Hi guys! It’s Star again this week to recap The Rehearsal Dinner episode. I’m off now to host a Hot Chocolate Bar for my neighbors, but will be back with the recap this evening. Until then, I thought I’d get your input on some of my feelings about this season so far.

  • I’ve been watching season day one, so I am happy that they are including little character nuances that have developed over time. I feel like we are seeing these characters for who they truly are….
  • with one exception…Marshall. Seriously, why is Marshall not with the group for the last season of the show?!?!? This has frustrated me beyond belief. Also, since when does Marshall do anything without telling Lilly, especially taking a job that would so drastically change their lives.
  • Why are they distracting us with stuff we don’t need? Whether you loved or hated the rhyming episode, the biggest issue I had with it was that this was not the time or place for it. Not the last season. Not when we have barely met The Mother.
  • I’m super excited for the 200th episode, which will show everything from The Mother’s point of view!

Let me know your thoughts about the season, and I’ll see you ┬áback here tonight!