The Rehearsal Dinner – Season 9, Episode 11

Star here, ready to recap the latest episode. If you haven’t had a chance to read the comment on my preview post, please do. Phil made some great points about the season and this episode. On to the recap!

We open with Barney handcuffed to a pipe in the security office of a laser tag facility. Robin, looking amazing, is furious that she is missing their rehearsal dinner, while Barney is only concerned with getting the security officer to push a button labeled “get the party started.”  This all started when Barney wanted to have the rehearsal dinner at laser tag, leading to a great flashback scene of the gang going over a list of Barney’s terrible ideas and Robin reminding Barney that she compromised on the wedding location not being in Canada, so he gives up on the idea. We go back to the security office where Barney begins to tell their story to the security officer. Barney’s bachelor party was the worst night of his life, until he learned it was a prank from Robin. This led him to retaliate by telling her he couldn’t go through with their wedding and asking her to move out, but really it was a prank and he gave her a suitcase of puppies. Robin decides that there can be no more surprises in their relationship, which obviously Barney isn’t going to accept. Through a series of flashbacks we learn that at every turn of the rehearsal dinner Barney is waiting for his “surprise laser tag” rehearsal dinner to begin. When it doesn’t happen he leaves the dinner, drives to the laser tag place, and threatens an employee, causing him to get arrested. However, it turns out this was all another one of Barney’s elaborate schemes created to bring Canada to Robin. Walls move and they are on an ice rink with all things Canadian going on around them, including the always welcome Alan Thick.

Legendary Lines

  • Barney: La Sertag
  • All of the Canada wedding  jokes
  • Barney: my favorite actor, non-porn category
  • Barney: PUPPIES!!
  • Lily: You could never take Marshall in a million years, but that’s sweet of you to say
  • Robin: I need your apple juice


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • The list of Barney’s terrible ideas
  • While they were rattling off the list of Canada wedding jokes the couple in the background gets engaged, has a baby, their child graduates, and the guy dies. That’s how long they were telling Canada wedding jokes.
  • Ted dressed as Liberace
  • The Canadian rehearsal dinner. SNOW!
  • The song about Barney and Robin
  • James singing and being dressed as both a man and a woman. Was he Robin Sparkles?
  • Ted trying to play piano and figure skate
  • The family playing ice hockey with Aunt Edith’s wig
  • Canadian fun facts
  • A moose playing ice hockey
  • Ted playing piano


  • Marshall and Lily being angry with Ted for not getting them a wedding gift
  • Robin’s love of dogs
  • Lily’s inability to keep a secret
  • The fact that Lily and Ted trust each other with their biggest life secrets (art school in San Francisco, moving to Chicago, Lily not always loving being a mom, the locket)
  • The ring bear


  • Alan Thicke
  • Bonus: everyone finally

Lingering Questions

  • When is Marshall arriving?
  • Why hasn’t Lily mentioned missing her infant son?
  • Who did Lily and Marshall sublet the apartment to?
  • Did Robin get to eat the bacon wrapped figs?
  • Will we get to meet any additional family members during the wedding weekend?


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Preview: The Rehearsal Dinner

Hi guys! It’s Star again this week to recap The Rehearsal Dinner episode. I’m off now to host a Hot Chocolate Bar for my neighbors, but will be back with the recap this evening. Until then, I thought I’d get your input on some of my feelings about this season so far.

  • I’ve been watching season day one, so I am happy that they are including little character nuances that have developed over time. I feel like we are seeing these characters for who they truly are….
  • with one exception…Marshall. Seriously, why is Marshall not with the group for the last season of the show?!?!? This has frustrated me beyond belief. Also, since when does Marshall do anything without telling Lilly, especially taking a job that would so drastically change their lives.
  • Why are they distracting us with stuff we don’t need? Whether you loved or hated the rhyming episode, the biggest issue I had with it was that this was not the time or place for it. Not the last season. Not when we have barely met The Mother.
  • I’m super excited for the 200th episode, which will show everything from The Mother’s point of view!

Let me know your thoughts about the season, and I’ll see you  back here tonight!

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Platonish – Season 9, Episode 9

Hello! I’m Star, friend of Jenn, and HIMYM enthusiast! Let’s get into the episode:

First, it was nice to see Robin behaving like a normal human being and having an authentic reaction to her mom not being able to come to the wedding. I honestly thought they wouldn’t acknowledge this plot point beyond the last episode. Back to the recap: After Barney accepts the challenge to cheer up Robin, we flash back to the Fall of 2012 where Lily and Robin present Barney with a series of challenges, leading to some great interactions between the three of them. Meanwhile, Ted and Marshall are at a Harlem Globetrotters game but of course they’re rooting for the Washington Generals. Throughout the game/episode Marshall and Ted debate Ted’s future with Robin, while Barney met The Mother and accepted the best challenge to date. The other twist in the episode was Hammond Druthers, Ted’s old boss/nemesis calling Ted offering him a job in Chicago. Ted eventually turns him down once he sees Robin eating olives. Once again, we see Ted caught up in the belief that he can get Robin to love/marry him, so he chose that hope over the job in Chicago.

Legendary Lines:

  • Robin: Does anyone know how to turn this off? Is there like a button or something?
  • Robin: I need you to take a year A full year and just be celibate. No boys, one year. Think you know I’m right about this.
  • Marshall: Oh my God, do you know who you are? You’re Nicholas Sparks.
  • Barney: More challenges, more challenges!
  • Hammond: The door’s always open Ted
  • Barney: Drawing a blank
  • The Mother: Do you want to keep playing, or do you want to win?

Moments of awesomeness:

  • Lily trying to scare Robin out of being sad and making her get hiccups
  • How nice was it to see Marshall back with the group – I’ve really missed him being around everyone this season.
  • Love the use of the Globetrotter’s music
  • Ted and Marshall heckling the refs and coach at the game
  • Marshall and Robin not being able to make out even if lives were depending on it. Am I the only one that really enjoys story lines with Marshall and Robin?
  • Lily and Robing giving up and getting Barney to run errands for them
  • Barney thinking that Zabka would be a dream date for the redhead
  • The scene outside the drugstore with Barney and The Mother was phenomenal. Can I be best friends with The Mother?
  • Every scene with Hammond Druthers
  • Marshall’s reaction to the Generals losing the game
  • The song playing during the last scene- anyone know what this was? I thought it was perfect.
  • Not seeing Marshall in that SUV on the way to the wedding.


  • Ted and Robin saluting
  • Marshall making up a song about what he’s doing at the moment
  • Blue french horn
  • The Robin


  • Hammond Druthers- I love that he is so terrible at being an architect

Lingering Questions/Thoughts

  • How invested are Lily and Marshall in their bet? How far are they willing to go to win?
  • Is there a reason that this season is focusing on Ted chasing after Robin AGAIN?
  • Now that we’ve seen how Lily and Barney met The Mother, which non-Ted meeting are you most looking forward to seeing?
  • Will Barney remember meeting The Mother when she shows up to play at their reception?
  • Is Barney’s calligraphy pen actually Property of Ted Mosby?
  • Can George write every episode for the rest of the season?
  • I love how Barney always responds to smart , ballsy women who call him on his crap (Lily, Quinn, Robin, and now The Mother)


Thanks for letting me share a my perspective with you for this episode. Hopefully the professionals will be back for next week.

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