the Name Tracy Theory from How I Met Your Mother

UPDATE: To anyone who doubted me… suck it bitches! 😉

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If you follow How I Met Your Mother, you may have heard a rumor that the writers have given us at least part of the name of Ted Mosby’s future bride. I even mentioned it in a recent post detailing what we can conclude so far about “the mother”. The video clip below is from Season 1’s Belly Full of Turkey. In this clip, a “burlesque entertainment artist” (otherwise known as a stripper) approaches Ted and says that she thought what he did was sweet… She says “I’m Amber”…then says “Actually, I’m Tracy”… then future Ted’s (Bob Saget) voice pops in and says “And that kids is the true story of how I met your mother.” He then says “Just kidding” however the kids are shocked. The fact they reacted like this lets you know there is some truth to the association of the name “Tracy” to their mother’s name. Otherwise the kids would not react that way because they would know the name makes no sense there. Watch for yourselves. Thoughts are welcome. (more…)

About the Mother from How I Met Your Mother.

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I feel that a big question for How I Met Your Mother fans has always been “Who is the mother?” And while we don’t have a definite answer, we can take what we do know so far and begin to formulate some ideas. This is a long one so go grab a drink and pull up a chair. By the way, HIMYM returns to us on March 17th! So hopefully soon there will be more to add to this list! Disclaimer: I love theories, but I have not posted anything here that cannot be backed up. Enjoy!
Who we know is NOT:Picture 4

1. Robin is not the Mother. We learn this in the first episode and and it is reconfirmed countless times in all 3 seasons. No matter how much people “want it to happen, ” it just won’t. Get used to disappointment. In fact, for those still