Neil Patrick Harris Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

Congrats to NPH who got a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Today… is it just me or is this an unintentional photobomb by Jason Segel? I love Segel in the back of this but it would have been hilarious to have Nathan Fillan photobomb the moment, intentional or otherwise.

And look at that you beautiful bastard, You Suited Up!

Congrats Neil!


Dr. Horrible on DVD Available December 19, 2008.


Now you too can own your very own tangible copy of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog on DVD! Amazon will be releasing it on December 19, 2008. If you haven’t seen it yet take some time and get the iTunes version or watch it on YouTube or the Dr. Horrible site. If you are a fan of Neil Patrick Harris or Joss Whedon then you will not be disappointed.


Pre Season 4 Mother News Round-up

It’s tough finding stuff to talk about on a television show when there are no new episodes out. That will change with the Season 4 Premier on September 22. Until then here is what’s happening in the world of How I Met Your Mother:

Variety says that stations will be paying upward of $350 million in it’s first cycle for re-runs of How I Met Your Mother. Not only is the coin nice for the people involved in the show but this will also mean there will be more chances to watch past episodes! Like we needed another reason to sit on the couch. (more…)