Cobie Smulders on George Stroumboulopoulo – August 23, 2012

As my mind is now starting to come back around to all things HIMYM, the first thing I should say is please don’t ask me to pronounce the host’s name. I’ll just call him Strombo… or George for that matter. Either way, our favorite HIMYM news anchor will be on the George Stroumboulopoulo tonight… or August 23, 2012 for those of you reading this in the future. The interview should be posted on the site: once it’s aired but until then here is a great clip from her past appearance on the show where Cobie talks about how HIMYM writers made her a Canadian… on the she she already is… ah, forget it. Enjoy

as well as the full interview:


How I Met Your Mother Season 6 DVD Info

I love DVD covers. Not sure why but I love seeing what a good graphic artist puts together to brand DVDs. Not that you all care about that…but what you may care about is that How I Met Your Mother Season 6 will be officially released on DVD on September 27, 2011! That’s right just a week and a day after The Season 7 Premier (and International Talk Like a Pirate Day, for those of you that care) you can get your very own copy of Season 6 on DVD.

3 disks, but no word on special features and such yet. Still no blu-ray this year (boo!). Now, I know a lot of fan’s had a love hate relationship with 6, but it’s time to put those feelings aside and pre-order your copy from Amazon.

Here is a pretty decent sized shot of the box, if you want a better look. No big clues on there, just a yellow umbrella dot above the “i" (nice placement) and Cobie Sumlders and Alyson Hannigan looking amazing with some guys walking about Winking smile


Cobie Smulders in March 2010 SNM Interview