Get Over Yourself and Join a Real Band


Ok. I realize Rock Band and Guitar Hero can be fun but Join a Real Band already!

Before I go to far let me say I do not hate either game. I think they can be fun to play but much like all things virtual, people (you know who you are) take them way too far and much too seriously. With that said, I thought it might be cool to poke a little fun at all my friends and others who are in love with the game so much they can no longer tell the difference between it and reality.

I mean seriously, the game is everywhere… On every gaming system possible, cereal boxes, used toilet paper, tv… it’s honestly enough to make you sick. I’ve seen parody sites before. Darren Barefoot’s iCryptex and Get a First Life were awesomely funny and yet short enough so you don’t get lost. It’s like in Seinfeld, you get the good laugh and then get out of there. Well, while I’m no pro at webdesign and definitely no Seinfeld, I though I would give it a try and thus was born.

If you enjoy it and get a good laugh then awesome, let me know. Feel free to link to it and tell others, if you are on facebook then become a fan of the site. Spread teh word…have a good laugh.

I also made up a few t-shirts though they are more for me but if you like then feel free to try one out: Real Band Shop.

I’m sure I will say more later. Until then, enjoy!

Tattoos Are Permanent, So Consider This…

I’ve been seeing a lot more people with ink lately. Tattoos are not just for bikers and gang members anymore. Now instead of taking time off from your busy schedule to spend time in your local penitentiary it’s socially acceptable to go out anytime and get one of these fine expressions of who you are. I’ve even considered getting one myself for many years. But before you go off and get a tattoo of your exact skeletal structure, you should read this helpful guide of considerations for getting a tattoo:

1. Tattoos are permanent. Is the design timeless?
A tattoo should stand the test of time. If you have a Backstreet Boys or Gary Coleman tattoo, then I am sincerely sorry. While Chuck Norris and Star Wars may last forever, you might want to choose something will still make sense 20+ years from now. For Example, Joe Dirt is timeless…