis.

While coaching Ted, Robin walks in on Barney and finds the playbook. Really? I felt the setup for that argument to be a little too artificial. Why does Robin randomly show up at Ted’s house looking for Barney? If Barney told Robin where he was, why would he leave the playbook just sitting on the couch? And does everyone have a key to Ted’s apt? After more deception, I mean magic, they “make up.” I’m not sure Robin is buying Barney’s liar speech- she did mention earlier in the episode that the destruction of the playbook was a key factor in her being willing to marry Barney.

Oh, Lily and Marshall were in this episode as well- the continued focus on Lily’s career is refreshing. Marshall’s deadpan expression carried what is probably  funniest scene thus far this season- “I don’t know if you heard, but I dropped some skittles.”


Legendary Lines

Barney: “So you’re bringing a plus one?” // Robin: “If you count the voices in her head, it’s plus five!”

Jeanette: “Here’s your key back” //Ted: “I never gave you a key”// Jeanette: “And here’s your grandmother’s ring.”// Ted: “She was buried wearing this.”

Ted: “My penis! My penis! My penis!!!”

Marshall: “Just look at her so professional, she hasn’t sat on single piece of art.”


Moments of Awesomeness

Episode writer George Sloan! Shout out to all those QU alums.

What’s better than Weekend at Bernie’s? Weekend at Barney’s!

Barney’s awesome ability to unhook Robin’s bra under any circumstance.

Barneys 1 rule(s).

Silent skittles.

Lily’s nip slips (we need more of this in future episodes!)


The Re-Return

The Playbook (one last time)

Ted’s red cowboy boots(one last time)

Ted making poor relationship choices (one last time?)


Lingering Questions

Will Robin ever really trust Barney?

The “Mother” is on deck, how long till we get to meet her?

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