HIMYM Season 4 Episode 14 – The Possimpible


My Thoughts:

Barney’s video resume was hilarious…I think I need to make one, he should probably get a job just for his mad editing skills. Plus there are two sites that you might want to be aware of and should definitely check out I’ll mention them in my recap or you can visit the post liked above. The think I hate about HIMYM is that since it’s only a 30 minute show, everything always seems rushed, not bad mind you…rushed. And despite knowing they had planned on showing Lily’s baby bump it was still funny to see how, makes you wonder if they will have to show Robin’s once she starts to show. Marshall’s dancing issue was a nice gag. And Dr.X made me embarrassed for poor ted…Lame, not awesome, but very funny. Past that, I would love to see the video resume Barney made for Robin, think they will ever show it?