Bagpipes – Season 5 Episode 6

    Very Funny. I really felt that Bagpipes was a great follow up to Duel Citizenship (if you missed it I really didn’t care for it overall). Despite the fact that I am still for the Robin and Barney relationship, I feel that Ted and Robin still have a lot of chemistry in scenes together. Not necessarily sexual chemistry, just that they play well off of each other. Take the first scene for instance. What a great opening, and it really set the tone for the rest of the episode.  Not just that but I love the Seinfeld effect, where all the story lines end up connecting and overlapping. It’s just good writing. 
    Ted is often a douche, but this episode he was gold. When he and and Barney were holding hands…oh my, that was funny. The whole "bagpipe" substitution was great. I love the way old Ted edits his stories for the kids. Also, was I the only one who thought Marshall was fixing to pull slap number 4 out of the bag after Barney told how he would handle the dish situation and talked about making out with Lily? I was at least happy that the slap bet made an appearance again with Ted and Marshall. I so wanna do a slap bet with someone, but I really hate being slapped.