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For all the fan’s of Barney’s office posters, I’ve made some size additions to the store. In addition to the 16” x 20” version of the Awesomeness and Perfection posters there is now for you’re wall hanging pleasure a 23” x 35” version of each! I hope to start adding a poster every other month or so so keep checking back. You can find a listing of the one’s already available online in this post: Barney Stinson Poster Collection. I try to keep the info on that pretty up to date.

To give you a hint on the next updated poster, I’ll just say if you are different you might be left out in the cold! Check out the Be Awesome Instead Store for more info and to see what’s available!

awesomeness perfection

New Years Resolutions are worthless

*SPOILER* – There is a link exchange gift at the end of this page!

New Years Resolutions are worthless. I say that…I pretty much believe it too. Personally, I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution since 1993, when in a stroke of genius, I made a resolution to never make another New Years Resolution….I find it quite ironic overall but whatever. So here I sit…”resolution free since ’93” to borrow a phrase from Ted on How I Met Your Mother. Seems I have found some guys on YouTube that agree with me, well for the most part:

I guess I have just felt making them was worthless. If you see something in your life that needs changing, don’t wait until the new year to do it… Unless of course, your wanting to quit procrastinating so much… then by all means wait. If you have to make a resolution then resolve to be awesome instead…otherwise just forget it because your probably wasting your time….however, do not despair. As my New Years gift to you, I am willing to offer you a free backlink for a mention in one of your blog posts.

Criteria for getting a free backlink:

* The post should link to the home page using the anchor text “Be Awesome Instead“.
* Some mention of our your New Years Resolution plans (or not plans)
* It must have a link to this post somewhere in the blog.

That’s it. I will be checking the pingbacks and monitor the comments section and every few weeks and then make 1 big blog posting linking back to all the sites that participated in this offer. Why not take 10 minutes to write a short post on your blog and receive a valuable backlink in exchange? Once you are done, and if no pingback appears in the comments, post a link to your review in a comment on the bottom of this page. If you don’t see a link within about a week feel free to contact me using my contact page with a link to your article. Thanks and Be Awesome this year!

the Awesomeness poster – all you’ll ever want to know.


…and then some. So it appears a lot of people are very taken by not only Barney’s Awesomeness motivational poster (probably my most popular post to date was just about what the poster said …which in case you missed it is: “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.” ) from How I Met Your Mother (great season so far, btw.), but also by his whole collection of motivational posters. But for now, as promised here is all you will ever want to know about the awesomeness poster.

The awesomeness poster from Barney’s office did come with the Season 2 DVD if you buy it at Target. I haven’t been able to find one there in quite some time, but that’s the only official release I know of. I should also offer thanks to for the proof, story and photo.

I’m glad we can get a hold of the real thing right? Well for me it’s not that simple. This poster looks decent size but I love big poster…maybe it’s just me though. To the point, I have read and searched quite extensively on the subject, and from what I can tell this is pretty much an exclusive deal with Target. It would be nice if they had several different of Barney’s motivational posters, but I figure they either have it planned for the future (for info on all the posters’ check out Barney Stinson Office Poster Collection) or they have no plans whatsoever do do anything more with them. Also, I am not totally sure about the actual size of the poster that comes with the DVD.

If you want about the closest thing you can find on the net try out the poster in the beawesomeinstead store and grab one there. I originally started with an  original fan version of the awesomeness poster. It’s quite large and awesome as a poster but to be nice, I also made up some desktop wallpapers. They are decent so feel free to partake: 1027.768, 1152.864, 1280.960, 1600.1200.

Barney pointing at the Awesomeness PosterAlso… I feel the need to start a conspiracy theory. So what we know for sure is that the Awesomeness poster is first mentioned in Season 1 Episode 17 (Life Among the Gorillas) of HIMYM. And when it is mentioned Barney motions to either the back left corner of his office behind his desk. We also know that the poster makes it first “on screen” appearance in Season 3 Episode 1 (Wait For It…) (..stop waiting that was the name of the episode, sheesh) and at this time it is behind Barney’s desk to the right of the center of the room. So he just moved his posters around right? Wrong.

If you take a look at not only episode 1.17 but also Season 1 Episode 21 (Milk) you will see so full shots which I will post below. Check them out and let me know what you notice .

The Backwall of Barney's OfficeLeft Office ViewCloser View of Posters and WallsNo posters on the Window. (duh)

Let me point out a few things. First, in the area Barney pointed, the awesomeness poster is not there. Behind his desk there is no poster with the F-16 jet we saw in season 3 or the correct number of letters for the word “Awesomeness.” It can’t be on the wall to the left of Barney because as you ca see there is just a huge set of windows. Was there even an awesomeness poster is Season 1…or just the mention of it. It seems to me that, as they do sometimes, fans made such a deal out of it that they threw it in in Season 3 as a great gag. Does this mean that all of Season 1 was a lie? Well… actually yes, it is a TV show remember? Sheesh, you all take this way to serious

Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome!  …If you’re still here then that means you haven’t been to the store yet! So yet check out the Be Awesome Instead Store for the Awesomeness Posters and others!

*slight update – Since I get a lot of questions on it I have researched and released the definitive work with as much detail as I could find on the complete Barney Stinson Office Poster Collection. True Story.

What the Awesomeness Poster Says

I watch very little television to be honest. In fact, I was about three shows, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother and thanks to my wife, LOST. So last night, while watching How I Met Your Mother, I noticed the Awesomeness poster mentioned from Season 1. And I am pretty sure I figured out what it says…despite the poor quality of what I was looking at. Here are some screen shots and we will see if you agree.

Awesomeness 1

Now… Once I started making out words I had to laugh because it was what I figured it would be. From this picture I made out, “When I get sad, I stop being sad..” and then it gets too fuzzy. But I am fairly certain it ends with “and be awesome instead.”Awesomeness 2

Now, I know what you are saying..”Who really cares?”…Well I do so I’ll keep on. Now If you look at the second shot it looks like there is a little more. So I am pretty sure it says “True Story” and under it maybe has “Barney Stinson”. If you think differently let me know.

I’ll do my best to find the picture and Photoshop up a poster. I was also very interested in all the extra publicity the show is planning this year. See this press release for more information.

Be Awesome.

*UPDATE* – For those of you visiting here, you might want to check out a more recent post with all you will ever want to know about Barney’s Awesomeness Poster. Not only does it tell you “everything about it, but also here to buy one or what you need to easily make on of your own

the Awesomeness Poster

How I Met Your Mother

Did anyone happen to catch the shot of Barney’s “Awesomeness” motivational poster on the season premier (Season 3, for those of you counting) of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother? I have been waiting for a clear shot of this poster since it was first mentioned in season 1. I’ve even photoshopped up some Awesomeness motivational posters that I was considering putting have put on (yes, a shameless plug).

The poster on Barney’s office wall was definitely not in the same position as season 1…Not that I am that retentive about details. Anyways, I’ll see if I can get some more details off the poster from the show. It looked like the photo was of a F16 fighter plane I had trouble making out any of the words other than “AWESOMENESS”. The episode was really good to…I’m glad it’s time for the new shows again. If anyone else has clues on this do let me know.


UPDATE: For those of you who have not seen any more info on this check out my newer post: All You Ever Want to Know About the Awesomeness Poster. P.S.- Yes, I know it comes with the Season 2 DVD and yatta, yatta, the other post.