It’s tough finding stuff to talk about on a television show when there are no new episodes out. That will change with the Season 4 Premier on September 22. Until then here is what’s happening in the world of How I Met Your Mother:

Variety says that stations will be paying upward of $350 million in it’s first cycle for re-runs of How I Met Your Mother. Not only is the coin nice for the people involved in the show but this will also mean there will be more chances to watch past episodes! Like we needed another reason to sit on the couch.

This should also bring a lot more stability for the show since it’s renewal was in question last year. It’s no secret that the “star casting” with Britney helped the show reach new viewers, regardless of what you think about her or her acting (which I thought was fine..but whatever).

Will she be back? Well BuddyTV says yes, but I think they have their sources off. One source is from before all of her Season 3 episodes had aired and in the other Carter Bays says:

It hasn’t been talked about but we never rule anyone out

The second source is a great TVsquad interview with Carter Bays. While I recommend you read the entire interview here are some great clips from it:

JK: So this isn’t a response to how deep people got with the story line and the clues about the mother last year?
Bays: Oh we still love all that. I certainly don’t want people to think this is like a weather change of the show and that we’re going a totally new direction with it. It’s just kind of where our heads are at but we still love all that stuff. I mean, that ongoing mystery is still kind of the backbone of the show and we’re definitely, we’re definitely going to be teasing it along, especially this season. I mean my gosh, just from where the season finale left off that’s right front and center of what’s going on at the beginning of the season.

How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Wedding Theories start now:

JK: The wedding you guys mentioned, the wedding episode is going to involve Ted and Stella in some way shape and form?
Bays: Yeah.
JK: In what way shape or form might that be? Is that something you want to mention or is that something…
Bays: I think we’ll leave that to be seen by everyone.
JK: So it’s not necessarily that Ted’s the groom and Stella’s the bride?
Bays: No we haven’t talked about that yet.
JK: So there’s going to be a wedding and those two are involved and that’s the extent.
Bays: Yeah.
JK: Which episode is that going to be around? Is that early on?
Bays: I don’t think we have that quite solidified yet.

How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Guest Stars:

JK: Any guest stars coming back that fans might be familiar with from earlier seasons? Any new guest stars coming?
Bays: I’m trying to think. Oh you know who’s going to be back? Stuart and Claudia. They’re going to be back from season one and Stuart was at (Marshall’s) bachelor party. He’s going to make another appearance. We’re always trying to bring back; we’ve got Joe Manganiello as Brad. We love him and we’d love to have him back. I’m sure we’ll try and get Barney’s brother James (played by Wayne Brady) back on the show.

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