My Thoughts:

Barney’s video resume was hilarious…I think I need to make one, he should probably get a job just for his mad editing skills. Plus there are two sites that you might want to be aware of and should definitely check out I’ll mention them in my recap or you can visit the post liked above. The think I hate about HIMYM is that since it’s only a 30 minute show, everything always seems rushed, not bad mind you…rushed. And despite knowing they had planned on showing Lily’s baby bump it was still funny to see how, makes you wonder if they will have to show Robin’s once she starts to show. Marshall’s dancing issue was a nice gag. And Dr.X made me embarrassed for poor ted…Lame, not awesome, but very funny. Past that, I would love to see the video resume Barney made for Robin, think they will ever show it?

Legendary Lines :

Robin: I am way past my dating prisoners phase, it’s like hello, I’m not 19 anymore.

Barney: From all of us here at Barney’s apartment. Get out.

Robin: I’m not going to be the new channel 10 anchor am I?
Barney: This just in…no.

Barney: Inventing your own word shows vision and creativity.

Robin:May the road ahead be lit with dreams and tomorrows. Which are lit with dreams, also. Stand tall, New York. Trustworthy. Recycling. Wear a condom.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Ted’s Dr. X show… not awesome, but funny.
  • Barney’s made up words and video resume.
  • Barney down on 1 knee preparing to propose when he thinks marriage will keep Robin in the country.
  • Robin’s really long and senseless sign off phrase (Wear a condom?).
  • Barney Stinson, That Guy’s Awesome (also a rumored alternative name for this episode)
  • Vanilla Thunder… I’m totally putting my ping-pong championship on my resume like Marshall did with his Slam Dunk Championship



Possimpible – one of Barney’s made up words… there were a lot this episode. I did’t catch all the “new words” anybody?


Ending song is Waterfall by James


What really happened:

It seems that Robin had gotten a lot of fan mail when she worked at Metro News 1 however, they didn’t forward it to her until 4 months later. As the gang all sits in the apartment reading through Robin’s fan mail, Barney tells of the game he made up for the Powerball drawings and the sad chicks that announce the numbers. Robin. still without a job, auditions but finds quickly she may not have all of the special skills she thought she needed. And also because of some ribbing she took from her competitors about not having a good “sign-off” phrase makes a complete fool of herself at by the end of the interview.

Her friends try to help by looking at her resume and the discussion comes up about old job experience. Seems Ted keep a college d.j. job on his resume. Dr. X, which Lily and Marshall said was a horrible radio show. Barney continues to go through Robin’s mail and finds something from the department of immigration, Robin discovers that her work visa got bunched in with that mail and now she has only 7 days to get a job in her field or be deported to Canada. They go through her video reel to see if it is missing anything and see that she has some very old footage from Canada. This also brings up Marshall’s resume that mentions his slam dunk championship on it. He still played basketball until a recent embarrassingly named injury made him quit. Thus many feminine jokes are made at Marshall’s expense. Barney on the other had encourages Robin to get an awesome video resume like his: barneysvideoresume.com (yes, it;s quite legendary but he says it got him 11 job offers so there…) Ted, Marshall and Lily think it’s insanulious, but Robin will try anything.

At the bar, Marshall is upset about the dancer’s hip jokes but admits to Lily that he dances a lot more than she knows and that is actually how he hurt his hip. Meanwhile Barney and Robin work on her video resume until Robin gives up and leaves…what does she leave for? The Lotto number girl interview. Marshall, Lily and Ted discuss their special skills and Lily tells them to let it go. Seems that Lily has a wired skill on her resume too, hot dog eating. Robin shows to say she didn’t even get the lotto girl gig and will have to move back to Canada. Back in the apartment they lament and have a beer together. Barney arrives. And really saves the day…that guy is awesome. He finished her video resume and sent it in, got her some job offers and a job as the morning show host for Channel 12. He is the master of the Possimpible.

Ted lets go of his Dr. X experience. Marshall removes his slam dunk contest..but Lily beaks her record of 29 hotdogs with 33 in 8 minutes, and updates her resume.


The Re-Return:

Monday at midnight – Dr. X stands alone at his Dr. X happening. Meal Plan = racism. “Why is no one coming?”