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The time has come for Barney’s bachelor party. Expecting a lame party, Barney instructs Ted and Marshall on proper bachelor party procedure (to include a naked fire show or a naked magic show). Barney’s expectations are seemingly met when he is transported to just outside Atlantic City to enjoy a clown, the “wrong” karate kid and the only stripper Barney didn’t want to see- Quinn. Barney’s bachelor party ends after he loses Marshall in a game of Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing, Ted abandons him for being selfish, and Robin leaves Barney after discovering that Quinn was the stripper.

This was of course an elaborate ruse planned by Robin- which Barney loves in a twisted way. As an added bonus, the clown is actually the “real karate kid” – William Zabka.

Legendary Lines

“What’s got into you, oh that’s right- nothing ever.”

“My bachelor party was incr, wait for it, and I hope you’re hungry cause the second half of this word is edible!”

“Barney is suicidal!”/”I know, it’s awesome!”

Moments of Awesomeness

Quinn foretelling: “There’s a good chance our engagement probably isn’t gonna work out.”

Barney’s mom calling out Robin for the dirty hoebag that she is. 

Lily’s continued sluttines, in this case directed towards Ralph Macchio.

Re Return 

Barney’s addiction to Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing.

QUINN (kind of surprising that she was ok with the hoax).

“The Barney” as a foil to “The Robin”

Barney’s “backwards” affinity for William Zabka.

Lingering Questions

Is Robin “Leaving” Barney foreshadowing a future break-up?

Can we get back to the Mother please?